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More lies from businesses

Part way down the pade link, there is a meter on the right. the quote brlow is in that area.

"We're receiving a number of complaints where the solar installer has hooked up the solar system to an existing analogue or 'old-style' meter," she said.

"The installer shouldn't be doing that — it's not safe, it doesn't comply with regulations and it means that the customer is not getting any feed in tariffs.

The above is bare faced lie. We had the analogue meter for some time before the Electrical Providers turned up to put on a smart metre.
The Analogue worked very well thank you. As you used the electricity it moves forward in the dials. When you are feeding the grid, it moved backwards.
The difference from last meter read for eaxmple was 1000Kw, and the new read is 500Kw, it means the electrical provider owes you 500Kw and paid by the rate you have.

They only want the smart meter to access your hot water unit and turn it off when load sharing.

We had a service line sparking and they came out to fix it quickly as it has potential to burn down a house.
So what did they do? Connected the service line box to the pole and took it away from the house.
Why? if you don't pay they can turn you off very quickly. If that service box was still on the eave of your home, they would have to have a warrant to enter your premises.

Get over it, they are all in it for themselves and the sooner people look further than the end of their nose, they just might look and see what is really going on in the world.


We still have the old meter and will NEVER have a smart meter if we can help it.

So many people who have them are complaining about them.  One friend who needs oxygen intermittently, but still needs her electricity on all the time, had hers turned off.  When her daughter complained the electricity company told her it was someone else's that should have been turned off. Still took 4 days for them to turn electricity back on and that was only after her daughter threated to sue if anything happened to her mother.

That's really sad jaycee1, could have lost a mother sooner than was ordained.

We had NO choice but to put the crap smart meter on, the electrical provider had their electricians come out to install it in the meter box. Not said but heavily implied, no smart meter, we wont connect you.

Thinking seriously of moving, and I am going off grid when I do. If I can't, I am going analogue by the provider, and off grid with battery storage and plug as much as possible into that so I don't have to have a smart meter.