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My Health Record Opt out by November

My Health Record

The equivalent of painting a tin of tuna green and calling it dolphin friendly.

It’s not MY health record. It’s THEIR health record.

Last night I watch Channel 9 interviewing a Monash research worker. She proudly stated how obese children made more visits to the doctor and they had got this data from Medicare.

She didn’t get it from Medicare at all. Monash University have been given that data from the MY HEALTH RECORD because Medicare doesn’t know how much children weigh.

The most alarming thing about this interview was her last words, “We really need to…..” and was cut short.

For a University on a probable million dollar grant her assumptions on stolen census data with limited controls and research into environmental , genetic and socio economic constraints this is loss of privacy and civil liberty on which they are making statistically inaccurate assumptions. With our data.

Before you respond by saying this research will enable us to make better decisions, I would have liked her to have finished the sentence.

Would it be –

We will restrict Centrelink payments to people with obese children as they want to do with drug abusers.

Or will we start a multi-million education program for children in schools.

Or will we tax sugar.

Or will we put obese people on the bottom of the medical queue because they are a burden on society.

You can be sure it won’t be an indicator that lower income families don’t have enough income to buy healthy food, sign their children up to weekend sport or pay the swimming pool entrance fee.

If you think MY HEALTH RECORD is all about you and your safety – think again. The  government hasn’t spent 2 billion dollars to benefit us.

If you think that’s OK I’m not fat I don’t care what they do. Do you wear glasses? Perhaps you read too much as a child. Indigenous Australians have much better focal length due to their outdoor lifestyle. Perhaps we should deny people who wear glasses Centrelink payments, Private health cover, or deny them cataract surgery.

MY HEALTH RECORD is what they call the loss of Privacy and Civil Liberty creep. They take a bit more and a bit more – link it altogether and anyone who knows anything about genocides knows exactly where this goes.

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Young girls who have an unwanted pregnancy, men and women with sexually transmitted diseases, mental health issues etc, are all too personal to share with anyone, especially with government.

Meanwhile those like me who would like to have the "system" to have an accurate record of their health don't ... because so much "stuff" has not been uploaded by providers.

Silly business IMO.


Young girls who have an unwanted pregnancy,   children have a right to know.

men and women with sexually transmitted diseases,  the Health Dept and Medicare already know.

mental health issues etc,  these records should be accessible by children and grandchildren.

Ray - there are laws in place for all three of the things you mentioned and they are being handled as they should be by individual legislation to preserve all the people involved.

These are the most sensitive issues. We don't want babies dropped at church door, the sexually active to not seek treatment and the mentally ill to commit suicide from lack of treatment.

Better a baby left outside a church than in a dustbin. We've had a couple outside our synagogue in recent years. Have you Rosret? We bring them in and teach them all about the Old Testament.

Why should "sexually active" people need treatment?

More people that recognise when someone has a mental illness, all the better, then they can help them seek treatment.

No need to reply Ray, continue enjoying your break.

ah rosret, ( roses-are-red ) a  background of computing, that explain it all, suffering with other words of your craving for hacking, instead of complaining of it is to hard getting into the system, more education maybe needed, give your mate hot shot, hs. a call, he seems to have all the answers needed to satisfy your need of being praised for this horrible, intrusive, known to all medical persons you have been in touch with over the years of your medical problems, might be a relief to you to know that I was three years old when the 2nd world war started and I lived through it as I did through the Indonesian, korean, malasian war, as I did through the polpot era as I did through the vietnam war, Timor, Cyprus etc, and I was hoping at last to do so without the intrusions of some idiots the likes of you who persist in putting their inane thoughts in the foreground hoping to put their selves into the limelight and projecting themselves as the saviours of this world



Finally!  A member who "tells it like it is"!!  I have never read such misconstrued comments such as written in this particular Topic in ages!

Thank you heemskerk99 .......

Gosh heems - another personal accusation. Be careful you are touching on defamation.

So far you have made mistakes on name,age,gender,IQ,political persuasion, and now altuism. 

