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.... just a simple message ... for anyone feeling happy/sad - negative/positive - calm/upset or just "themselves"  :)

Let's share our thoughts and ideas on - news items - survival hints/tips - recipes - what we "see and hear" (Fake News included haha) 'cause that's what a lot of it is!

How it is starting to possibly affect us - our families - our friends/neighbours - our "Furkids" (they will loveeee their family being at home!)  - also nice things that people have done for strangers and also what you may have done for them!

Hopefully these "lock-downs" will not be as long as projected and we all come out of it sooner than expected!

Stay safe and Best Wishes to all .............


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lol - wrong "Topic" to peddle your "negativity" - of course there are going to be NEW cases everyday - for months (probably - who knows???) NO ONE knows!  



Foxy was that to my post or Celia's? The article I posted is actually really positive.

As long as they keep testing they will find it, we live with viruses in our bodies all the time, trick is to be healthy and not feed them, read the article about testing etc.

lol - surely you must know by now that I am mostly in agreeance with you?  I don't think I have ever suggested your posts are "negative" was not directed at you. 

My point was - like there are not enough other "negative" Topics frequented by "negative" people blah blah ....... lol

Sorry just checking, I know we are on the same page most of the time, but I worry I get taken the wrong way a lot which happens on many topics, have been cutting back lately, sick of the trolling so have been ignoring some of the trollers as recommended by you, not sure it always works but I try not to engage when I am being attacked, and I have even been accused of thinking of being attacked like it was in my imagination, you cannot win with some people. Some seem to think you cannot think differently from them or even have an opinion.


Yep - well I must confess I need to take some of my own advice/recommendations sometimes - haha - but even I can slip thru' the cracks!  Human I think it's called? lol 

BTW you may already know about this - however - if you don't and have a few spare mins.  take a look at "Majestic 12" .....  fascinating!  (well I thought it was  -  it was featured on a Foxtel special on Sat. night)


Never heard of Majestic 12 but they have a book about it:

Did you watch Project Blue book when it was on SBS, was based on notes by Dr Hynek during the Roswell era. Really enjoyed that series. There have been series one and two.


Melbourne teacher tests positive to coronavirus as students return to schools

Coronavirus cases at Melbourne aged care home increase as two workers test positive

c'mon Melburnians, let's sick together!


COVID-19 advice - Know the facts | WHO Western Pacific


 and don't forget to wear a mask




Just be cautious with too much alcohol rubs, (isopropynol alcohol) as it will dry the natural oils out of your skin very quickly.


On another note, as you may have read in past post, I am cooking for a senior lady. I have found her secret to longevity and now I need a Fire Engine or three.

Went over to deliver some supplies and her kitchen smelled wonderful with cooking as I placed the boxes (cardboard) on the table. She says I am making a stew for a quick meal for tonight but needs a long time to cook. What's that? She says about 8 hours in total. Wow! I says. Would you like a taste but it wont be ready for a couple of more hours. Oh why not I thought, don't want to seem I am rude.  Well a taste no more than a level teaspoon, and call the medics, the fire department, anyone who could help. Its chilli based stew, but as much as I love chillli, this way way over my coping ability. Must have been a chilli stew with a spattering of vegetable, because that's all I could taste for hours later. No wonder she is active and alert, bloody old age would be too scared to come near her.



Good on you Beemee, yes chilli kills off the bad bugs and activates your immune system, sweats out the pathegons. My son loves his Woolworths chilli sauce every day.

I agree with the hand sanitizers, it is also the other harmful ingredients that might be in them, and I was thinking that it cannot be good for all the little kids who will be injesting it too from putting their hands in their mouths after using it.



In the expansion of its iron ore mine in Western Pilbara, Rio Tinto blasted the Juukan Gorge 1 and 2 – Aboriginal rock shelters dating back 46,000 years. These sites had deep historical and cultural significance.

The shelters are the only inland site in Australia showing human occupation continuing through the last Ice Age.

The mining blast caused significant distress to the Puutu Kunti Kurrama traditional land owners. It’s an irretrievable loss for future generations.

Ancient rock shelters destroyed in Pilbara mining blast on Sunday. PKKP Aboriginal Corporation devastated at loss of Juukan Gorge sites. Terrible irony that awareness of blasting came when PKKP contacted Rio for site access for NAIDOC View image on Twitter 
 Aboriginal cultural heritage is a fundamental part of Aboriginal community life and cultural identity. It has global significance, and forms an important component of the heritage of all Australians.

But the destruction of a culturally significant Aboriginal site is not an isolated incident. Rio Tinto was acting within the law.

In 2013, Rio Tinto was given ministerial consent to damage the Juukan Gorge caves. One year later, an archaeological dig unearthed incredible artefacts, such as a 4,000-year-old plait of human hair, and evidence that the site was much older than originally thought.

But state laws let Rio Tinto charge ahead nevertheless. This failure to put timely and adequate regulatory safeguards in place reveals a disregard and a disrespect for sacred Aboriginal sites.


The destruction of a significant Aboriginal site is not an isolated incident.


Thanks Incognito, have been posting about this on the "Interesting Stuff to Share" topic ... as I posted there, think First Dog summed it up.

Rio Tinto blowing up Juukan Gorge site ... from First Dog on the Moon.

I wasn't sure where to post, I posted on "our world" one too.

No probs Incognito.

Whole thing silly business IMO.

The legalities need to be sorted ASAP before we lose more amazing archeological sites.

46,000 years ... for goodness sake!!

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