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Australia's first human trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine have begun in Melbourne, with about 130 people involved in the program.

Key points:The potential vaccine, NVX-CoV2373, is being developed by US biotech company NovavaxIf it is successful, researchers hope 100 million doses of the vaccine can be made by the end of the year and 1.5 billion next yearPreliminary results for phase one are expected in July, and phase two results by the end of the year

Clinical research organisation Nucleus Network will be in charge of the early stages of testing the vaccine NVX-CoV2373, before the trial expands to Brisbane within a week.

The participants are healthy people between 18 and 59 years old.

Infectious diseases physician and microbiologist Paul Griffin said the trial was "the first critical step" to creating a potential safe vaccine against COVID-19.

Victoria's Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research, Frank McGuire, said the trial was a significant step forward in the race for a coronavirus vaccine.

It is still out there!

A passenger of the Ruby Princess who tested positive to coronavirus is suspected to have carried the "dormant" virus for almost 10 weeks before falling ill.

The woman was diagnosed in Cairns on Monday, taking the total number of Queensland cases to 1057, with just 12 remaining active.

Authorities suspect she is the latest coronavirus case to have carried the inactive virus and become sick weeks after exposure.

Last week another woman in Queensland was diagnosed two months after returning from India.

"We are monitoring that very closely to work out if it's directly related to the Ruby Princess or if it was acquired in some other way,"

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

A spokesperson for the health minister said the woman had returned a negative result after a recent test and it was not possible she

Was contagious since she left the ship on March 19.


Coronavirus crisis:

Al Kuwait crew stopped from disembarking in Fremantle Port as six crew aboard livestock ship ‘test positive for coronavirus

Peter Law, Josh Zimmerman & Peter De Kruijff

PerthNow May 26, 2020 1:04PM  

At least six crew aboard a livestock ship docked at Fremantle Port have tested positive to COVID-19.

Six crew on the Al Kuwait had returned positive tests with fears more are ill with the virus.

The West Australian spotted one ambulance and a Transperth bus parked near the ship, which is docked near the passenger terminal.


It’s understood none of the crew have been permitted to disembark the ship since it sailed into Fremantle.

Premier Mark McGowan was expected to provide an update on the situation at 1pm.

The Al Kuwait is berthed at Fremantle Port after a 16-day voyage from Hamad, Qatar’s main seaport south of Doha.



This week's storm pounded one Perth beach to the point it is no longer worth repairing.

The City of Fremantle is moving to permanently "retreat" buildings from Port Beach after the stretch of coastline was devastated by yesterday's intense storm in WA.

Incredible images showed several containers hanging precariously over the edge of the ship

 Incredible images showed several containers hanging precariously over the edge of the ship 

Cargo has washed up on beaches after a Singapore-flagged ship lost 40 shipping containers in rough seas off the coast of New South Wales.

The APL England was en route from China to Melbourne on Sunday when it hit wild weather about 73km south-east of Sydney.

Large swell caused the ship to roll and stacks of containers destabilised and fell into 2km-deep water, forcing the vessel to turn around and head towards Brisbane.

Incredible images show several containers hanging precariously over the edge of the vessel. 


Saw that on the news, they are currently trying to track what the cargo is they lost, believed to be furniture, car parts and masks, masks have washed up on the shore already.

Egg alert: Salmonella explosion as 12 farms that sell produce to supermarkets are found to be infected 

The NSW Department of Primary Industries identified 12 farms with Salmonella Enteritidis bacteria and has been working to eliminate the infection.

Glad I don't eat eggs, full of disease and they feed pathegons. It is also a very cruel industry.

We eat a lot of eggs but Free Range either from Margaret River or Kalbarri.

How dreadful -- I will never buy eggs from the supermarket -- always from a friend that I know has good eggs and looks after their chooks


Like you said this poultry thing is so darn cruel -- and so-called RSPCA need to be shot

David Jones is set to close stores as it drowns in $500m debt amid a 35 per cent sales slump after coronavirus shopping shutdown 

Sales at the Australian department store dropped by 35 per cent over March and April, Woolworths Holdings announced on Wednesday.


If shops keep closing you wonder what will happen to all these empty buildings.

The same think happened to Fremantle, they turn them into apartments.

Sad ...

1838 – The first in what was to become a chain of David Jones Department stores opens in Sydney.

David Jones, colloquially known as DJs, is the oldest continuously-operating department store in the world still trading under its original name.

David Jones, 1793–1873, was a Welsh-Australian merchant, and the retailer founder of David Jones Limited. Jones was born in 1793, the son of Thomas Jones, a farmer near Llandeilo, Wales, and his wife Nancy. He became an apprenticed to a grocer in Carmarthen at a young age and his business talent lead to him being offered, at the age of 18, the management of a general store in Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire. Jones migrated with his family to Hobart in Tasmania in October 1834 and subsequently went into partnership with Charles Appleton 1835, a merchant who had opened a store in Sydney in 1825, forming the firm 'Appleton & Jones'.