The system is in and all your data is there for the world to see correct or not. Its all yours. I am just getting the word out to the millions who have no idea what is about to happen to all their medical data.

However, now you have disclosed your age I will be more forgiving of your incorrect assumptions and party line flag holding. Its not about whether you drive a Ford or a Holden. Its about Privacy and Civil Liberty.

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The example I gave in relation to Channel 9s interview was with a researcher who linked Childhood obesity with the number of doctor visits. She freely gave her(our) information to the media.

The information has now been telecast nation wide for all insurers and employers to take note and act upon. This is the privacy breach and the repercussions that we were guaranteed would not happen.

Old people won't be affected by this our children and grandchildren will. 

Opt in not Opt out.

Could you please supply a link to the interview you mention. Thanks.

PS: I am interested in knowing whether any names were mentioned.

No names were given. This is not the interview I saw on the TV. The one I saw didn't have all the other stuff from other sources.


I am getting a 404 on that link.

If no names were mentioned, then what is your problem? Dr Black (who happens to be Chinese), together with hundreds of researchers have dozens of research papers on the internet relating to childhood obesity. Pretty normal I would say. I think you're an alarmist and time waster. Goodbye.


A very rude response. You asked for a link you couldn't read it. You know how to look it up yourself however it is not the same as it was presented on TV. 

Why ask for a link if you just want to stifle public debate. Or were they tongue in cheek requests because you thought I was making it up?

It was not a Chinese researcher. She was from Monash University and not the person who spoke in the online commentary shown in the link I gave you.

I would also hope the researchers did a proper study rather than just accessing Myhealthrecords to make a statistical analysis. Remember the conclusion was not the number of obese children but the number of times they went to the doctor.

I am sure you are smart enough to know it is not a satisfactory way to analyse and formulate conclusions.

Do you think the parents would like this sort of crosslink being made on their children and then broadcast in a news report? 


Utter nonsense and the only reason I am answering you is because I know of this research and am familiar with the researcher. 

Dr Nicole Black on the economic consequences of childhood obesity

The study, conducted by Dr Nicole Black and Professor Andrew Jones, used data on 3458 children from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children linked to their Medicare records.

No names were revealed. I repeat an alarmist and waste of time.

Rosret - don't engage with the rude posters. Seems like this forum has quite a few

Yup! That's why they got rid of you Brocky. Now behave yourself.

KIAH, I am not against medical researchers making medical analysis of data. It is the where the data was received from that is the most unethical.

Children in this new system have absolutely no rights or privacy whatsoever.

If you are doing research 101 the data must always come from a first hand source. You know that. Number two - it was guaranteed confidental information. Yet it was given freely to Channel 9.

The conclusion wasn't that obese children will more likely to get ill with no reference to under weight childhood statistics. It was let's look how much is being spent on over weight children. 

I have a broad spectrum of grandchildren and I can assure you the number of doctor visits has no correlation to size. It may do when they become adults but certainly not as children. 

I have no concerns about the medical profession doing research. My concern is about the unethical stealing and sharing of the miss named "Myhealthrecords" to determine who is spending more of the medical rebate pie.

Perhaps the research should be by postcode. Children who are obese these days are not over nourished they are under nourished. Low socio-economics and obesity go hand in hand in our country.

Rosret - might be wise to simply do what suits you and let other people make their own decisions?  Not sure what your "agenda" truly is on here but it's becoming tedious and boring!

You are repeating yourself time and time again .......................cheers ....

No, it might be wise to let ALL people know by mail what is happening to their medical data and let them choose.

Can you see the difference? It is what the Labor government intended when they initiated this project for very obvious reasons.

I am cross at the Liberal government. They stuffed up the Centrelink software, the Census, the NBN, the Myhealthrecord and Naplan. If the government bureaucracy, despite the billions they are feeding into these schemes can't do better than this then they are not ready to go online.

Yes, I am repeating myself. What I need is some Parliamentarians to listen too. So like advertisements on TV the more I say it online the more it goes out into the web.

