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Nominations for Senior Australian of the Year open

Nominations for the Australian of the Year Awards are now open.

These annual awards recognise Australians who have made a significant contribution to the nation and serve as an inspiration for all Australians.

Each year, nominations are accepted for the four award categories:

  • Australian of the Year
  • Senior Australian of the Year
  • Young Australian of the Year
  • Australia’s Local Hero

Anyone can submit a nomination for the Australian of the Year awards.

Eligibility and selection criteria can be found as part of the online nomination form.

Nominations for the 2021 Australian of the Year Awards close Friday 31 July 2020.

The National Australia Day Council manages the Australian of the Year Awards. State and Territory Award recipients are announced later in the year, with the National Awards announced on 25 January 2021.

Who would you nominate for Australian of the Year or Senior Australian of the Year?


Sorry I would not have a clue!

This will be a very hard call this year with most of us locked up in our homes.


Me. All four categories. Australian of the year! Why? Why not budgie of the year? Or Rock of the year? In what way is this ridiculous ridiculous halo helpful other than to glorify some vague notion of sanctified australianess? Can't we get by with just all of us trying to be our best selves without being made to feel inadequate because we didn't get to be this year's Australian? Grow up. 

I would Nominate ME because we should ALL be classed as equal in this country. It doesn't matter who or what has done some good deed we are all as good as everyone else. 

Gee when Tony Abbott gets an award -- it proves to me that these awards mean nothing -- about got awards for Indigenous service of which he gave NONE and cared less about --

Sadly we rarely hear of the true people deserve an award. Waves to Plan B.

Perhaps I should nominate my hubby, he retired at 73 and was designing and repairing railways in Oz all those years so the mining industry could make mega profits!  LOL

I was about to nominate myself but then realised I am not a senior.