The Meeting Place

Lets brighten up the place.

A friend sent me these words to brighten up our days.

Some day we old folk will use cursive writing as a secret code!

Embarrassing our kids, that's just one of the services we offer!!!

Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you.

Think old and you'll be old

Think young and you'll be a delusional old fart.

If things get better with age then I must be freakin' magnificent.

The idea is to die young -- as late as possible..

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here's a good funny

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Yesterday my daughter e-mailed me, again, asking why I didn't do something useful with my time...”sitting on the front porch smoking a good cigar and sipping a great single malt isn't a good thing?" I asked.  


She is "only thinking of me," she said, and suggested, I go down to the Senior Center and hang out with the fellas. So, I did and when I got home, decided to play a prank on her.


I sent her an e-mail saying that I had joined the Senior Parachute Club.


She replied, "Are you nuts? You're 72-years-old and now you're going to start jumping out of airplanes?"


I told her that I even had a Membership Card and e-mailed a copy to her.


Immediately, she telephoned me and yelled, "Good grief, Dad, where are your glasses?!  This is a membership to a Prostitute Club, not a Parachute Club."


"Oh man, am I in trouble," I said, "I signed up for five jumps a week!"


The line went dead.


Life as a Senior Citizen isn't getting any easier, but sometimes it can be fun.

Celia -  ha ha ha - love it.  We all need a good laugh to brighten up our day.

Good ones thanks --


The urine sample

One time I got sick and landed in hospital.

There was this one nurse that just drove me crazy.

Every time she came in, she would talk

to me like I was a little child.

She would say in a patronizing tone of voice,

“And how are we doing this morning?”



“Are we ready for a bath?” or

“Are we hungry?”

I had had enough of this particular nurse.

One day at breakfast, I took the apple juice

off the tray and put it in my bedside stand.

Later I was given a urine sample bottle to fill for testing.

So you know where the juice went!


The nurse came in a while later, picked up the

urine sample bottle, looked at it and said,

“My, my, it seems we are a little cloudy today.”

At this, I snatched the bottle out of her hand,

popped off the top, and gulped it down, saying,

“Well, I'll run it through again.

Maybe I can filter it better this time!”

The nurse fainted... I just smiled.







PlanB - That was great. 

A jockey was asked to give a sample of his horses' urine because it won by 3 lengths. The jockey knew it was given something to speed it up so he gave a sample of his own urine, the results came back, "This horse should have died two weeks ago".

hahaha PlanB, that was a goodie, tres funny!

Politicians can be compared to a bunch of bananas –

They come in green –
turn yellow and
not a straight one
in the bunch


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Image result for funny jokes about work


Make way for the goats. more than 100 have invaded Boise in Idaho demanding better living conditions. hilarious.!!


Goats in front of a house in Boise

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