...and Foxy - just switch off email notifications and I am off your radar. :)

This Government has stuffed everything -- and there are not enough people standing up to them to be counted --


Rosret - if people do not make themselves aware of the "implications" you have suggested in your multitude of posts regarding things that "might/might not" even happen is "stiff cheddar" - "tough bikkies"  etc. etc. for them - right?

You apparently have opted OUT - is there really anything else to say?  People will do what they wish to do - so please stop treating them like raving imbeciles - people can think for themselves! 

(Go watch the Magpie on tonight's 60 Minutes - he/she doesn't have to worry!    :-)   ........




You seem a bit confused about the nature of research. May I point out the most original source for receiving medical information is from the order to do this is to ask the patient to participate in the study and collect data from them. In the case of the obese children..the parents would have been the ones to give consent and it appears quite a number did so.

That’s one way..and another is data mining. There are some databases that collect patients’ data and under some agreement you can get access to them. Medicare record every patient's every visit. A researcher can apply for access to the database and it is comforting to know..this information can only be used by researchers after many levels of security checks.

A lot of good can come from getting access to information..for is a way for researchers to understand what is relevant and hopefully make good use of that information to plan ahead and assess likely outcomes. In the case of childhood obesity in this country.. being able to get information ethically enables our health system to make advances both in care and provides an opportunity for reducing costs.

A vast amount of money is spent each year on medical bills for obese children. This money could be better spent on health education and getting children and their parents back on the right track. Who can argue with that!

If I had an obese child, I would welcome any steps to help my child..wouldn’t you? Obese children are more likely to become obese adults and we all obesity is associated with a number of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers…

Fallacy.. “ Low socio-economics and obesity go hand in hand in our country.” Children from wealthy families also fall victim to this disease..Rosret..telling people they are “rude” simply because they are sharing their knowledge is very poor behaviour.

Advances in science and medical research and public health policies have meant that life expectancy for Australians is one of the highest in the world!

My Health Record: Your questions answered on cybersecurity, police and privacy


I agree wit Rosret - and will opt now.

We cant be too careful as far too much as gone wrong over last few years and not just with Liberals whom I too am annoyed at - surely can do better. No that Labor is any better - look at cost of by elections due to not checking dual citizenship. And of course they chopped down the age pension for married couples in 2009 and media didnt report it. Not the ABC who are supposedly there to inform us paid for out of our income taxes etc. 

Only Robert Gottlebsen reported it. Down from 167 % of single rate to 150%. 

So we can make up our own minds. But those who stay in may live to regret it. And if one stays out then cant see any regrest as our GP's can upload their own requirements to specialists etc and Hospitals always ask for our GP to inform on our condition after treatment etc. 

So why do the gov need this anyway. 

agree bv with your comment "those who stay in may LIVE to regret it" however it may be better then somebody in your eulogy mentioning "if only the doctor had known his/her health record we could have saved him/her"

I was under the impression that if one had a life threatening condition,  one would be given or could apply for a bracelet naming the problem.

But, if one doesn't have or isn't wearing a "bracelet" when a health emergency occurs (related or unrelated), an efficient SECURE national health data base could be a lifesaver IMO.

Sadly, in its current form, it just doesn't stack up ... lots of data has never been uploaded from GPs, specialists, testing providers and hospitals ... including allergies, medications and diagnosed serious conditions.

Maybe one day.

Anyone who has one of these bracelets - wears them 24/7/364 which is intention. 

Only an idiot would not replace it even if taken off for some reason and going out of the house put it back on surely.

And as I said - need one - apply.

Anyone who has one of these bracelets - wears them 24/7/364 which is intention.  Only an idiot would not replace it even if taken off for some reason and going out of the house put it back on surely.

And all those who don't have one?

Read first post - apply for one!

bv just stick to your bracelet, I am more comfortable with my total health record being known when the need arises, especial when a different problem, away from that as inserted on the bracelet, pops up 

You don't get to keep the key of some of those bracelets!

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ROFL can I get that in pink, need a couple for a cat and a chihuahua, LOL

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