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Nbn is on the way - need advise

Hi everybody - we are about to be connected to the nbn and need your advise

at present we have adsl+2 and for years our speeds have been snail like. Down 4.2 and up .66 and gets worse in peak times

gave up complaining because this is the best they can do so with the arrival of nbn we will have a brand new isp - whoever it maybe but certainly not who we have had since they started

at the moment we pay $110 per month for internet,phone and fetch and we have a mobile each total $75 per month

best we can find is Mate and need to buy a modem $ 147 and internet speed 25/15 costs $78 per month but if we port our mobiles $40 month for both we also get 10g data each but it does not roll over

we then get an up grade on internet to 50/25

was considering a phone line but was told that our number will not port because we have fibre to the curb


would value your discoveries with the nbn service


kindest regards 




Toss the nbn and go solar 

or wind 

or Tesla batteries 


Ask Tonto

Thanks - we do have solar but I was asking about NBN


have a nice day



We have been on NBN for almost a year with fibre to the hub. I am with TPG which costs $69.99 per month for up to 50 mbs and $10 for all phone calls. By signing up fo 18 months the modem was free. This is only $10 more than I was paying for ADSL2 which was down to 2 to 4 mbs and a lot less than I was paying for phone rentel and calls through Telstra.  I am saving heaps and the slowest speed I have had is 32mbs with the average being 38mbs. I am more than satisfied.


There's a recent thread on this. You may find the comments helpful.

We have been on NBN for 18 months. Started with Optus, now with Aussie Broadband. It costs us $79 per month for up to 50 mbps. We regularly get 45 and above with fibre to the node. Call centre based in Morwell, Vic and the are extremely helpful with any problems.

If you refer anyone you get a month free. No contracts. We supplied our own modem.

Forgot to mention that we have unlimited downloads. Plans with the modem included are on a 24 mth contract.

We have been on the NBN for some time and the speed we were given was 25mps which is adequate for our needs. We are with Telstra for landline and internet and the cost is $69/pm for unlimited calls for local, national and mobile numbers and 200Gb/pm internet. The modem was free because we were already Telstra customers. Our mobile is with Boost and costs $20/pm for unlimited calls to local, mobile and national numbers with 8Gb of data. We're happy with the service.

Thanks very much for your experiences 


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"was considering a phone line but was told that our number will not port because we have fibre to the curb" - haven't heard this one before - can anyone else throw any light on it - if it's true or not?

Cant say Ive ever heard of 'fibre to the curb'.

I have only heard of fibre to the node and fibre to the home

Have you heard of the labor party , no fiber in their backbone

We have FTC - finer to curb - and have been told by Mate - an isp - that they cannot port our number because of that


was thinking of having land line because so many friends knew that number but if it’s to be new number might as well only have mobile phones


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I stand corrected. I remember politicians argueing between fibre to the node and to the home. It seems your system is a compromise

Wont lengthy mobile calls be more expensive?

No mobile phone calls Australia wide to home ormobiles plus some overseas countries are free for a monthly fee

our fee is 29 dollars a month - no contract and 10 g data


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NBN Fibre to the Curb

Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) is one of the newest parts of Australia's National Broadband Network. With a Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) connection, an NBN fibre optic cable is laid directly to your property's kerb or driveway, where it connects to the copper phone line that runs into your home.

• The NBN has major hubs (known as Points of Interconnect) located all around the country
• Fibre optic cable connects the hub to a smaller connection point (known as a Node) near your home
• Fibre optic cable then runs as far as a distribution point under the street near the front of your house
• Your copper phone line connects the distribution point to your house.


We've got NBN with Telstra. We were already with them for ADSL2. WE had been with other ISPs but when it came down to troubles we had - they are using Telstra techs anyway at local exchanges and their customers get first in line for technical boots on the ground. We had had problems and Telstra came out and rewired into the house as well as to points so never had a problem or drop out since. 

Cost is $99 a month for bundle which includes the home phone and all free local calls except 1300  plus cheaper national and international calls. And Play TV 2 years same as contract. Free Big Pond movie to start off and then cheap movies as well as usual on demand. Unlimited data and speed is 53 down and 16 up just now when checked.  Didnt pay anything to change over - free router and set up. Free Telstra mobile to mobile calls too.

And been on NBN for close to 2 years as contract expires March 19 just checked also.

Will likely just renew it as big advantage to my mind is that one fact. techs in the area on mobiles to call immediately a problem - but havent needed too for some years now.