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  I’m at the time of my life with not many ties but lots of energy so travel I will...with you hopefully. You might be a 65 yo woman from Sydney or a 71yo guy from Noosa but you won’t be under 60, you’ll have a happy personality and be a good communicator. BTW...looking for a travel partner to share a room but not a bed. Hopefully we’re both mature enough to handle that.

Travelling with a good compatible companion is sooo much better than by yourself thus I’d love you to join me for 2-3 trips each year overseas and in Australia. I want to go to ...Vietnam, Laos, Spain, Bali, Portugal, Cuba...I really want to go to Cuba, soon., Longreach, Winton, Great Ocean Road, beaches...lots of beaches.

I’m a 72 yo Brisbane bloke, well travelled, love company, reasonably intelligent, reasonably articulate, love books, love movies, love theatre, love travel. I went to Morocco recently and loved it and I’m booked for India March 2019. 

Enough talk, let’s meet and let’s go.

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Hello Sophie,  Yes, I’m spending all my time in Rajasthan. Such a huge country and so much of it I wish to see....I’ve Punjabi friends in Amritsar and hope to attend an Indian friend’s wedding there in 2020. I will also do a Southern India trip to visit Kerala though I’m not sure how the area is coping after the recent devastating floods. 

Thank you for your good wishes.


Wonderful and Namaste :)

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