The partnership was dissolved in 1838 when Jones established "David Jones & Co", opening “large and commodious premises” on the corner of George and Barrack Streets on 24 May 1838.

The original David Jones building, established in 1838, on the corner of George and Barrack streets, where the present George street store now stands.

Mr Jones’ mission was to sell “the best and most exclusive goods” and to carry “stock that embraces the everyday wants of mankind at large.”

The founding store’s location on the main artery of the new town, opposite the General Post Office, was a brilliant choice and the small store prospered. David Jones and Co. received patronage from not only the Sydney gentry, but also the country settlers. Everyone flocked to the store to buy buckskins, ginghams, waistcoat fabrics, silks and cotton tick.

David Jones went on to rebuild the George Street store in 1887. The building boasted the city’s first hydraulic lift, transporting astonished customers almost magically through the store.

Exterior of David Jones and Company store on George Street, Sydney, circa 1900.

In 1890, David Jones released its first catalogue and the mail order department sent parcels to all corners of Australia.

David Jones eventually retired and left the management of the store to his business partners. Unfortunately, the store faced difficulties and the assets of David Jones were assigned to Trustees. He came back out of retirement, borrowed heavily, and with the help of new partners and his son Edward Lloyd Jones, managed to recreate the store’s success.

Edward Lloyd Jones had travelled widely overseas, and brought back to Sydney new ideas in retailing, including the European concept of a “department” store.

Today, David Jones has 45 stores as well as an online store, including its first international store in Wellington New Zealand, and two boutique format stores at Barangaroo Sydney, and James Street Brisbane. Since 2014, David Jones has been owned by South African retail group Woolworths Holdings Limited.

I remember when David Jones uses to have doormen to open the car door for you and the store door and floorwalkers and very comfortable chairs for customers to sit on and we were treated like royalty --


I did work for then in my early days and they were total bastards to work for -- I was in the staff manager's office,  they put on the show for customers and it was a great place to shop -- not to work.



This reminds me of 'ARE YOU Being Served' !

Best Are You Being Served GIFs | Gfycat

Thank you RnR & Plan B for the information.  Interesting!



Happy Wednesday the note reads.

Sweet story of kindness.


Brisbane woman Tillz Siofele had her husband buy her a tin of baby formula last week and opened it days later to find the money and hand-written note inside 


Brisbane woman Tillz Siofele had her husband buy her a tin of baby formula last week and opened it days later to find the money and hand-written note inside


Nice gesture but $5 doesn't go far these days.

Surely you would not use the formula if it had been opened ???

That was my thought when I first read it.  But there seems to be a person that is doing this around the traps;   happy story but weird.

People overseas do not associate Australia with snow!


Top 10 reasons to ski in Australia


Should be a bumper snow season this year, will be less crowded without all the overseas visitors, ski instructors and backpackers who normally work there.


News Corp is on the verge of announcing large-scale job cuts as it restructures across its Australian publishing business, as well as moving many of its regional and community newspapers into a digital-only model. News Corp has announced a massive shakeup of its publishing businesses, moving almost all of its community and regional newspaper titles to a digital-only format.

The media giant said there would "regretfully" be job losses associated with the announcement, but the exact number remains unclear.

News Corp said more than 375 journalists would continue to work solely for the titles.

"These announcements are significant," News Corp Australia's executive chairman Michael Miller said in a statement.

"They will involve fundamental changes to how we operate our business, but they are necessary."

The COVID-19 pandemic had already forced News Corp to suspend physical printing of some of its newspapers, with the crisis taking a sledgehammer to advertising revenue.

Some 16 community and regional papers are already online, with News Corp now planning to publish a total of 90 papers in the same way.

The Mackay Daily Mercury, the company's Messenger newspapers in Adelaide, and Melbourne leader titles are among those to move to digital-only services.

The Hobart Mercury and NT News are among the regional papers that will still be printed.

A small number of regional titles will cease publication both in print and online, with coverage of these areas feeding into the digital masthead covering the wider area.

Yes, lots of local papers to go.

Imagine many communities will miss them. Job losses won't be welcomed either.

Seems like they are using the pandemic as an excuse to go all out digital, we are seeing too many changes happening too fast.

It must be very hard for the people that don't use a computer,  in so many ways

I hope our local paper comes back  ...nothing like sitting on th porch reading the local news

Update more fall ill.  


Coronavirus outbreak on live export ship in Fremantle doubles in size as more crew test positive

By James Carmody

Posted 1hhour ago, updated 12 minutes agoA live export ship in dock at Fremantle.A coronavirus outbreak has infected crew of the Al Kuwait live export ship.(ABC News)


Lets hope this stops the cruel live export industry, at least during the northern summer.


