Movie Review

Anybody interested in watching a good movie? I saw last week the movie PALM BEACH. I loved it. It's about a group of lifelong friends who gather for a special birthday. The scenery is beautiful. The music score great and the acting terrific. It took me back to the 80's when we had special dinner parties with old friends, and usually ended up with some bringing up old issues and maybe too much grog!!  But they were special times and I'd do anything to relive them. Bryan Brown, Greta Scacchi, Sam Neill and Richard E. Grant.  And it's lovely to see some carrying a bit of weight and not a sign of Botox to hide the wrinkles. *****


Loved that movie too Hola. Great to see the teamwork between Bryan Brown and wife Rachel Ward still going strong.

I too enjoyed it along with my friend, got a lot of chuckles. Could only ever dream of having a view like they did though, it was stunning except for the bloody chimneys.

Well, this is a first for me in a long time - 2 movies in 2 weeks.Yesterday I saw the Brad Pitt, Leonardo de Caprio movie, "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood". What the hell was that all about? I hated it. The film visits Los Angeles 1969 where everything is changing. We see the dark side of Hollywood where an ageing actor (de Caprio) and Pitt (his stunt man) are trying to get bit parts in movies. The good thing about it was seeing America as it was in the 60's. Old movie theatres and brand names of long ago merchandise. It skims over the Manson family and Sharon Tate, as De Caprio's neighbour. Plenty of F words and blood and guts. My friend and I always stay in the theatre until all the credits have finished, and I urge you, if you do see the movie, to stay till the end, (what a laugh), we were the last two in the theatre. . I thought it was the best part of the movie. (++) star rating.

An oldie but a goodie and 6 packs of tissues...: "What dreams may come" with Robin Williams...

Incredible xx

Nobody sits next to me in a cinema as I am the real deal as far as emotion is concerned, I even cried when Bambi's mother was killed 65 years ago...still cant watch it..

I'll have to look that one up Cranky. I also saw the trailer of the upcoming movie, "Downton Abbey". I never watched the t.v. series so am looking forward to seeing it . I watched the movie "The Passion of Augustine" on SBS last night. It's a lovely movie and plenty of classical music. You can watch it on YouTube also.

i hadnt heard of that ROBIN WILLIAMS film,     when he died i got,  what i thought , were all the ones i didnt have,  of his,   i loved his movies,    a very talented man,    i have a dvd here of his,    when he is doing standup comedy,    it is hilarious,   i dont think you can buy it here,  [never seen it adv,]   a friend of my sons got it in america,       i have managed to get the one CRANKY mentioned,    WHAT DREAMS MAY COME,    on ebay,    so i will watch,         a lot of the movies he made over the years were pretty dark,    a sign of his troubled mind,  maybe,  ?   he is a great loss,  

I recently saw “THE JOKER”, a truly brilliant and thought provoking film with brilliant acting by Joaquin Phoenix. It isn’t scary but pretty dark with layers of depth, irony and parallels to present day. Everyone in my film group gave it 5 out of 5 but we laughed that we really wanted to give it 10 out of 5. It is a rare masterpiece in every way.

Ny19,    that movie,  THE JOKER has had very good reviews,    that actor,   JOAQUINE  ,   is very good,   i have a couple of his here,    will get along to see it,   i want to see JUDY also,    not that i was a fan of JUDY GARLAND,    i wasnt,  but i do like RENEE ZELLWEGER,that takes the part,    and i have heard the music is very good,