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New loyalty program could get you flying sooner

Qantas will team up with BP’s loyalty scheme to allow motorists to access the Qantas rewards program, after the deal was signed off by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The deal allows Qantas and BP to collectively participate in the BP Rewards and Qantas Frequent Flyer programs for five years.

“The proposed arrangements are likely to result in public benefits, such as providing consumers with more opportunities to accrue and redeem rewards program points,” ACCC commissioner Stephen Ridgeway said.

“Qantas has the biggest loyalty reward scheme in Australia in terms of member numbers, and BP is a major petrol retailer. However, we don’t believe this will have a significant negative impact on competition, because there are many other retailers in Australia, in petrol and other markets, who could launch or participate in different loyalty programs."

The ACCC was also concerned that the sharing of consumer data between independent BP petrol stations and BP, and between BP and Qantas as a result of these arrangements had the potential to cause some harm to consumers, such as a reduction in privacy.

However, the ACCC notes that 85 per cent of independent BP petrol stations are subject to the Privacy Act, and that BP is implementing additional safeguards to protect data that BP petrol stations receive.

Which loyalty programs do you believe offer the best value?


I have rewards for my Chemist/Woolworth and Coles and a few others that I have not used in years -- none of them give you anything for nothing but seeing I am paying for it anyway I may as well get a few bob back -- it is another way to keep an eye on what you buy and where you go --- and as I use a card for most things they would know in any case

BP used to be paired up with Velocity.  What's the big news?  BTW BP's prices are around the same, if not more than Coles, Woolies and the independents.  Why would you pay more for your fuel if you can get it at around 5-10 cpl cheaper?  Been there, done that - really not worth the trouble.

I have Flybuys, useless really, Velocity Rewards, not bad and then I have Quantas Rewards which is great. They have joined forces with my favourite Pharmacy, Red Energy,  the best known Energy Supplier in the Country and a few other businesses. 

The bonus for me is my two, return trips to Europe although I had to pay fees and charges. Still very cheap trips. 


All well and good BUT round where I live BP petrol is regularly between 15 and 20+ cents/ltr more expensive than say Caltex (woolworth reward) or the independants. I have Qantas loyalty cards and Flybuys but never get petrol at BP for that reason.