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"Let's Stick Together" - (CVirus-19)

.... just a simple message ... for anyone feeling happy/sad - negative/positive - calm/upset or just "themselves"  :)

Let's share our thoughts and ideas on - news items - survival hints/tips - recipes - what we "see and hear" (Fake News included haha) 'cause that's what a lot of it is!

How it is starting to possibly affect us - our families - our friends/neighbours - our "Furkids" (they will loveeee their family being at home!)  - also nice things that people have done for strangers and also what you may have done for them!

Hopefully these "lock-downs" will not be as long as projected and we all come out of it sooner than expected!

Stay safe and Best Wishes to all .............


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Read the topic you posted from Miker

Definitely worth a read

Glad you read it, I wish more would. I am sick of hearing the doom and gloom and hoping we will see an end to this madness soon.

I am still wondering how the aged care residents(4 in the same place) that died supposedly from the virus how they got it? No talk about that? Surely staff were tested before going to work? Wan't protections already in place? Are they testing after they died and saing they died from the virus or are they making it up?


....see this is what I have been thinking?  Are these people dying from other related illnesses?  Sounds gross I know but - are they testing the deceased?

Did you hear that Indonesia is like the pop group "Dire Straits" right now?  They have been hiding how bad the situation is and as the woman interviewed (Aussie owner of luxury holiday rental Villa's in Bali) said - people are dying on the streets of Jakarta!

Far far worse than is being reported!

I just Googled ...... Jakarta virus crisis ............. have a read.

Yes it has been on the news the last couple of nights showing people falling in the street and gutters of Jakarta, it would be very hard to manage Indonesia which is made up of many islands.


Off Topic, but it is cute!

The Fox has made friends with a dog.

Mr Bowler, 44, was formerly in the building industry but last year moved from Bedfordshire with girlfriend Helen, 41, for a change of lifestyle



Cute?  I would beg to differ - but then people perceive things differently.

More suited to your "Animal" Topic I would have thought? 




Oh! yes I was sharing it with you, it is on that Thread Foxy, thought it would lift peoples spirits. Sorry if I have upset you.

Animals can break down their barriers a lot quicker than humans, I am sure if the dog thought it was in danger it wouuld not be sitting down.


Wuhan is ready to open their doors, just what I heard on the news tonight, who in their right mind would be in a hurry to visit. On 60 minutes all blame goes to China so they say, they should have closed their borders so it did not have to be spread worldwide, so I am thinking did they let it go out on purpose and is it why whistleblowers disappeared?


Was thinking exactly the same thing after 60 Minutes last night!  Those other Drs. that were on the Chinese site WeChat were never heard of again?  The other 2/3 guys -  not just the girl they showed last night.  Disgusting!

Imagine "all" the "other" people that may have "disappeared" - to suit the Chinese Govt.



Seeing a lot of people on telly wearing masks, eg. people on the news voting in the Qld council elections. Where are they getting them? How does one buy masks?

I think the state government should be supplying the public with masks by now.  I cannot find any since husband left hospital and blue gloves are now in short supply as we phoned the chemist.

Spent a long time yesterday morning compiling a shopping list for home delivery from Woolies. Got to the end and got a message saying "home delivery widows are closed". So rang woolies and was told no home deliveries for seniors, only for the disabled. Now Morrison has said people 70 and over should not under any circumstance leave home. How are we supposed to shop? No home deliveries + don't leave home leaves us up ship creek!

Thanks Ny19, becoming very scary indeed.




Ny19 - There was a "Seniors Priority"  form that was made available to Woolworths online customers ....I filled it out days ago and was "Approved" are "tight" but some still available here on my end?

Seniors and Disability come under this form!  

If all else fails - try Coles.

Do you want me to go back and try find the form link (if still there?)  or are you ok?? Get back to me if you need it .... :)

You will need to still plan 7 days in advance (to be on the safe side) for delivery ...can always go out?  Woolies and Coles have minimum shoppers in store?


This is from Woolworths webpage ..apparently you have to fill out a form

... it is under Discover

Priority Assistance deliveries to our most vulnerable customers
We are making available and prioritising delivery windows to our most vulnerable customers, including seniors, people with a disability and those in mandatory isolation. You can apply to receive Priority Assistance by completing the form here.

We filled out the form quite a while ago and were approved. When we tried to do our first order though it was closed to us. So we phoned Woolies and were told they decided not to do it for seniors because they have the store open for them 7am to 8am. In other words, they misled us initially . Also, their prices are inflated. For example I put a packet of Lindt fruit sensations on the order. They have always cost $4 in the past but had put the price up 50% to $6. Everything was dearer. Same with Coles. They are exploiting this situation :((((

Today we phoned our local IGA and found they have just started home delivery for seniors free of charge. We put our order in and it was delivered a few hours later. Their prices were not inflated either. They are doing this to help our community. My hubby and I both cried when we found out because it's such a beautiful thing to do and so supportive. From now on for the rest of our time here we will always shop there and Woolies is dirt as far as I'm concerned and Coles is worse. Woolies at least is open for seniors hour 5 days per week but Coles only 3.

Good to know Ny19

"IGA and found they have just started home delivery for seniors free of charge."

...see Ny19 coment above

Unfortunately we only have Woolies and Coles

..yes I've seen their prices go up :(

So basically I usually buy stuff when it is on special.


I've been shopping of late at the local IGA instead of Woolworths or Coles,  but their stocks were very limited.   Need to go back there tomorrow to get some items.  It is less crowded and a smaller car park with more space which is a plus for me.


I don't know if other or all IGA's are doing it or just our local store. It runs on a franchise system so owners/managers of different stores can make their own rules.

...people are allowed out to shop.  :)

People 70+ have been advised to stay at home. They are allowed out to shop but it's not advisable. Same for people 60+ who have health problems and 50+ for indigenous people.


Ny19  - well - as they say in the classics "Ya' bloods worth bottlin'"  :)

Just called my Super IGA Store 10 mins from me .....said "Oh yes we always do Seniors Deliveries - have done for years!  Has to be Wed. or Thurs. deliv. tho' ....just ring order thru' and guy will drop it around!  

NEVER knew that and have shopped there on and off for years! (parking is an issue where this store is) ...sooooo ........


and .....Muwahhhhhhhhh    :)

...a great "Stick Together" moment - thank you again!!  :))))))))

P.S.  Cheer up!  All good!    :)

Ha ha, love the Muwahhhhhhhhh. And back to you dear fox :)



FOXTEL .........

..... are looking to hire extra staff urgently in Victoria and Queensland for their Call-centres ......

...not sure 100% re call centre hourly rates but "thinkl" approx. $22 - $25 per hour and the applicable time and half/double rates on Public Holidays.

Just putting this up in case anyone "knows" of any jobless people thru' friends and/or family.  Might be of help?


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