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One Nation and Tony Abbott

Pauline Hanson uncovered

Pauline Hanson with One Nation director David Ettridge in 1998.


A LAWSUIT by One Nation Party co-founder David Ettridge against federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will head to court next month.


Mr Ettridge is suing federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for damages of more than $1.5 million.

He has accused Mr Abbott of acting unlawfully in 1998 by assisting and encouraging litigation against One Nation in the Queensland courts.

Mr Ettridge alleges the court action was false and malicious and the resulting damage affected him greatly.

He also accuses Mr Abbott of attempting to pervert the course of justice by providing lawyers "to propel those false claims through the courts".

Mr Ettridge's lawyers served legal papers on Mr Abbott for damages on the weekend.

A spokesman for Mr Abbott told AAP the papers had been received, but declined to comment further.


A directions hearing is set for the Brisbane Supreme Court on May 9 and Mr Abbott has received a summons to attend.

"Before Tony Abbott can become prime minister of Australia he needs to be judged on his suitability to hold the highest office in Australia," Mr Ettridge told AAP in a statement.

"For his role in this disgraceful period of Australian political history, Tony Abbott has never been brought to account." 
Well our coming Election has just got a bit more interesting!

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Can't be sure of the Independants either, they side with one or the other, so I really am stumped.

You are right there Saucy but there are 2 that stand out from others Simon Crean and Mark Dreyfus

Watch out for those hormones Abby.

Simon has the brain and Mark has the looks

What else can a girl ask for :)



Aaah Abby you might need Brawn and Stamina too!

Wat??? Viv Are you saying that these Labor MPs are unable to use a pick and shovel in the garden ???

Yep Abby ALL MPs  except when they shovel verbal cr**p on their opposite number and the only pick they would use is a tooth pick after they have had their snouts in the trough. Can't see any of them who really think of Australia first before themselves.

abby is a real cutie 

A match made in heaven??????

How sweet of you to say :)

There is something wrong with you Abby.  Neither of them turns me on.  The last one that impressed me was the spoiler & I never listened to her.

O.K. Innes who was the spoiler?


Cannot understand why

But as Viv says

Who is the spoiler??? 

She was the end of the Australian Democrats,  BUT,   BUT,  God I would love to have got my hands on Natasha Stott Despoja,  "the spoiler".   I am afraid that Mark Dreyfus just hasn't got it.  The trouble with you shielas is that you don't really know what sex appeal is.  If only she hadn't opened her big mouth !!!!! (Politically, that is)


Innes are you suffering from unrequited passion?

I was relieved to read that innes has a passion for Natasha and not Mark.

is how women should be ??? :)

Do you expect an honest anawer vivity?   Y E S!!!

Getting back to the thread, this really brings to mind the age old saying that a week is a long time in Politics.  I feel that this will be delayed until well after the election, but David Ettridge's action could have the potential to be a game changer.  Malcolm & Joe must be rubbing their hands in glee.

Blooming hope not - Turnbull is a leftie millionaire and maybe his wife like Rudd's did the business, and Hockey well he couldnt even put his hand up for leadership but opens his mouth and does Abbott down again and again.

Politics is pragmatic and they sometimes have to 'lie' because the party dictates differently but they all agree on one thing - their own pay and comforts before ours.

And most people do to avoid trouble etc as Seth said. Those are usually white lies or forgiveable but the lie we dont forgive is one like  "There will be no carbon tax in a government I lead"

As for David Etteridge too well timed for my liking and Tony Abbott was only the "go for" in that enterprise and dont think for one tiny minute that it was the one party who was worried about One Nation and  losing votes. To my mind the lot of em were in it together same way they are into agreement on taking any and every payrise they can get. Never argue re that either.

And didnt they get compensation anyway?

And likely will be not heard until after Sept as Innes said and who cares today anyway the whole One Nation was half inched by one of the Davids imo. Which one is a mystery but she was okay, naive and led astray imo as ON lost direction on a lot of things.

Shame as had huge potential and could have been a major if only it had not been for the leadership somehow not able to follow through.

Val Abbott was the organiser and operator of the slush fund to sink Hanson and Etterifge not the go for as you put it . What is this compensation you mention ? The funds were not returned to the party and I,ve never heard of Hanson being compensated for time in jail .

 Like great minds think alike there is something left out in your carbon tax comment . The PM also said I am determined to put a price on carbon but you don,t mention that . Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ . Having the full saying or the full message makes a difference Val . We have a price on carbon .

