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One-third of NBN users would change back

A new report "reveals widely varying user experiences for Australia’s NBN customers, with a third of NBN users wishing they could return to their non-NBN service."

The news comes from Australian phone and Internet comparison site, WhistleOut and its new report dubbed ‘NBN 2017: The Customer View’, which "aims to discover what it’s actually like to use NBN services, and the results paint an inconsistent picture for Australia."

The findings "show only two-thirds (68 per cent) of NBN users are satisfied with their NBN service, and 32 per cent of NBN users would change back to their non-NBN service if they were able to.

"When asked about their current NBN service, 86 per cent of dissatisfied NBN users said their NBN service did not meet their speed expectations. Furthermore, 75 per cent said their NBN service was not reliable, and only 18 per cent said their NBN service is something they would recommend."

Do you have the NBN connected at your house yet? Are you satisfied with the service?


I have it and after a very firm complaint demanding my money back and threatening to remove my account from telstra completely a new modem turned up they waved their magic want and I’m getting speeds I never imagined possible

ivd still demanded a  full refund and am waiting on the outcome - but I now have unlimited downloads and a ffree upgrade to highest speed  available for life.

But they can’t guarantee I’ll maintain these speeds for the next 18 months due to the decision by that idiot someone elected to be in charge of our country allowing fiber to the node not fiber to the house 


lets see 

There's over 2 million premises with the NBN and they don't all have issues - obviously you hear mostly from the people with problems but the vast majority are happy.

Connected for 6 months now - has been great, always 22/23 mbps on a 25 plan. This is ample for the two of us including steaming 4k video.


Sick of the drop-outs, slower than adsl speeds (great at the start of contract, gotten worse over time as more people signed up). Started at 63/40mbps now lucky to get 30/11

Wished I was still on ADSL. 

Definitely the ones that are connected FTTN NBN would like to switch back to the ADSL

FTTN is like going back to the days of DIAL UP except it is less reliable because it drops out.

The phone has the same pattern .. if no electricity you have NO phone and NO internet.

I am very disappointed with NBN and find the speed slower than Broadband and the drops are terrible, there are times when it works ok, but most of the time its below acceptable and Broadband was much better, faster and a lot less drop outs and no phone in a blackout and can't even plug the old phone in to the telephone point like we used to be able to far as being practical for elderly people who rely on their landline, its certainly not acceptable, I don't think enough thought was given to the problems of the home phone in a blackout and I'm sure there are many people who still have phone points around their house where they used to be able to plug in their own phone and use it at any time.  I can accept no internet during a blackout, but not having no home phone as not everyone has a mobile phone.

I have a phone with my NBN, in fact it's mandatory if you use my provider (TPG), there's a back-up battery which lasts around 6 hours in a blockout.

Yes, I am worried about my mum not having access to her landline in a black out, she does not want a mobile phone at 81 years old, what can you do.

It is a disgrace re the no phone in a power out -- they have taken us back 100 years -- at  least the old Telstra phone still worked in a blackout -- re the batteries -- no dar good if you have a 10 outage like we had last year -- they are treating the old folk like they mean nothing -- as how the hell do they expect a person that has never used a computer or a mobile too just buy one and have a clue!

I'm very satisfied with Telstra's NBN to our home. My ADSL2 speed hovered around 8mbps and the current speed with NBN is around 24mbps. With this new speed we can catch up with TV programs that we missed and can see them without any buffering. We are not gamers so we only require the speed we have. We don't have drop-outs.

When telling us that there is a percentage which is dissatisfied, we are not told the extent of the survey. I could walk up and down our street and ask those connected to the NBN to tell me what they think of it and publish the results as "a recent survey" but it would be meaningless. Can we have more detail about surveys, opinions or other comments such as how many were surveyed and the questions asked to enable a full picture to emerge.

Tried to find the original survey to learn more, couldn’t find it.

Here’s why:

At time of publication, the full report "NBN 2017: A Customer View" isn't yet publicly available beyond the stats shared above. If it goes live, we'll have a link here, and you can always check at the WhistleOut website during the week.

The link below has some further information about it.,-calls-to-scrap-nbn12-speed-tier.html

Thanks RnR, if there are no figures to make a comparison, why post this meaningless stuff in the first place. It would have been better to copy and paste the article when the full report is publicly available.

I agree with the majority, the Telstra NBN service is brilliant. I'm on the 25 plan and my expectations have been met. I told Telstra that I'm very pleased with their service and they gave me unlimited downloads for free. 

It was well known by all who had any idea that this situation would occur as soon as it was mooted. The only ones who disagreed were Toxic Tony and his partner in NBN crime, Malcolm. 

Never mind the quality, feel the.width.

When facts are not available to refute the argument, resort to name-calling. It could be said that you don't have to have a long neck to be a goose BundyGil but I am above resorting to cheap shots like that. 

So far I have been reasonably happy the computer downloading things a lot qicker -- and I do not have to be plugged into the modem -- and so can use the computer in any room,  the phone line is not working if we have a blackout though -- and I had to buy new phone and also a Modem as I am not on a plan at a cost of $250 all up 

I would suggest a survey with the 32% and add the question.."Who did you vote for at the last federal election."