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To everyone who has enjoyed these quotations...

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Although this thread has been moved to another site...since then..I have had several requests to reinstate it...and what better time to do so than the present....





















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Absolutely !!!!!!!!

that  lovely little dog is on facebook,  

Hello Thea, good morning. I'm off to the beach to enjoy another beautiful day in Perth.

Another beautiful day for the beach Bijou..getting to 28!

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                                           HAPPY SATURDAY FOLKS !!!

Happy weekend to you too Thea, and great quotes!

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I cant remember who put up the word "Quotationists", but I saw another great word the other day

"PROCAFFINATING"  It's the tendency to not start anything until you've had your first Coffee. Happy weekend everybody. 

Hi Hola..

I thought  that "Quotationists" was a word of my own making..however when I googled the word later..I found out someone had beaten me to it!!

Love "Procaffinating"..that describes me to a T !

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                             Have a wonderful start to the week..enjoy...






Hi Thea  - I've been off the air for a while, computer decided to pack it in, it would have been too expensive to have it repaired, but I have a new one now, it's a hundred times faster than the old one. Love the Leonard Cohen song, it takes me back to a lovlier time in my life.  You can't beat the romantic years.  

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Must be a different calendar in WA?

Are you still "Procaffinating?"... I have no idea what you are on about..or on...

Lovely to see you back Hola -:)

that is a great song,   i put it up for CRANKY some time ago,   

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                                     Enjoy the music.....





Thanks Thea - you've done it again, beautiful music. And the secret to longevity is.....

JUST RELAX.  {:-)  ahhh!

Glad you enjoyed the music Hola...Shakespeare was so right.."if music be the food of on."

I read your post and watched the video of the orchestra being conducted by a left me cold...

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