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New Gillette advertisement causing controversy

Gillette has taken its slogan 'The best a man can get' to the next level, with a new campaign aimed at making men better.

The advertisement has been met with both high praise as well as backlash from men who feel threatened by the message. 

What do you think about this advertisement? Is there a positive message here? Or do you think it's 'man-shaming'?

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This ad is excellent, and a long time coming!!  I am VERY proud to be a user of Gillette razors!

Face it, men!  The vast majority of physical abuse is perpetrated by men who can't control their emotions!

Such ads are needed because there is STILL far too much domestic violence happening, despite public debate.

Resorting to physical violence to win an argument means that you have already lost it!  Hitting your wife/partner if you can't win an argument with well-expressed opinion is the ultimate act of betrayal of someone you love.  It is bullying, pure and simple. 

It is no longer acceptable to impose your desires on others by the use of social power or physical force, real or implied!

All members of Society should strive for are PEACE, JUSTICE, LOVE and RESPECT.  Domestic violence is the opposite of those ideals!

If you don't like the ad, simply behave in a way that makes it unnecessary.  Don't blame others.

I'm very proud of my father who brought my brothers and me up to NEVER hit out in anger, and we haven't.  This ad is a plea for ALL fathers to do the same thing.

A cold glass of water, a Bex, a good lie down and stop shouting, Dear.  Your assumptions are getting the better of you.

Sorry, I didn't mean to shout.  I was just using capitals for emphasis.

Verbal diarrhea doesn't cause men to end up in Emergency wards (or worse), Reagan.

If men don't like verbal diarrhea, they can walk out.  The message that needs to be heard by every abusive man (and some woman) is that violence is not acceptable.  The majority of men who never hit out need not take offence, because the ad isn't directed at them.

Gillette's concern is to stop the physical domestic violence against women and children.  So why the agro replies?

"Verbal diarrhea doesn't cause men to end up in Emergency wards (or worse)..."

Yet the suicide rate for men is three times higher than that for females! Guess that just means men do the job 'better' than women right?

Gillette sales and US corporate parent Procter&Gamble (P&G) shares deserve to tank. 

It spends huge sums on boring politically-correct advertising and for wasteful plastic over-packaging and passes it all on in inflated prices for mediocre products. 

Another thing, if it wants to be a good corporate citizen it could stop buying up others to reduce competition and to fly under the radar, and artificially diversifying its range to spread its large behind on supermarket shelves, squeezing out competition and especially local enterprise. 

Then there are the electronic and print media outlets whose talking heads are tasked with giving the Gillette PC 'initiative' a boost because P&G is a big advertiser. 

As if P&G could ever lay claims to being a model corporate citizen in Australia.  For a start, its packaging alone would be measured in tonnes a day for the larger capital cities.

Have to laugh how so many fell for this ad. Yep Gillette has you fooled, they are hypocrital and have sucked you into a great marketing ploy.  For a start, they are human and animal welfare abusers. They use child labour, they make 4000% profit on their stuff. They see a way to cash in on the #Me too movement. Clever move since more women buy their razors than men and guess what,   they charge women more. Known as the 'pink tax,' the common form of gender-based price discrimination involves women being charged premium prices for items specifically marketed towards women while men pay less for virtually the same product.

Good to see anyone including Gillette taking on bullying, sexism, and sexual harassment, if they’re doing it for the right reasons. My view, the best teacher are parents teach your sons and daughters and grandchildren. What they see under your roof is what they take into the rest of their life.

The saying is, 'He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas'. 

Of course, both could have fleas, in which case they deserve each other.

Ah yes, shrink it, pink it and charge more! Well known marketing ploy to women.


I entirely agree with you.

If this add prevents one bashing or murder of a woman or child, it has been worth it.

Much domestic violence is perpetrated by those who have been victims of it themselves, and/or seen their mother a victim.

Domestic violence is never, never OK, nor can be excused away.


HUH???? The hydra certainly has a brass neck.

Yup, yup. yup

Don't know who let her out either :(

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