Yes, we have a price on carbon,  $24+/ton rising to $ 27 in a couple of years.  The European Union has a floating price that dropped below $3 a few nights back.  It makes international business impossible for Australian manufacturers.


I see your point. Those that pollute this wonderful country and make profits out of coal in the ground, for example (you know....the minerals that belong to Australians), shouldn't have to actually pay for their polluting.  That should always be left soley and completely to us taxpayers to clean up after them and not out of the oodles of profits they make.

The con about making international business impossible is just that... a con.  Anyway, it is not in the worlds interest that this industry continue unfettered when it is pouring pollutants in to our environment.  

It is well and truly time for such industries to innovate and cut down their pollution - it's a terrible thing but that is what the Carbon Tax actually encourages them to do!!!

Oh! Another thing....the Carbon Tax has been in for awhile now and the sky hasn't fallen in?  I was led to believe from our Corporate (Foreign) Owned media that it would bring Australia and all Australians down.

Slightly off topic, sorry... I just remembered a particularly rancid episode related to the whole One Nation fiasco and felt like posting :)

Does anyone remember the 'nude' photos of Pauline Hanson in the Murdoch papers in 2009 just before the Qld State election?  At the time Pauline was running as an independent. The fake nude photos were timed to appear at the height of her election campaign, effectively quashing her attempt to re-enter politics. Is there nothing that woman did not endure at the hands of the opposition and the media?

Murdoch will do anything to get the outcome he and his cronies want, including misleading and outright lying to the public. He is pro-actively playing down the sins of the opposition - there isn't much in the papers about Ettridge vs Abbott. For just about every sin of the government there has been 'analysis. But for Ettridge vs Abbot there has been no analysis, no timelines, no bleating, no headlines suggesting guilt...


Had forgotten that shameful episode AmandaR, she was treated shamefully and they achieved their intent to destroy her reputation.


Brilliant example of the standards of our Corporate (Foreign) Owned media and the fact that they can get away with it, due to their self regulation (sit on their own Disciplinary Boards).


Yes, she was treated shamefully vivity.

Yes Mussitate, it is far too easy to defame someone in Australian media when there is no real authority to stop you. It is alarming when you realise the decision to go to print must have been based a risk management strategy to print it as fact. If the story proves to be incorrect, deny, at least for a couple of days (keeps the story running and sells papers), and take it to court when indisputable evidence proves the story to be false. Hanson settled out of court for an undisclosed sum and the promise of a printed apology. The apology appeared on page 2, unlike the front-page 'nude' pics and accusations. Of course, no support was offered by Murdoch to help her undo the damage and resurrect her career.

An obscure apology isn't worth much AmandR is it when mud sticks in peoples minds.

True vivity. The 'kangaroo court' mentality doesn't help either. People lap up that stuff.

The Government has been spending the taxpayer's money like a drunken sailor and there's no tomorrow . "The Grattan Institute's assessment comes as Treasurer Wayne Swan confirms the budget has taken a $7.5 billion hit since the midyear update in October. Australia faces a decade of budget deficits with the annual total set to pass $60 billion in 2023 unless governments take tough action to "share the pain", an expert panel has warned."
Read more:

i must admit that i voted for one nation as i thought we needed a breath of fresh air as i  recolect being a queenslander that they did not have 500 paid up members and whilst tony abbott might have contributed to their downfll a lot of blame can be put on the state labor party who pushed the button, they could have let it ride but did not and i believe the founders etheridge and the person that pauline was involved with had a lot to be desired. it makes me wonder who is paying the lawyers etc for etheridge  maybe its the labor party or the unions as it seems strange that this affairf has come up at this point of time.  my views only

I see your point SS but I think it might be Joe Hockey (paying the lawyers)

I like your thinking fwed

If only we could get rid of HER and get Simon Crean up - it would be a different game then.

Wonder how many seats Katters party are going to get and if there will be any mud-slinging aimed at him or is he in bed with the Liberals?

Hi vivity  I live in Mad Bob Katters party and i for one wont be voting  for him i have seen him in action during the floods not a nice person as far as i am concerned he is an idiot my views only he has done good for the banana growers etc but all else forget it .  i know that the only  reason he voted with the liberals is because of the flack he was  getting from the people. i have lots of relatives in charters towers where he has a cattle stattion and i will saay no more.  fwed why on earth would Joe Hockey pay for etheridge lawyers unless you are  suggesting tht he wants the leadership (god forbid)

Yes IMO Katter is a loose canon

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