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Natural Products you can use now

these every-day products can clean, improve your health and make life easier.  they work well and will be less polluting and harmful than chemicals.



:) Thanks Kika ... can well attest to the benefits of using lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda and coconut/olive/other oils (like Tea Tree) but just can't come at Castor Oil after over 47 years ago being given a 'dose' by my Great GM-in-Law for an upset stomach when pregnant. Think my son is lucky to be alive after that sorry event.

They used to give castor oil to bring on the birth of babies that were overdue in the old days. RnR

Thankfully those days were over when I was having mine.

maybe here you can find health information and alternative solutions with herbal remedies


You need to open these links with Chrome and do a translate for the page.

Thanks master ... will read over the weekend.

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 “My husband is my life”. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. How old are you lady? Surely very, very, very old......., maybe even dead?