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Meat free days

Has anyone got some recipes or a link to some simple meat, egg and cheese free meals?  Must be sugar-free and low/no salt.  Not just soups.

Recipes without a dozen ingredients, KISS principle with only one or two to feed.

I do the veggie stir fry, but the Tofu is always tasteless.  Soy, fish stock and chilli sauce often add too much salt and sugar.   


Quite a few at Taste.

Some things I do as "big bowls" ... for one in my case and extremely KISS.

1. Steamed veg ... all sorts ... drizzle with lemon and a dash of olive oil if desired.

2. Dry roast veg ... all sorts ... again season with fresh herbs, parsely, pepper or gravy to taste if desired.

3. Salad ... whatever you like ... drizzle with lemon and a little olive oil if desired.

4. Fresh fish & home-made wedges ... add lemon and freshly ground pepper if desired.

5. Fruit salad ... apples, oranges, banana with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and passionfruit.

6. Veg pastas ... cook pasta and desired veg, smash veg, toss the lot with a little lemon and olive oil or go overboard and add a little cream + white wine.

Some of the YLC recipes may suit as well.


Thanks RnR,

That is a reminder for me to buy more lemon juice.  To get back into dry roasting too.

I eat plenty of fruit and the berries feature with the breakfast oats :)

No full cream dairy, cheeses etc allowed :(   Not more than a few eggs/week.  Chicken and fish four days a week, red meat on one.

I have plenty of brown pasta in the cupboard.  Must get back into that for mouth feel.

One of my favourites is any version you like of ratatouille.

Capsicum, eggplant, and zucchini, cooked in olive oil (what else? lol), with  ripe tomatoes and onions, and plenty of garlic.

It is especially tasty on the second day, and if you have a good baker, buy some crusty bread to have with it.

Thanks darcy :)

My latest blood test revealed I am low in iron. I told the doctor I don't like eating red meat, I can eat chicken, fish any time. I have reason to believe I have been on Asprin tablets 100mg a day now for 7 years and I read this can cause anemia. I was put on them to thin the blood after my heart surgery. To me, there is nothing nicer than eating a bowl of thick vegetable and lentil soup, three times a day. My husband, many years ago, had to lose weight. He went on the Cabbage Soup Diet and lost many kilos in a number of weeks. 

RnR - Thanks for the above cooking tips. 

Interesting.  Propably much healthier to drastically cut down on mean rather than cut it out of your diet.

I believe that the plethora of Dieticians are actually the real cause of 'harm' because they push people off a balanced diet.  Many people started to go back onto butter when they realised the BS which the synthetic spread industry had pumped out for decades was not factual.  I've sort of given up on so called experts who do not have the sense to bless themselves with.

As with all things MODERATION is the way to go.

Thanks to all for comments and hopefully there will be more.

It will be a lifestyle change for me, having always enjoyed red meats, dairy products, and with added salt.

I’ve had to give up gluten, dairy, eggs, salt, cane sugar and cut down my fruit intake.

I’ve converted recipes that use egg by making a flax-meal and chia seed gel (1 tablespoon flax meal, 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds, 4 tablespoons hot water for each egg). Soak the flax meal & chia seeds in the hot water for about 10-minutes before adding to the recipe.

I make buckwheat & banana hot cakes for a breakfast treat; Polenta “porridge” with almond milk and mixed berries; stewed apple with chia seed gel; Naturis makes gluten / dairy / egg free breads; Old Time Bakery makes Buckwheat wraps that are also gluten / dairy / egg free.

I add fresh garlic, fresh ginger & cold-pressed virgin olive oil to almost every main meal I make; and add turmeric to a lot of meals too; have an avocado a day instead of butter / margarine / nuttelex; Turkey mince is low fat - see if you’re allowed that - I use turkey mince or chicken mince to make rissoles, spaghetti bolognaise,  lasagne (using gluten free lasagne sheets, spaghetti etc; and use mashed potato instead of bechenel sauce).

Once your body gets used to no sugar and no salt, you’ll start to taste all the ingredients in your food. But drizzling garlic infused olive oil over steamed veggies does add a lot of flavour too.

Have a look round your local supermarket, you can get low salt soy. I also found some new stocks by Campbells made from grass fed beef or free range chicken, or fish (if you are still using those) or pure vegetable stock all made with real ingredients and no added salt or msg. I admit they are more expensive than the usual stuff but I am prepared to pay the price of 'real' stock. And you will be saving on the meat etc.

The thing about tofu is that it easily takes on other flavourings. So when you do use it in say a stir fry, marinade it first. There are also products such as Quorn which is actually a type of fungus that is made into a meat substitute. It comes in 'meats' like mince or chicken strips that can be used in the same way e.g. make a shephards pie using the 'mince' instead of the usual meat. Beans, pulses and lentils will be your best friends too by adding to soups, stews, salads and even cakes!

There are a number of good vegan and vegetarian blogs where you can find recipes and if you google say 5 ingredients recipes you can even find those too. Even Jamie Oliver has some:

Picking up good tips, many thanks.