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Our Feet and keeping them healthy

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How the secret to a longer life is at your feet (because exercising them properly might prevent fractures, knee pain and deadly falls) We worry about our waistlines, get our eyes tested and make dreaded dentist appointments. But what about your feet? Chances are you donâ??t spare them much thought. Here's why you should... 

Sole purpose: Experts believe that  our feet  are literally the foundation of our healthImage result for feet cartoon


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50 Secret Messages Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

That info about feet is so darn right Celia,  I am very lucky as my feet are very good and I have no problem with them at all,  I have always done exercises with my feet as well as picking up things with my toes -- 

I must have a go at picking up things with my toes!  Never tried that.

Celia my Mother used to get me to do this as a child it does keep your feet very supple and is good exercise --try it with all things -- marbles/a kleenex/anything really

I do my toe exercises with a towel

... sometimes I pick up things if I am too lazy to bend over.