The Meeting Place


I saw this movie the other day.

I thought it was terrific.

It's about two British Lance Corporals who must make their way across miles of battleground to deliver an urgent message that could save 1600 of their fellow soldiers from a massacre.

It was so realistic and goes on to show us how the men suffered such hardships fighting their way through all the mud and slush and dead bodies.

The music score was fantastic.

I came away very sad to think what those poor souls had to endure. No wonder they came away with 'war neurosis' and drinking problems. They never had councelling after, and many ended up in mental hospitals.

I give it a **** star rating. 


A very immersive film Hola from all accounts. And you're not alone in singing it's praises.

Among its various accolades, the film received 10 nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. At the 77th Golden Globe Awards the film won for Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director and at the 73rd British Academy Film Awards it received nine nominations.

1917: The story behind Sam Mendes’s ambitious First World War drama.

THANKS for the info on that film,    the reviews have been good,    it is hubbys type of film,    might get there next week,  

Our friends saw it last week and said it was excellent.

I am over the fascination with war movies , specially WW1. There is enough real wars going on around the world to film if you want to see reality , not hollywood propaganda

The people that should be in the forefront of the "trenches" are never the ones that get involved, they are the ones that send our best young men and women to suffer and die for some nebulous idea of "fighting for our freedom".

Thats similar to having sex for virginity!

The film was poor and unrealistic. Just one example. Soldiers tramping thru a forest in enemy territory would not needlessly chatter at almost the top of their voices !!

There has been a lot of rave reviews since the release of this movie. If you know aboat the conditions endured by the soldiers,the trench warfare, the shocking injuries sustained, the rats and nightmaress wasteland then this is  what you get. It is pretty predictable stuff. Two soldiers are selected to head off on a seemingly suicidal mission into territory abandoned by the Germans to warn a general of another British batallion not to attack as the dastardly Huns have laid a trap.

One of them is killed and the surviving other succeeds in his mission but only after performing extraordinary Bond like stunts. After surviving tumbling over waterfalls and been swept along a treacherous river with full uniform and equipment amazingly he manages to produce at the end of the movie a container from his pocket with a perfectly preserved photograph and letter. It's good but notreally all that great.



I wasn't impressed. Having read some pretty good reviews of the film, I came away feeling I had been duped. I guess it's pretty hard to string out a few hours of a couple, later only one, young soldiers getting from A to B. It was too far fetched in parts for me, as I like to see a film like this that is more or less believable. If a crashing German plane is coming towards you and it is obviously going to crash, you don't in your right mind run in the same direction it is travelling. They have managed to rescue the pilot from almost certainly being burnt to death, but the pilot decides it's a good idea to fatally stab one of them. The one surviving soldier eventually reaches the allies, who are seated in the woods listening to a bloke singing. Nobody notices him at first and he just sits down with them. Rubbish, he could have been the enemy and where were the guards on picket duty ? As for him avoiding being shot at and escaping in the raging torrent, well he must have been Superman's brother. Sure the sets were great and so was the acting, but at least make the action believable. Thumbs well and truly down from me.

Agree with Aggle

well after those reviews,  we may not go,   better to wait and get the dvd,    then hubby can watch it when he want.   and i dont have to watch,    im not into war films,   but he likes them,      waiting to see CATS,