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Beware of text message scam targeting NAB customers

Watch out opening any links sent to you via text message as they might be harmful. 

I recieved a text message this morning which is undoubtedly a scam. I know this as I am not a NAB customer!

However, if you recieved this and were a NAB customer, you might be less discerning of its deviant nature.


The website that the text message links to is not the real NAB website, I was suspisious of this because:

  • it is very unusual for a company to have a separate mobile website

  • a login page for a website will be denoted with a slash coming after the .com, such as, rather than within the domain name before the '.com' or' 

  • NAB is an Australian company and therefore very likely to be '' website, rather than a '.com' website.


A quick Google search confirms the real NAB website as

Keeping an eye out for strange details in online messages can help to keep you and your finances safe and secure. 

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Thanks for bringing this scam to our attention

Got those a couple of years ago from two of our big banks, luckily was not a customer of either

of them so it was easy to see the scam.

Exactly the same doing the rounds but saying Pay Pal account has been blocked!

I have also had these form the bank I use AND also other Banks



Mule RecruitmentDiagram explaining mule recruitment - Step 1: Initial communication between the fraudster and web user. Step 2: Fraudster convinces the victim to work for their 'fake' company. Step 3: Once recruited money miles will receive funds, these funds have been stolen by the fraudster from another account. Step 4: Mules are asked to transfer funds out of their account and into an overseas account. It is illegal to act as a mule.'Mule Recruitment' is an attempt to get a person to receive stolen funds using his or her bank account, and then transfer those funds to criminals overseas.