The NRL hoping to restart their season in July with players being isolated on Tangalooma Island. 

This idea of isolating players by the NRL at Tangalooma is total stupidty. To hope to do this in July I would say you have a better chance of winning division 1 in lotto. Sporting codes no matter which ones need to wait for this covid-19 crisis to be totally over.

If there is a loophole for the likes of the NRL to start up again, while everyone else is not able to use this loophole, sorry the Federal Govt and State Govts need to say to the NRL no way. If one player was to develop covid-19 symptoms it is one too many.

The NRL are putting greed ahead of the safety of the public and their  players, if this loophole is used. If no football is played in 2020 so be it. The health of all is far more important.


I am not a fan of football -- in fact not interested in ANY competitive stuff -- it brings out the worst in people -- not found of any sport on TV --

So true , I'd be happy if it fell off the earth for good.

This is a ridiculous idea.  What makes sports administrators think they are different to the rest of the community.  Just forget your 2020 season and get over it!

Latest from the NRL, a Meat Head Footballer has basically told the Premier of Queensland to pull her head in and allow a State of Origin series to go ahead this year.  Mr. Johns has had the nerve to intimate that the Premier should gain some sense and agree with him that health considerations should come second to his ambitions as a sports coach.

Does this leave any doubt that sports people, unless elected, should keep their noses out of politics.  The whole episode is made worse by the need of himself and his crew to openly boast about how he will get his own way in a state that he does not even live in.

I am not that happy with my Premiers attitude towads my sport myself but if she caves in to this upsarts demands I will be putting my vote towards the someone like the Shooters and Fishers Party.  What makes one sport any more important than another!