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                  History of Australia: A nation in the making - Australian Geographic

King Street, Sydney, looking east from George Street 1880-1900 ...






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King Street, Sydney, looking east from George Street 1880-1900 ...

Australias First 'Motor Car Race': Sandown Racecourse, Victoria ...

Pyrmont Bridge?  [not familiar with that]

Pyrmont Bridge | NSW Environment, Energy and Science

752 Best Old photos of Melbourne, Australia images | Melbourne ...

Negative - Horse Drawn Ambulances Leading a Parade of Soldiers ...

John Monash | National Anzac Centre

St Kilda Junction

St Kilda Junction: January 2014



Pitt Street

Pitt St,Sydney in 1949. •Fairfax Archives• | Australia history ...

Not being that savvy with Pitt Street, is this where they dug it up recently for the new trams?



GALLERY: Tamworth then and now | The Northern Daily Leader ...

Looks so much like the Town Hall in my home town of Forbes, NSW.




Today the West Australian Narrows Bridge.

Two separate bridges built side by side.


Sixty years since the opening of Perth's Narrows Bridge — an ...

but before that

History Narrows - WA Achievers


The Narrows Bridge: 60 years of history | The West Australian






My memories of the 1950s include lots of rabbits!!

1953: Australian rabbit plague. Narromine, NSW. Myself with the local rabbit inspector who lived on our property and memories of the rabbit skins on the wall, circa 1952.

Hi RnR

Did your mother cook any of the rabbits?

My husband said he remembers his grandfather in the UK making rabbit stew.

Did your mother cook any of the rabbits?

No ... they were considered vermin from what I can recall.

We had plenty of lamb and beef on the property ... ate that instead I think.

I can remember the rabbit man calling to the house and we had rabbit quite often,  that would have been in the mid-40s

Then I had a PET rabbit in the early 50s -- a white one and I have never eaten rabbit since

Can well understand your changed sentiments PlanB.

Having a pet rabbit is still illegal in Queensland.

Memories ... Australia 1950 to 1965.

RAAF PBY Catalina flying over Sydney in 1952. Developed as a naval patrol aircraft, the Consolidated PBY Catalina was a widely used flying boat during World War II.

Eveleigh Rail workshops in Sydney's Redfern, 1953.

Mobile buffet service at Central Railway Station in Sydney, 1954.

Fritz Schulz and his group of lions performing at Ashton's Circus in Sydney, 1959.

Jack Brabham and his Cooper Climax at Mount Panorama in 1960, passing McPhillamy Park. In 1959 Jack won the World FI championship. He won it again in 1960 and 1967.

Anzac Day in Sydney, 1963. A WW1 veteran and his grandson.

Cracker Night, also known as Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes night celebrated all around Australia. This boy has enough black gunpowder to blow up a country dunny.

The Dunny Man. A respected worker clearing country toilets, he got a couple of large bottles of beer from most Australian households at Christmas.

Thanks RnR that brought back a few memories!  

Remember the steam trains in the UK used to travel from Euston to Liverpool Street on the train with my late mother.  Never liked going through the tunnels, everyone rushed to close the windows!

Never liked going through the tunnels, everyone rushed to close the windows!

LOL Celia.

Wow, I remember the Dunny man. We had an outside toilet in the early 50's. One year my Father's

brother and  family came to visit us. There were 10 people in our 2 bedroom house. There were 

bodies everywhere. Dad had to order an extra Dunny can which filled up very quickly, the result 

being Dad had to dig a large hole up the backyard to empty them. Poor Dad, what a terrible job. 

He never complained. 


RnR they rushed to close the windows not only for the smoke but the splinters in the steam from the boilers, my  younger son complained of a sore eye when he was about 8 years old and the doctor said he had conjunctivitis, three days later he was still complaining so I took him to hospital, the Registrar looked at him and said this child has a metal splinter in his eye. We had been on the steam train as a treat between Fremantle and Perth!

Oh my gosh!. Everleigh Rail Workshop, Redfern. My Dad was a Boiler Maker there from 1947 till he retired in 1975.

What a hard job he had.  

Wow Hola ... what a coincidence. I received those photos in an email.

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