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I think both husband and myself need this!

Yes, it looks medieval. But this rack Beat my backache... And helped me ditch crutches  : Exploring IDD Therapy Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is designed to treat people with sciatica, neck and lower back pain and the ubiquitous slipped disc.


IDD therapy is more targeted — the force exerted is guided by a computer programmed with your weight and height and the harness is tilted at an angle, to directly target the segments of the spine that need treating

I've seen better ones in a sex museum in Amsterdam

Lucky you Olbaid you have never experienced pain.    I wonder how you would be giving birth?

I had this done on a simular machine about 33 years ago and it did help me -- I am wanting to try it again but no one seems to have a proper decompression machine these days

I would willingly give my blood, but the last time I went into the Blood Bank they said I was too old to donate. Surely blood taken from any age would be acceptable if you are in good health and have a letter from your Doctor saying the same.  I'm afraid that photo looks like too much torture to me. They say hanging upside down can bring great relief as well. 

Hi Hola.

I have not been given this exact treatment, but have been on a contraption at the physios that is like a seesaw that can turn one upside down!   It was not bad.   If people are in such pain anything is worth a try.

Reminds me I need to take my anti inflams now!

Superbug strain resistant to ALL known antibiotics is found in Australian hospitals Three new strains of a superbug have been discovered in Victorian hospitals, leaving the sickest patients at risk of life-threatening infections.




New one on me!  Interesting. Had your appendix removed? You face a LOWER risk of Parkinson's because the tiny organ harbours a protein that plays a key role in the condition

Researchers with the American Association for the Advancement of Science analysed data from more than one million people to uncover the link

Interesting Celia -- have a few Friends diagnosed with PD and also one with Huntington's of late

Yes I found that interesting too, you don't hear so many people having their apendix out these days like we used to.  But hear more people having Parkinsons.

Celia - I think the medical people seem to be clutching at straws sometimes. My darling Father had his appendix out when he was 29 but he still developed Parkinsons . It's a disgusting complaint and he suffered badly towards the end. 

Hola I remember my late mother having hers out too, I was about 5 years old, had to stay with

my late Aunt which I always enjoyed.   Mum must have been around 30 yrs she lived just short

of 91.

Skin cancer is more common among men 'because they avoid sun cream' as death rates have jumped by 70% over the last three decades 

Australia has the worst relationship with melanoma - it kills 8.3 people per every 100,000. The UK ranks 15th out of 33 with 4.2 deaths for the same amount of population

Oh dear!


Measles is set to spike in Indonesia after Islamic clerics declared the MR vaccine sinful due to it containing pork gelatine. This has caused vaccination rates against measles and rubella to plummet from the recommended 95 per cent to as low as just eight per cent (stock)

Celia -  I remember when I was 9 years old my Older sister and younger sister both developed Measles within 2 weeks of each other, not me, I was kissing both of them hoping I would get the same and maybe have a couple of weeks off school.I never got them. I did get Rubella when I was 14 and had a few happy days off going to school. 

Never realised just how dangerous a measles infection is.

Measles affects about 20 million people a year, primarily in the developing areas of Africa and Asia.

No other vaccine-preventable disease causes as many deaths. In 1980, 2.6 million people died of it, and in 1990, 545,000 died; by 2014, global vaccination programs had reduced the number of deaths from measles to 73,000.

Complications with measles are relatively common, ranging from mild complications such as diarrhoea to serious complications such as pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis media, acute brain inflammation and corneal ulceration leading to corneal scarring. In addition, measles can suppress the immune system for weeks to months, and this can contribute to bacterial superinfections.


Very much so RnR my youngest was extremely ill with Measles he had the rash inside as well as out of his body.   I was worried sick.

I never seemed to get it though, both boys had measles one after the other.

I had Chickenbox as a child, thats all.

Then as an adult mumps!  

ROBERT WINSTON: Doctors MUST stop cashing in on desperation of infertile couples seeking to have a child

Robert Winston writes that the desperation of infertile couples leads them to grasp at straws. There are many causes for infertility and just as there are different causes, so there are different treatments.


I was reading that a woman was scratched by her cat and caught this awful virus last week.


'It's an epidemic': The flesh-eating bug that is rapidly spreading across Australia - as doctors warn it is becoming more aggressive Cases of the Buruli ulcer, also known as Mycobacterium ulcerans, are on the rise and Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services is concerned about the outbreak. 

The mycobacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy and many other environmental mycobacteria belong to the same family. 

Jett, a 12-year-old boy from Queensland, was in hospital for three months after contracting the ulcer.

He almost lost his leg and is now forced to re-learn how to walk, his mother, Arna-Leigh, told A Current Affair

Acting chief health officer Dr Brett Sutton said although it is unknown how the bacteria is transmitted there is a theory.

'It may be that mosquitoes are biting possums and then biting people,' Dr Sutton said.

It could also be possum faeces being contaminated it and people are getting it into their skin through cuts or scratches.'

The ABC reports there were 182 cases of the ulcer in 2016. From January to November in 2017 there were 236 cases.

Experts predict 400 new cases will be reported by the end of this year, the publication reported.

The Victorian government donated $2million for research on the ulcer and Dr Sutton said $1million has already been spent.

This is amazing, interesting to make note too.  No medication taken.  I cannot say that.

How to be 80 years young! Believe it or not, these men and women are all octogenarians (or older) and more astonishing still, NONE takes medication. Here, they reveal secrets to defying the years How to be 80 years young! Believe it or not, these men and women are all octogenarians

We’re living longer than ever, with UK life expectancy now 79 for men and 83 for women. But those later years can be  troubled by ill health — millions of pensioners take five pills a day on average. Yet it is possible to have a long, healthy life without medication —  as the experiences of these extraordinary over-80s show. Here, the super-agers reveal their tips, while Dr Adam Simon, a GP in Manchester, explains what it is about their lifestyles that’s made such a difference 

Tick-borne: Lyme, which is contracted through a tick bite, is known as the great mimic Because it presents with the symptoms of so many different diseases 

 Tick-borne: Lyme, which is contracted through a tick bite, is known as the ‘great mimic’ because it presents with the symptoms of so many different diseases

  Now we all hear that Australia does not have Lyme Desease! According to the Doctors in Australia.      Even if you hate my posts please for your own health sakeRead this article.  Apparently the UK doctors are not even trained to diagnose Lyme.No wonder our Australian Doctors have not got a clue about this debilitating infection/bacterial issue.

A handy site to keep for looking up complaints you don't understand that are affecting you with intolerances to do with food and digestion.

So much for  the NHS in the UK.

Mother of 20-month-old twins who BOTH have cerebral palsy is raising £97,000 for surgery so they can walk because the NHS 'will make them wait seven years' Mother of 20-month-old twins who BOTH have cerebral palsy is raising £97,000 for surgery

Nicola Johnston, 42, and her husband, David, 41, (pictured centre with their children) from Farnborough in Hampshire, are raising money for their twins Matthew and Lucy (pictured right and bottom left on their first birthday) who could benefit from the spinal surgery selective dorsal rhizotomy. The twins were both born (pictured top left as newborns) with cerebral palsy, which has caused their muscles to become so stiff neither of them can stand on their own. The couple are trying to raise the first £48,500 for surgery for Matthew, whose upper body is unaffected, so he can walk. They hope Lucy, whose whole body has been struck by the disease, will be reassessed to determine if she is eligible for the procedure when she turns three.

Popular pain drug linked to rise in overdoses, suicides   Pregabalin

Celia I was given Lyrica some time ago -- for my pain -- I took one -- and although I have never been drunk in my life -- on these -- after one tablet 0f 25mg -- I was walking into walls for 2 days,  I never took another.

I do know of a Friend that is taking 3     75mg a day for his bad back and it doesn't seem to have that effect on him.

Plan B that reminds me of the couple of times I have been on morphine tablets.

I had to ask the doctors why was it I am able to come off it after three weeks with no after affects

but other people become addicted to it?

The reply was " Because you needed it"  

"People that become addicted to it are not in need of the pain killer."

I asked a second doctor the same question and got the same answer, just to make sure!

A 'monstrous' experiment or a huge leap for science? Experts condemn 'irresponsible' Chinese scientists who claim to have edited the DNA of twins to give them immunity to HIV

Experts at the Southern University of Science and Technology, in Shenzhen, shocked the world Sunday night when they claimed they had successfully edited the DNA of twin girls

YEs the Chinese have been doing this for quite some time -- plus other things that are quite bizarre

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