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Number One Priority. WATER

People, People, People. 

Let me ask you a question? 

If you had to choose between nbn or a glass of water, which one would you choose? 

Please answer honestly. Your life on this earth might depend on it. 


George for King of Australia. 




But is there a choice realy given?

We were never given a choice about the NBN in the first place so why start now?

KSS - You don't have to have NBN, many people don't they just use their mobile phones.


Although our NBN speed is slow compared with many other countries and additional speed and bandwidth would be nice, spending on water infrastructure should take priority.

"spending on water infrastructure should take priority." I agree especially buying back water rights from foreign ownership!

Nothing or no one can live without water

Water for sure ! As said we cant live without Water but NBN we could have done without as nothing but fix ups and stuff ups as far as I can see as they always fixing something or another!


There are 7.5 million premises with NBN and the vast majority work just fine. Obviously you hear about the ones that don't, normal media beat-ups.

We should not invest in NBN as with the roll out of 5G, NBN has become obsolete.  5G will deliver amazing performance on mobile and other devices that can't be matched by NBN and at a cost much lower then NBN.  Oh yeah, 5G doesn't cause COVID, unlike what some of the fear mongers say.  These are the same ludites that warned that the steam engine was the end of the world.

However investment in water and 5G should be able to happen in parallel.  And water is essential to all life, so let's get politicians who understand water and the benefits of both water and 5G.  That means we get rid of most of the current ones.  Hip Hip Hooray!  Viva the revolution. 

I think I'll see what Starlink subscription costs are before going 5G

Do you use a mobile phone at all? Have you experienced the dropouts and poor call quality of mobile phones?

5G is not a replacememnt for the hardwired NBN. If it's done with optical cable speeds can and will be far, far higher and with the stability that many internet users require.

I'm on cable, pay for a 50 Mbps plan and get EVERYDAY ALL DAY 53 Mbps