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How sweet xx

J.K. Rowling had just gotten a divorce, was on government aid, and could barely afford to feed her baby in 1994, just three years before the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, was published.

When she was waiting it out, she was so poor she couldn’t afford a computer or even the cost of photocopying the 90,000-word novel, so she manually typed out each version to send to publishers. It was rejected dozens of times until finally Bloomsbury, a small London publisher, gave it a second chance after the CEO’s eight year-old daughter fell in love with it.

Today Rowling is a billionaire who gives vast sums to charity..


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Tuesday is ruled by Mars... the planet of action and energy..and is a great day for getting things done...

Monday is about setting the emotional tone and Tuesday is all about putting that tone into action.

Today is the perfect day to launch forward with projects.. make decisions about things that are up in the air.. The energy of the day will also help you to start making progress in all areas of your life and is excellent for getting in tune with your passions.

In order to best use the energy of Tuesday.. get clear about what you want and then go out there and make it happen.. Mars energy gives us the drive and passion to follow through on our goals, dreams and desires...


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Have a happy Tuesday...



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Life is such a short journey...


As you know Thea, we have relatives in Manchester. Our hearts go out to the relatives of those who suffer.

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Thea they are most probably in a better place. The way this planet is going I shudder to think what will happen to it if life goes on the way it has been of late.



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Our thoughts are also with the people of Manchester.

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Once you feel you are avoided by someone 

Never disturb them again

Unknown author


I've got mixed thoughts about this quote - I think often we are "busy" and overcommitted and hence may avoid others.  understanding of that quote is simply.. if you have a friend who only contacts you when in trouble..then you are being used by that friend..

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Wednesday is ruled by Mercury.. the planet of communication and expression..This makes Wednesday the perfect time to get clear about what you want and where you are heading..It is also the perfect day to express yourself to a loved one and to catch up on any correspondence…

Mercury rules the higher mind.. so brainstorming and ideas usually flourish on Wednesday…so today is the day to come up with creative projects… It is also the perfect time to get clear about any difficult life decisions.

Being the midpoint of the week.. the energy of Wednesday also provides us with a clue as to whether or not we are paying attention to our needs and what energy we are expressing out into the Universe…

In order to best use the energy of Wednesday.. take the opportunity to express yourself and contemplate on whether the energy you are sending out into the Universe is aligned with what you want for yourself...


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Newton's Third Law.


Thursday is the day of Jupiter, the planet of positivity and expansion, making it the perfect time to learn new things and expand your consciousness.

As we wind down the working week, the energy of Thursday allows us to be productive and helps us to take care of matters that may have been lingering the last few days.

Thursday is also a day of positivity and has a lightness to it that helps us to get things done and be more open to learning things. Thursday also serves as an excellent reminder to pay gratitude for the days passed and all that you have learnt and achieved.

The energy of Thursday also supports all things that allow us to expand, whether it is spiritually or mentally. This makes it the perfect time to start a new spiritual practice or a new hobby. It is also a good time to wrap up financial matters or manage your money.

In order to use the energy of Thursday effectively, make a point to feel gratitude and positivity from the moment you wake up, as this is going to help you leap forward throughout the day.


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Thea - I love that saying about Gratitude. I am eternally grateful to have experienced some of the best times of my life. A wonderful family and friends and being there for those who need help. I know sometimes I am being used up by friends, but  that's what we're here for, to give a hand up to those who are going through difficult times.  

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