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New drive to make capital city car-free

A proposal to ban cars from the CBD is being considered by the City of Melbourne.

“Every hour during the morning peak, 15,000 pedestrians cross the Spencer and Collins Street intersection outside Southern Cross Station, which is five times the number of people in cars, yet cars are given twice the amount of time as pedestrians to pass through,” Councillor Nicholas Frances Gilley said.

Hundreds of cities around the world ban cars from certain precincts. Do you think all Australian capital cities should follow suit and prioritise pedestrians in heavily congested CBD streets?


If only - I'm really getting tired of city traffic and find myself using taxis more frequently. 

 "Do you think all Australian capital cities should follow suit and prioritise pedestrians in heavily congested CBD streets?"






Most "Melbournians" think the plan is BS!  

Just some other "plebby upstart"  making life more difficult - wanker! lol 

How do trucks/vans make deliveries to shops - small business - couriers deliver to ofice blocks etc.  - Auspost delivering parcels? ?   How do Taxi's/Uber's  pick up people?

Get a grip peeps!!!!!  You all that moronic???

Just another bunch of "old hasbeens" on here -  thinking it a good idea when they live nowhere near a CBD!! Joke!!    lol lol lol 


You're not speaking for me, and I am far from being an "old hasbeen" old girl  even though I am Melbournian:(

only if they build excellent cheap parking around the periphery and provide free efficient mass trasnport within the city itself

NO, I do not agree to ban cars -- it is pure lack of planning why the CBDs are in such a bloody mess and they expect us to pay for it,  get some decent parking areas and plan properly!

In 1841 they didn't visualise Melbourne's crisscross square of roads would be an issue.

If you have a crystal ball google cars will be here in 30 years and the traffic lights and road congestion will be all but something of the 20th century and we will remember the bad old days when so many people died on the roads.

banning commercial vehicles will only increase the cost of food & other goods  ,ban private vehicles only not commercial vehicles couriers or taxis 


p.s. substantialy  increasing parking at suburban rail stations would decrease cbd traffic !

Improving parking at railway stations would be such a wonderful move. People who live in a 2km arc of railway stations can't even park outside their own home.

Let me see. The city is full of cars and pedestrians because they need to get from A to B. Nobody goes through the city just for a sunday drive.

So no. I would sort out the confusion of bikes, buses, trams, pedestrians, trucks, cars etc. Its a business hub. So be it.

I have to agree with PlanB. The development of city centres has resulted from what land owners and developers have been able to achieve for themselves, often 'pushing' town planners to accept their solutions. The question that should be asked is not whether vehicles should be banned, but what purpose do town centres serve? Answer that first, then design your transport policy around it. Address the illness, not just the symptoms.

Not too crowded yet on that side of Melbourne CBD street. They should implement that on the Sydney CBD so cars could clear up in the city area



A previous Lord Mayor of Brisbane proposed a relatively expensive vehicle fee in order to restrict the volume of traffic entering the CBD. In theory a laudable concept.

However, he was of the view that any restrictions should not apply to his own chauffeur driven vehicle nor to other councillors. He also appeared to ignore the fact that senior public servants driving private plated government cars would not be deterred as their fee would be paid by their employing agencies.  Similarly, the fee for corporate executives in their company cars would undoubtedly be covered by their respective expense allowances.  

In reality, only the humble worker would be financially discouraged by the fee.  This would be in addition to paying exorbitant car-parking fees.  

It was not clear whether commecial delivery vehicles and taxis would have been required to pay the fee. Fortunately, the proposal was never implemented.  

Yes. Bearing in mind that Melbourne has one of hte best public transport system connecting suburbs with the CBD, therfore, I think it would be good idea to ban cars entering the CBD during peak hours. I personally use railways whenever I need to go to the CBD. It is fast, frequent, less costly and above all safe.


H Breik

First of all try to diversify the population by encouraging new hubs, possibly build more Canberra's

(without politicians) and start with modern infrastructure, underground transport, underground parking at the edge of the new city and get people to live more densely together. 1000 sqaremetre backyards and unlimited immigration just does not work. We might end up with 10 million cities in Melbourne and Sydney with dead hearts. It has happened in other parts of the world but we have plenty of land to avoid the same scenario.