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NBNCo wants to charge for Netflix

You have to be kidding. I have read about NBN Co wanting to get a faster internet so this is why they want to slug people more. Well my comment "How about getting this fooker working properly first?".

My ISP knows if this comes in, I am out. Have already made alternative arrangements for an ISP that is Non NBN Co.


Interesting Beemee ... who is the non NBN Co ISP and what speeds can you get with them?

RnR, NBN can blame their incompetent slow speed on Turnbull and his policies during the time. 

Whilst I am on ADSL my internet speed is reliable and cheap. Netflix does not affect my internet speed at all. 

I think Australians should be allowed to knock back NBN if they don't want to have it. We are supposed to be a democracy or pretend to be one.

I think 5G will be the internet future. We have FTTN NBN and it is the pits.

About the speed I got with ADSL+ but NBN keeps dropping out ... why is it compulsory.... unable to get back to ADSL ... my phone service is also stu...fed

As soon as 5G becomes available ... GOODBYE NBN

5G has the making of being the biggest environmental health hazard of this century. 4G currently transmits at around 24Ghz and 5G will transmit at around 100GHz. To do this they need to improve attenuation which means a lots more booster aerials.

I am really concerned as to how much damage this is going to do to our children especially.

Suze, I don't want it. I have read about the health risks associated with 5G. They are not worth the higher speed. Maybe this is a way of dealing with overpopulation. 

Firstly, It was a blantant lie we all had to get off ADSL.

Everytime NBN wants to update whatever they do, everytrhing goes apeshit and I am unable to get online again for 5 hours or longer.

I am on 25/5 Fixed Wireless but get full old 2MB/s ADSL2 speeds when few are on. But when they are, I get 150kb/s and it crawls like molasses in winter. A damn snail would move across my screen a lot faster than this NBN crap.

You can still choose to go Copper lines but it is with Telstra and no one else. You will pay more for it though. For me, its $95 a month for ADSL2 and landline phone. I used to pay $70 a month.

There is no way on God's Earth I am going 5G even if they paid me, all of their darn towers are causing brain tumors, vomiting, migraines, and a host of other things. A recent doco on TV showed 5 people in a single USA college/Uni all in their 20's had died from the same identical brain cancer. They had a tower right near the school towering above them. Bet there is going to be a lot of parents pulling their kids out of that school. There's been many reports of people walking past these towers and becoming violently ill and not even knowing why.

This is the future will be another Wittanoom, another Chernobyl, another NBN failure, another Roundup poisoning, another Maralinga. I could go on but you get my drift. New Zealand is fighting to keep 5G out of their country, hope they win as that is now looking like a place to move to.

'According to the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety, the 5G network is not going to pose any serious health threats. 

While there are going to be higher frequencies used for the network, it does not mean there will be a more intense exposure to humans.

'Higher frequency radio waves are already used in security screening units at airports, police radar guns to check speed, remote sensors and in medicine, and these uses have been thoroughly tested and found to have no negative impacts on human health,' 

Sorry Suze but I am really concerned about our children. Schools are going to be bombarded with these frequencies. You can't escape them.

All those items you listed above are one off short term events. However this is a constant air saturation. Its not nothing.

This is going to be one of those - 'oh dear we shouldn't have done this' 20 years down the track.

Suze, please read the information on the link I have sent about 5G. The dangers are real.

That's not good Beemee. I'm on NBN FTTN.

Not the best because this house is quite a way from the node, but I still get around 19.0 Mbps download most of the time @ $80.00 per month, unlimited data. Very few dropouts.

My email to my ISP.....

If this goes ahead, I am out! Have already made provision for another non NBN company that wont incur this greedy grab by NBNCo. Just thought I would let you know, and you can pass on this to NBNCo as well.

Their Reply within 1 - 2 hours (that's fast, normally its 1 - 2 days).

Hi Beemee,Thanks for your email.We currently do not limit or charge extra for what customer's access, except to comply with legal requirements.We can't really comment on decisions made by a third party, but at this stage, NBNco are just seeking feedback on this option. It might be worth having a read of their statement on the issue if you haven't had a chance:'ll definitely always seek to provide the best value and quality of service to our customers, we want you to have the best connection possible.We appreciate you taking to time to get in touch with us, and I will definitely pass your feedback about this up the chain.Kind regards,Scott.Customer Service Representative

My opinion: They did not deny there ARE other ISP's out there who will go non-nbn. I guess there are more than just Telstra, but as Telstra own the exchanges, it would still ultimately include them. I am thinking of dropping the stupid nbn phone, (VOIP) and going with Telstra, at I will have a working phone instead of it dropping out for long hours and frequently. We are considering moving, and when we do, I am not going on the Net again. I am throwing money away on incompetent services.

So if you don't want to incur this new rip off, write to your ISP and give them your opinion. Even threaten to move to another ISP, and if they are worth anything, they will send it on to NBNCo for feedback. If we don't fight this, we are going to be paying for their so called improvement on faster services, and they can't even get this one right.

If you can believe that SUZE you will believe in fairies.

Both my cousins are doctors and they say differently. It causes the genetics to change and the DNA. They have advised to keep well away from it and the towers. And frankly, I am going to believe two professionals who are warning others quietly.

I also have one cousin who is a lawyer and she is dealing with cases related to 5G damage.

You are absorbing radiation all the time. It's everywhere, get with it. If you know anyone who has or had radiation therapy for cancer, ask them how grateful they are in spite of how sick it made them.

