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Need a happiness boost?

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It's International Happiness Day. So, we thought we'd share 10 ways to help boost your happiness!

Five things happy people do

Simple things to make you happy

Five steps to a happy retirement

Money habits for happy couples

Five ways to improve your day

Seven simple ways to improve your life

Five ways to be happier

Out of your mind for happiness

How pets improve health and happiness

Five steps to a happier life


What's your secret for being happy? Why not share it with our members?

Here's to happy days ahead!



I feel happiest when I am out with friends and catching up on old times. Love to have all the family coming around and cooking up a storm. We have to make the most of each day, because lets face it, who knows what's around the corner? I do love to have the quiet times as well, listening to my favourite music or watching movies that bring back old memories. Looking through old photographs is another one, especially the ones of my boys as they were growing up. I am so grateful for my beautiful life. Of course there have been sad times and very hard times, but it does not do you any good by living with regrets.

In a nutshell and as the saying goes.."happiness is an inside job" personal live by rule is:

Remember the past

Plan for the future

But live in the present..

which includes

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Hi Thea.

Yes, but like blisters they do burst!

Some people do hurt on the inside and the facade is smiling!

Being in constant pain for instants and living with a person in that constant pain can also be an issue.

I find it relaxing being out in the garden caring for my plants.  At the moment I am concerned for my once lovely Protea, it looks decidedly unhappy the last few months.

Are you trying to spoil my day by having to be happy?

Sometimes its nice to be grumpy and let all the energetic people dance around me while I have a rest!

Howabout a contentment day. I could handle that at the moment. Don't ask me to do anything or buy anything or cook anything - just do absolutely nothing until boredom finds a place in my brain.

hehehe - seriously - have a lovely day everyone.

Whatsapp Emojis enables a person to explain his feelings in chat through pictorial to another person

Happiness is smelling a nice pot of soup on the stove and a casserole cooking!

Well thats what I have cooked for dinner tonight, here in Perth it has been overcast and more like winter.


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