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Nuisance calls from survey

Hi I have message bank on land line as by the time I walk to get the phone it has gone to message bank etc. 

So when I get a call around 6pm and dinner time I tend to leave it for a message.

So late January got a hang up with number as Telstra records it and it was 036 1110735 - and next night same thing again.

This has gone on daily during February now til last night - and yesterday a departure, rang at 1pm lunch time again hung up.

Last night second call at 7 21pm same number but this time music and a person then hung up. Hope that means a human turning  off automatic dialling at long last! 

Now I had called back this number as curious - its a survey for elderly - what they are asking who knows anyone else here been called? Because this is harrasment at work. I didnt answer and no message so dont call back only in th eend checked who was on this number as thought what a cheek as I am on the  do not call register.

But still some calls from policiticians and some charities sem to be allowed, but surely a survey isnt one of those allowed ?? Keep saying so many elderly etc so have to have caught some surely?

Were you one?

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We NEVER get scam calls, don't know why others do.

I think some of you don't understand how the Do Not Call Register works - when you block a number with the DNCR LEGITIMATE businesses and groups will not call you. There are exceptions like registered charities, political parties and educational institutions.

Now obviously scammers ARE NOT legitimate businesses, they are still going to call. You see the legitimate businesses can check if your number is listed as DNC and they won't call you. Scammers aren't going to check the list - do you expect the scammers to say, "We won't call Harry because he's on the DNC list, we are respectful scammers".

What annoys me more than the calls is the fact that despite Australia having a Privacy Act, Telcos are allowed to sell your personal information to ANYONE who wants it. If you think this should change, look up your local Federal Members email address and complain to him/her, after all, thats what they are paid for!

Maybe you don't realise that nobody has to buy the details from the telcos - these scammers use computer automatic dialing programs, the computer can dial numerous numbers at a time, just random numbers, when the computer gets through to a ringing phone it comes on the scammers screen, if someone answers they start their spiel.



I have received two phone calls over the past week from women whom I think have Asian accents. They said I could earn extra money if I did some marketing about household products and gave my opinion on the goods. I told them I was a pensioner and couldn't earn extra money. They were very persistant until I hung up. They were from the same company and wanted my email address and I said I didn't have a computer, then they hung up! Telstra said being on the Do Not Call Register only blocked some calls but overseas companies slip in under the radar. Just hang up on them.!!!!!


The DNC register only stops legitimate businesses, scammers are crooks, they don't first check if you want calls they just do it.

Wonder if politicians, charities and researchers bother to check if you are on the DNC thing is for sure if I get a call from any of them, I will sure hang up after giving them a piece of my mind.

The three categories are the worst of all the nuisance calls.

If they do not pay for my telephone service or my time, why should they be excluded from the DNC register.

Abby - politicions, charities are excluded and would not check the register.

Don't be too hard on the charitiy callers though, I'm just polite and say say no thank you, not interested and hang up. They're just doing their job.


..and many of those charity callers are volunteers.


I just had one of those nuisance calls. Some guy saying he was phoning on behalf of an Aussie health and fitness company. So I asked him where he was and he said in the Philippines. What a laugh but they employed him to make the calls.

Clearly he's a new recruit Reagan. Talk about giving the game away, hahah

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