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Music scientifically made for cats. What's next?

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, after years of research, scientists have come up with music specially made for the enjoyment of cats.

The ‘species-specific’ music, composed by cellist and musician David Teie, apparently consists of frequencies that are particularly appealing to cats.

“This may sound like a gimmick, but it’s real,” he said.

I think it’s cute and kind of want to try it out on my cat. But there’s also part of me that think it’s all a bit of bosh.

Samantha the cat seems to be enjoying it in this video, however.

What do you think?



lots of wackos in this world

people with more than 2 cats or dogs in an average suburban lot freak me out

imagine the stink in hte house

Why can't the owners put a pot plant of CatNip out and sit back and watch how the cat behaves. They love it and get as high as a kite. 

CatNipyou say Hola, going to get some right now LOL

Is that why our Cats is always swinging in the hammock, listening to too much cat music? Love ya Cats :)


its the mary jo anna she smokes 

As long as she's happy - no harm done.

HI HO.    just saw this post,    as a cat of the highest standing,   i LOVE music,    RAPHAEL,    i dont need any MARY JO,    or mary jane,    im high on life,      have a great tub of catnip,    keeps me happy,  


I fully accept and appreciate how people become attached to their pets. But they are PETS.

They are NOT fur-babies! They are NOT fur-children! In my opinion the way pets are treated these days is cruelty personified. Headphones on cats? Dresses and other clothes on dogs? For goodness sake this is all about the owners and their inadequacies and insecurities. This is right up there with those who skype their animals during the day!

I for one am sick and tired of (particularly dog) pet owners who thrust their PET on me and my environment with their constant demands for access all areas for their Fido. A neighbour has two cats that she 'lets out to play' in common areas where they shed hairs and claw the carpet, with no thought of others in the same block who may be allergic (or even frightened of) to cats. This is typical of today's pet owners. There are reasons why there are restricted areas for animals (and there should be for some unruly screaming brats too) and the restrictions should be obeyed.  



KSS - My sentiments exactly. Another peeve I have is, once we asked some friends over for lunch. They brought their little dog over which sat next to the owner, and when he finished his meal, he put his plate down so the dog could lick it clean. I was totally disgusted, my best dinnerware. I would never invite them again. I don't care what they do in their own homes, but please respect other people's homes.

O.K!   While I do agree with the " unruly children" theme - why can't these modern parents ( mainly single!) learn to say "NO"!    Then maybe you wouldn't have 12 or 13 year olds going around stealing cars and worse!   One solution!   Stop their money!  They'd soon stop having children they can't control.


off subject, sorry - I love my cat to pieces.  I'm alone now since my husbands passing and I'm sure there are many others in my situation.   If we want to spoil our pets, why not?   They're simetimes all the company we have .


i don't like " fur babies" or " fur kids" but she us my "baby".   The dog I've " inherited" and I guess he makes me walk.


but!   Would I put earphones in my cat?   Never!   Cruel!   And those people who dress up poor dogs? Something wrong with them.   It's not nice for the dog.    Sorry - my opinion.    Some of us are lonely, kids far away ( or sick!) , give us a break - o.k?

I never trust anyone who doesn't like animals.

i agree with you ECLAIR,     somethings wrong with people who dont like animals,   but i agree with NOT dressing pets up,     my dog hates even wearing a coat when its cold,    see animals at xmas time,    with antlers on their heads,   poor things,    i love my little dog,    but no way is she a baby,    though she does get spoiled,   


You're high on life coz you're smoking the hashish with your squeeze muffstuffer

What about that old favourite 'How much is that doggie in the window?'


Raphael's favourite song to Cats -  "What's New Pussycat" ?

Cats definitely are very aware of different sounds.

Mine responds really well to high pitched and tinkly music and in doing so, he looks around and then at me and his whole body squirms into a very coy and cute position. Eyes also enlargens in response.

In fact, our cat was named because of his positive responses to music after buying him from the pet shop, I had asked my daughter to think of a name for him whilst I returned to buy a toy mouse for him.

My choice was Jimminy as pertaining to Jimminy Cricket in a children's story book, Peter Pan although I had thought that she would prefer Jimmy as it was similar to a previous cat she had by the name of Jenny and my daughter's choice was Jimmy after Jimi Hendrix!

Amazing but true!