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OOOPs! when things do not go to plan.

Light hearted virus news please. 


Share your stories and photos of things that have not gone to plan!

No shortcuts on the road to success; but watch out for low bridges ...

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MOL Comfort sister ships had 'deformed' hulls, reveals probe into ...

Hull work done on 3 of 6 sister ships of MOL Comfort that split in ...

bad-parking-job-lot-accident-car-crash | Tyanna De Assis ...

parking | Inhouse Corporation Insights

Collapsed bridge Overloaded truck driver released | Phnom Penh Post

I wonder who paid for the damaged bridge?


All About Beautiful Bali: Overloaded trucks

Not their brightest idea! Social media users share snaps of hilarious design fails - from a see-through toilet cubicle to a cycle lane leading into a barrier


Not their brightest idea! Social media users share snaps of hilarious design fails

Any big design project takes planning, but these hilarious fails are perfect examples of when more care was needed. Collated by Shareably, baffled social media users from around the globe have posted a series of funny examples of spectacular flaws they came across in every day life. Pictured, top left to right: a badly-designed fire safety poster, a transparent toilet door and a bike path that merges into a concrete barrier. Pictured bottom left to right: a bizarre toy, a T-shirt with an inappropriate slogan and a very elevated cash machine.


LOL Celia.

Laughing Emoji GIFs | Tenor  Guess they didn't proof read it first before printing!!!

That's going to cost them! Hilarious social media photos capture VERY expensive accidents - including a wine cellar collapsing and a school bus reversing over a sports car That's going to cost you! People reveal the VERY expensive accidents that have happened to

Social media users have shared examples of some very expensive accidents, which are guaranteed to make you feel better about your own mishaps. The photos, which were shared online and collated by Bored Panda , include one of a school bus reversing over an expensive sports car (top centre). Also pictured: a home torn in two (top left); a garage crush (top right); a wine cellar collapses (bottom right); a car caught in the sand (bottom centre); a construction vehicle topples (bottom left).

:) Whoops!!

The vehicle bogged at the beach is quite a common occurence in Queensland.

I stayed in a holiday apartment once that had the dryer above the washing machine.  Shouldn't be a problem, right?  But the washer was a top loader and there wasn't enough room between them to open the lid more than a few inches. 

Putting the clothes in the washer wasn't difficult, but getting them out again was a whole other ball game.

Design fail!!!

LOL ... design fails are a definite whoops.

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