The Meeting Place

Lets brighten up the place.

A friend sent me these words to brighten up our days.

Some day we old folk will use cursive writing as a secret code!

Embarrassing our kids, that's just one of the services we offer!!!

Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you.

Think old and you'll be old

Think young and you'll be a delusional old fart.

If things get better with age then I must be freakin' magnificent.

The idea is to die young -- as late as possible..

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Hello Micha. You have suddenly morphed from an old man into a 12 year old Chinese boy. Is that to keep we non trolls guessing? Why change avatars so often? And why do your friends do same? Constant change induces loss of interest because genuineness is lost. Have you never realised this fact?

Quote:  "Constant change induces loss of interest because genuineness is lost."

Really Robiconda? Where did you get that bit of rubbish? It seems your wires must be crossed somewhere which is not surprising.

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Without people like Micha, the world would be a very dull place. I find his posts not only humourous, but he manages to convey in a few words very authentic meanings. Something you will never be able to do.


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Can understand the occassional avatar/name change bizzo over a number of years or so but have often thought there almost seems to be an element of personal instability in needing to change names and avatars so often..

.Hell think the ol Dinks,  Fleur, Thea, Sophie personage  along with her dozens of avatar changes,  sort of hints at a certain degree of 'instability' , 'not being comfortable in their skin' or 'insecurity' or something along those lines...dunno ...just find it a bit flakey or ditzy the  fairly rapid turnover of names and avatars to which the multi heads particularly seem very prone to.. 


ROFLMAO. Obvious you’re not “comfortable” in your own skin Robi (aka shetso1) since you don’t even have an avatar, hahaha

Banjo, couldn't agree with you more regarding your comments ahout Micha. 

You and I are both forum members on his website, and his attitude is the same. Fun, interesting and a great friend.

Some more Sunday fun

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Thank you Banjo and Ray for your comments regarding my character. I tip my hat to you because coming from you two, those are real  compliments.

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That's ok mate, you're a giant among men. Now can I have that loan you promised me?

The cheque is on it's way, it may take a while, it's bouncing all the way, haha

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                                                  Have a super weekend all...

Have a great weekend yourself Sophie. We're set for ours and see you later.

Teach a bird how to fish and it will eat for the rest of its life!

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Have a great week folks. I'm off to get my rods ready for a few days fishing starting tomorrow. I hear the kingfish, trevally and bream are jumping out of the water at my favourite fishing hole! 

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