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Morrison continues to disappoint

As a disillusioned Conservative, I wonder why I bothered voting for this under-achiever, it certainly will NOT happen again. At the risk of getting jumped all over by the blinkered party faithful I ask again-- Has this inept government done ANYTHING to solve problems facing this country? What in the hell are they doing?

Drought stricken farmers, suicidal Veterans, Energy costs, Deeming rates and Immigration, Dole increases etc etc all ignored what a disgrace! China re-financing New Guinea’s debt is all too hard for the fool Frydenberg. I could add more but I am trying to keep my post short

The penny has finally dropped with these dopes about lack of fuel reserves.

But sadly the other mob is NO better

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...there is no other country I would rather live.  people need to see how other countries fare...even live there.  no place is about living in China anyone??>

I think you miss the point ardnher. Sure this is a great country, which I have never disputed, but unless you live in a bubble surely you must realise what it COULD be under propper leadership. Morrison cares more for others around the world than he does for his countrymen. To suggest his critics go live in China is avoiding the stark truth, although the way China is 'invading' by stealth under this DUD government is alarming

Oh! and here's another gigantic stuff up those SUBMARINES that were to save 3 LNP seats in SA

Nuclear powered that will be stripped down and converted to diesel which has never been done in the world before. Experimental, they wont be delivered until most us of are long dead and will be out of date by the time they are delivered. The current piles of junk will have been retired (or used as target prectice) well before the new ones arrive, leaving us vulnerable.

Honestly its a bloody shambles of the LNP making

I am with you ardnher

"...there is no other country I would rather live. "

Yes Australia is a great country, But i think it has been a better country in the past. If its great now then we must all work to keep it that way ?

Tarwin - I her your frustratios and we now see Gladys in NSW rushing an abortion bill thorugh - this will be her Baird grey hounds saga - the SUBS must be revisited such a waste - we must get out of paris and build HELE coal fire power stations and we must reduce immigration.

That said - lbaor would be much much worse - even Keating suggested as much recently.  So don't know what we do - I think ScoMo is going to be like Fraser - a do nothing PM.  Until a Hawke type comes along that might be enough to get re-elected - certainly good enough to beat Albo!!

Not wanting to take the damning spotlight off SLO-MO (if I can borrow an apt name) and get side-tracked  bob menzies I have avoided Gladys Berejiklian disgraceful abortion policy.

I have always considered it is a woman's right to have full control of her body BUT to kill a foetus up until its birth just doesnt seem right to me, especially when hundreds of couples are crying out to adopt

It is also rumoured that Berejiklian made a secret deal prior to her election fearing a hung parliament and its probably why she has remained silent on this very serious and rushed issue. CORRUPTION comes in many guises bob

Sensing the LNP did not renew your membership then Tanwin?


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I am with you ardnher

"...there is no other country I would rather live. "

Precisely Suze so why would you put it in the hands of these clowns, or even worse still, the other mob?


It's actually rather depressing to think about it, but in reality, we only have two choices.  It doesn't really matter who you vote for, our Government will be led by someone from either the Liberal Party or the Labor Party. 

Sure there will be a handful of independents and minor party people in there.  Voting for one of them sends a message, but at the end of the day it doesn't really change things, we will still be led by either Liberal or Labor. 

As someone once said, eventually we have to pick a side.  Even the independents and minor party people have a 'side'.  It's usually not too hard to figure out what that is.  So a vote for one of those outsiders is more or less a vote for your side anyway.

Leonie, I agree Australians are stuck in Lib/Lab land. They have no choice and both parties play in each other's pockets for that reason. Looking from that perspective Australia is not a political democracy.



I agree in part Leonie and Jackie too, but I dont know about you but I hate being forced to vote for a lesser of two evils.

Neither major party will agree to changing the voting system to first past the post or voluntary voting etc etc, because it doesnt suit their idealogy so while we keep voting between tweedledumb and tweedledumber we will keep encouraging mediocrity 

I'm disappointed in the system too.  I think first past the post and voluntary voting is the way to go as well, both together, not one or the other.  

Maybe we should get the right to vote for the actual Prime Minister as well, rather than leaving it up to the party.  If nothing else it would mean we would be more likely to keep him or her for the full term.



An announcement today of the Special Forces being given a $3 BILLION by SLO-MO but NOTHING for farmers, drought water-proofing, Immigration, Foreign ownership etc etc

That $3B should really help our spluttering economy NOT

This adds further to my opinion 




And yet more from this dopey PM -- Morrison is giving $500MILLION to the Pacific Nations, a group of 9 islands with a population of 11,000 half way between us and Hawaii, at a meeting in Tuvalu, for renewable energy and climate change. This comes on top of the former LNP loser Turnbull who gave away $300MILLION of our money.

Thats $800MILLION averaging at $72,000+ per islander head!! Nice money if you can get it

Let me repeat Morrison cares bugger-all for Australians and has NOTHING for drought stricken farmers, suicidal veterans, energy price reduction and infrastructure, immigration, water retention (dams)  etc etc.

Surely SLO-MO couldnt be this stupid alone or is he getting atrocious advice?

Strangely Albanese is very quiet, could it be he agrees to this rubbish or is he just giving SLO-MO enough rope?

Come on tell me why I am wrong

It's not strange that Albo is quiet. What he says or thinks more than two years out from the next election is irrelevant to those outside the ALP so he may as well make himself a small target. 

Had a gut full of this loud mouth. All piss and wind. Spouts at looking into something, spouts off throwing money at a problem. What an idiot! Money does NOT fix a drought...water does.

Here's a hint, try actually doing something for the people and make it worthwhile the half million dollars plus you get paid from us.

Invest the money towards some water borers and drill them in all the farmers properties that have no water and are considering walking off the land, or have already done so. Give them water and seed to plant stock feed. Now thats putting green on the paddocks to feed their stock.

Farmers who have been on the land for generations have said that many haven't seen or had rain for 4 years plus, and this drought is the worst they have had in 120 years.

I am fed up with all the talk, inquiries, discussions, and whatever other excuses they want to bring up to avoid the elephant in the room. Do something constructive and stop talking out the back of your ass.

WOW! tell us what you really think Beemee LOL

I think SLO-MO will be kicked out at the next election IF Labor can only get some decent policies that dont tax the hell out of us and wind back their loopy renewable policy


And further to the $500MILLION of our taxes SLO-MO is donating to the Pacific Nations while needy Australians go without -- Now the Pacific Nations have the sheer gaul to lecture us by claiming our over-generous $500MILLION gift for climate change remediation is worthless unless we fast-track our transition to renewables and reduce coal mining! How dare they, talk about looking a gift horse....

If this dope SLO-MO had half a brain he would tell them to go to buggery and to go get the money from China, but as usual this spineless creature will pay-up, smiling for the cameras and congratulating himself

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