Think I will go to bed and pull the covers over me!!

People in Perth and the South West are being told to brace for wild weather tomorrow as the second major storm strikes WA in less than a week.

The Bureau of Meteorology has sent out a severe weather warning ahead of a cold front which is forecast to batter the South West from tomorrow morning.

The Bureau warns wind gusts of up to 100km/h are possible and thunderstorms which could even bring hail to some areas.


The strong winds are forecast to hit people south of Mandurah, as far south as Albany and those living in coastal areas are being told to brace for the worst of the weather.

The first of the wild weather is expected in a line from Busselton to Walpole from 5am and is forecast to extend from Mandurah to Albany by about 8am. By noon, the weather front is forecast to move from to Perth and Bremer Bay.

It comes ahead of the first long weekend since the regional travel ban was eased and as Perth tourists prepare to head out of isolation and down south en masse.

The holiday towns of Busselton, Margaret River and Albany are among a list of towns being told to brace, while those in Perth, Bunbury, Katanning, Mandurah, Manjimup, Mount Barker, Narrogin are also being told to prepare.

The Bureau’s severe weather warning area.

The Bureau’s severe weather warning area. Credit: BoM/Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau says the storm could bring rainfalls of up to 50mm to Perth and South West as the front passes across the State and warns homes could be damaged by the strong winds.

The front will also bring damaging surf conditions, high tides and potential flooding and ocean users are being told to stay out of the water.

Despite the warning, the Bureau says the front is not expected to be as strong as the front which hit on Sunday and Monday, felling trees and fences, tearing apart roofs and toppling powerlines.

At its peak, more than 60,000 properties experienced power outages, thousands of which remained on Tuesday.

“This is typical weather for this time of the year this front is not as strong as the weather system which moved through Perth and western parts of WA last Sunday and Monday, but winds may cause damage to property and make road conditions hazardous,” the Bureau said.

People are being urged to stay inside, unplug electrical appliances and take extra care of the roads.

Yesterday, a freak wind gust which hit the northern suburb of Butler toppled fences and flung a trampoline over a house roof.

The damage was limited to just a handful of houses but residents say it was like being in the middle of a “mini tornado”.

Butler resident Ben Boschman said he was sitting at his kitchen table when he heard the wind suddenly crank up like a jet engine.

“We have had a few storms come through and you kind of know they are coming but this was like nothing I have seen before,” he said.

Anyone whose home is damaged should contact the SES on 132 500.


Again! Take care Celia.

Thank you Incognito the wind has already got up.  I better go and cook dinner just incase the power goes!

In the expansion of its iron ore mine in Western Pilbara, Rio Tinto blasted the Juukan Gorge 1 and 2 – Aboriginal rock shelters dating back 46,000 years. These sites had deep historical and cultural significance.

The shelters are the only inland site in Australia showing human occupation continuing through the last Ice Age.

The mining blast caused significant distress to the Puutu Kunti Kurrama traditional land owners. It’s an irretrievable loss for future generations.

Ancient rock shelters destroyed in Pilbara mining blast on Sunday. PKKP Aboriginal Corporation devastated at loss of Juukan Gorge sites. Terrible irony that awareness of blasting came when PKKP contacted Rio for site access for NAIDOC View image on Twitter 
 Aboriginal cultural heritage is a fundamental part of Aboriginal community life and cultural identity. It has global significance, and forms an important component of the heritage of all Australians.

But the destruction of a culturally significant Aboriginal site is not an isolated incident. Rio Tinto was acting within the law.

In 2013, Rio Tinto was given ministerial consent to damage the Juukan Gorge caves. One year later, an archaeological dig unearthed incredible artefacts, such as a 4,000-year-old plait of human hair, and evidence that the site was much older than originally thought.

But state laws let Rio Tinto charge ahead nevertheless. This failure to put timely and adequate regulatory safeguards in place reveals a disregard and a disrespect for sacred Aboriginal sites.


The destruction of a significant Aboriginal site is not an isolated incident.

I smell a rat, hubby had to fly in a chopper and run the whole length of a planned new rail to the new mining sites;  then professionals in the field of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage would liaise with the traditional owners of the area, the Elders would then survey the designated areas and report back on sites to the Mining Company that needed to be protected before the engineering design phase could even start never mind go ahead!

It was all done in fine detail and took many month or sometimes years for the go ahead!

Reserve Bank of Australia boss says JobKeeper should be extended to avoid a crippling recession

Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe has suggested extending JobKeeper $1,500 fortnightly wage subsidies beyond September 27 end if the economy doesn't recover.

They also need to extend bonus payments to Jobseeker and students because they will not be able to find work for a long time and students cannot work part time, also they need to use the money that was allocated to pay for temporary visa holders and others who missed out on help. If these people have money they will spend.

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