What utter rubbish - radiation is all around us right now, CRT TV's had massive radiation for 40 years, maybe more. Two doctors say differently - no offence to your relatives but how would they know, they are medical doctors I assume, NOT doctors of electromagnetic radiation or whatever, they know about the body and have an opinion that 5G MAY cause problems....MAY, THEIR OPINION. Vast numbers of people who work in the field see it differently.

I have a good friend who's a doctor - doesn't feel there's any harm, again HIS OPINION and he admits he doesn't know for sure as it's not what he studied and doesn't have access to all the facts.

I'm sure you've heard of psychosomatic illness, basically talking yourself into being sick - people walking past the towers probaly talked themselves into being sick. What reseach was done into their lives previously, where had they been, what did they do, is there something else common in their lives.

Obviously do what you want but your anxiety is probably doing the same to you, just remember wear your tin foil hat and when on a cruise don't go too may fall off the edge of the Earth.

That is just it Greg - haven't we learnt from past experience that it is better to be sure than work on "the maybe". Why don't we let Europe fry their brains for 10 years and if there are no ill effects then we can introduce it too.

Maybe will will have to put all children in tin foil hats instead of slip, slop, slap.

NBN is expensive as is. There are people I know who will  not be able to access the NMN due to living on a hill. Not all people will have NBN. It should be choice.Telstra charges  me $99 a month .

NBN is expensive as is. There are people I know who will  not be able to access the NMN due to living on a hill. Not all people will have NBN. It should be choice.Telstra charges  me $99 a month .

KB.  What is NMN ?

johnp it's what is known as a typo I would suggest; look it up. Don't be a sad sack because it's not the end of the world. 

I don't know if people realise that none of us has any dealings with the NBN Co. They are a wholesale group which sells to telcos, and only to telcos, who in turn onsell the product to the general public. It has been shown, time after time, that the majority of faults with the service can be directly the fault of the telcos, not the NBN Co. This idea of the NBN Co to add charges will affect the telcos who may or may not choose to pass on the costs. 

I don't know how you could stay on copper with Telstra. All Telstra was turned off 18 month after NBN became available here.  I find I am miles better off. With an internet and phone package I am now abot $30 a month better off than with Telstra and with an average speed of 35plus against against 5 or less with ADSL+ I can now watch movies if I want to.

Correct Olddog - there's over 2.5 million premises with the NBN connection now and I can tell you not all of them have issues. Nothing is perfect in this technology world, I think people expect perfection because it's new, it's "digital" but things can and do go wrong. I completed over 30 house sits in numerous premises most of which had the NBN and they all worked well, the owners said they didn't have any problems, and this was over a large area - Sydney, Central Coast, Melbourne.

I'm extremely happy with my service, paying for a 50 plan and get a solid 47/48 all day everyday and in two years has dropped out once that I know of...and that was only 10 minutes. I'm a heavy user and the cost is less then before as now there's no phone plan to pay.

The copper being talked about is for people who don't have access to wired/cable access due to location, they have a wireless system but can use the Telstra ADSL if they want (not sure of all the details).

Yes Greg, this is a new technology and for some who didn't grow up with computers, it's sometimes a bit confusing. I have had quite a few members of our club ring me when they have lost their 'phone or internet and all I ask them to do is to switch the modem off, wait 30 seconds and switch it on again. Takes some time to reboot but, so far, that's all that is wrong. Apart from that, everyone I speak to is quite pleased with the increase in speed.

I haven't even had modem issues but some I know have - they are the cheapest, most basic part supplied by the ISP's. They can die easily and like you said need restarting.

Old man country towns are on fibre to the node. This means they have high speed fibre optic cable transmission to a point and then copper cabling to the town. Its a bit like a congested artery. If the current has to split too many ways the home owner just doesn't get enough bandwidth especially at peak times.

Rosret - I'm in a country town, fibre to the premises, home built two years ago, most of the town that I know of have FTTP.

Never had a problem with NBN

i have a HFC connection, get 46.5 Mbps speed for $69.99/month, unlimited data+phone rental through TPG

I’m not sure why so many people have problems 

i hope they can fix your issues quickly 

You hear about the complaints, the vast majority who don't have problems are generally silent - except some like us.

Haha - a city dweller?

Paying more means nothing. My son received an apology from TPG saying they couldn't provide that level of service, returned his money and reduced his plan. That was how the problem was fixed from TPGs stance. 

The NBN is not providing enough bandwidth to the street so when its split multiple times there just isn't enough to service every home sufficiently. So the super highway is a very congested highway.

Rosret - not everywhere though. I'm on a 50 plan and get 47/48 all day, all night. friends on the Central Coast just north of Sydney 100 plan and get 95 when good but can go down during busy periods.

The congestion issues can be due to the ISP not purchasing enough data to satisfy their customers demands. it's a balance between keeping the customers happy and not paying for unused data. The NBN has the capacity, the ISP's just need to get their planning/purchasing right.

Well Greg I can promise you many people in our town are unhappy. Its very hard to run a business from home with the NBN pick and choosing when it will work.

I'm with Telstra still - NBN as stated already - not directly dealing with public but the Telco's.

I get around 45 mbps most of the time which is a tad faster than on the old ADSL2 for $99 mth unlimited data - via the NBN now for the phone.  Telstra who are putting a battery if reqd for those who dont use a mobile as phone wont work if NBN down or power out. 

Many older folk dont own a mobile or like me just own an old PAYG flip phone fm way back when they started taking away public phones on the Hwy.

May have to get a smartphone if they do bring in the cashless societies in 2020. But until then credit card does the trick.