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Optus offers super-fast internet speeds to five suburbs

Optus will give select customers in five suburbs the opportunity to sample its 5G Home Broadband product by the end of the month.

In a statement, Optus announced that customers in Bonnyrigg and Minchinbury in Sydney’s west, Niagara Park on the NSW Central Coast, Cook in the ACT and Kenmore outside of Brisbane would be among the first to experience the company’s 5G network.

Optus’s Dennis Wong said the first commercial 5G home broadband service in Glendenning in Sydney’s west had already achieved peak download speeds of 295Mbps and an average download speed of 100Mbps.

“Our peak download speed achieved at our launch in the ACT in January demonstrated download speeds of 170Mbps, so a 50% increase in peak speeds in just a few months shows the rapid evolution and advancement of the 5G ecosystem,” Mr Wong said.

“Our first customers are currently using 5G for video downloads, internet connectivity and browsing but we see exciting 5G consumer applications in the future.

“Despite being in its infancy, we are already gaining valuable insights into the new 5G technology. The technology has matured rapidly over the last few months with more devices being 5G enabled and we are getting a better understanding of how to best tune the technology to improve performance.”

Do you live in one of the five areas earmarked for Optus 5G coverage? Will you take up this offer? Are you excited by the prospect of faster internet speeds on the horizon?


The whole telco sector is a disaster. None of telco companies are trustworthy. Bring on a Royal Commission!

Having worked in telco for almost 50 years and done  the 1G thru 4G this is more marketing hype! Yes 5G has the potential to unravel the nbn debarcle but none will allow that. So sad. cheers

Why does it take a foreign owned corporation to do this? Consecutive Governments have supplied us with the inferior NBN yet a foreign national can do it properley!

Who said they'll do it properly?  Also it was the conseravtive governments that hobbled the potential that had once existed in this country. For the past 25 years I worked abroad where I was paid big money after being retrenched in this country!  Go figure.

Suburbs where the trial will be available





daleys point





lethbridge park


niagara park

phegans bay

richmond lowlands



st huberts island

st johns park




warwick farm

woy woy bay



It is too bad it is not being trialed in places where they have fibre to the node

I for one do not need this super fast internet, my current non-NBN internet using my Foxtel cable goes faster than I can think so why do I need a service thats faster. I can understand that many sectors need fast internet, like health facilities for downloading complex imaging, but for domestic purposes  it is only bragging rights. I 'stream' movies without buffering with my Foxtel. What more do I want.

Lucky you Eddy.

My NBN fibre to the node ... is woeful.

You're correct - faster internet up to a point is good but I can't see the need for 200, 300,1000 mbps. Doesn't matter how fast the service is you are still retrieveing the information from servers somewhere and they have to be able to upload the information fast enough to enable you to use the 200,300,1000.

with 50 download I click on something and wait for 5 mins then realise its been there all the time ,give me back my telegraph !!!!!

with 50 download I click on something and wait for 5 mins then realise its been there all the time ,give me back my telegraph !!!!!