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Inside the Westfield where crime's so bad cops had to start patrolling on horseback - as offences at shopping centres skyrocket by 90 per cent


Westfield Fountain Gate in Narre Warren, Melbourne's southeast have seen offences increase by 104 per cent from 2014 to the end of 2019 - from 448 criminal incidents to 914


The shocking figures come after Solomone Taufeulungaki, 15, died after he was allegedly attacked by a group of youths outside the Brimbank Shopping Centre in Melbourne's west at about 4pm on June 16.

He and his cousin were allegedly approached by a group of about 10 youths armed with knives. 

'Detectives believe the fatal affray was as a result of tensions between two youth gangs in the western suburbs and have identified the gangs involved,' Victoria Police said in a statement calling for public help.

Investigators are also looking at an assault that occurred at the Brimbank Shopping Centre the day before Solomone was killed. 


Terrible it is not safe to go shopping anymore in some places, bored teenagers are dangerous in packs, and you wonder why online shopping is becoming increasingly popular.

Australia goes bush: Why young people are ditching big city life for a new beginning in the country - and it's not because of COVID-19


Australians are moving from big cities to live a more comfortable life in Newcastle, the Sunshine Coast, Greater Geelong, Cairns, Toowoomba and Lake Macquarie.


Working from home makes it easier, cheaper housing, cleaner air, great for kids. But will we end up with bigger cities in rural areas because of it, more land clearing, trees cut down, habitat destroyed. I have see a few new estates in my area, kangaroos and wildlife have been pushed out, and what also worries me is the run off from houses going straight into the ocean.

Revealed: The Aussie jobs paying six-figure salaries despite the coronavirus economic crisis - but you'll need to give up city life if you want to snap one up

The new owners of Buck Reef West gold mine, at Ravenswood in North Queensland, plan to go ahead with a major expansion that will create at least 150 jobs.


Mining has always paid well because it means being away from home, living in camps, working in hot dusty climates, etc.

Woolworths admits it has underpaid workers by a staggering $390MILLION - as supermarket giant announces it will slash 1,350 jobs 


The supermarket giant's staff underpayment scandal has continued with the company revealing more workers have been underpaid in their hotels division at ALH Hotels.


I much prefer to shop at IGA these last few months.


IGA varies from each one depending on managment, but ours is getting better though still prices are more expensive, I use it for top ups but not my main shopping.

Oh very much so Incognito;  we used to live near another IGA and the meat was fantastic, then their butcher left and you could see the whole shop go downhill;  it changed hands and it still is not as good as it was in 2012.  Shame really I used to really like going there, but don't live in the area now and go to another IGA.

The fruit and vegs are very good in this other shop, has a big range of nearly everything we have except Leggo products, so I have to go to Woolies or Coles for that.

They are all individually franchised Incognito so it depends on the owner how good he is I guess, but our little shopping centre is excellent.  I love the parking too! Not so crowded as the big shopping centres.

My local IGA manager explained to me that they cannot compete with Woolies and Coles because they buy the fields of fruit and veggies before they are even grown, and also they buy larger amounts, they really make it hard for smaller supermarkets, but he also said they try to buy local as much as possible. We used to have hydroponic salads and herbs that were really fresh, they had the system set up in the shop but someone poisoned the farmers hydro farm and went out of business.


Incognito they buy as a co-operative so they can stock up in bulk as a national company!

I would prefer to get what I need fresh, I am fed up with Woolies and their dried up greens!

The customer [if we are to believe their ad] can request a product that they have not got in stock;  when I asked a young guy he said go to Big W or the Newsagent when I asked for Leggo!

He was confused with Lego!

I was in a hurry so I didn't press the point.  LOL


I am lucky I get all my fresh fruit and veg from a someone who organizes organic produce to come straight from the markets,so it is always fresh.

So funny about the Leggo Lego thing.

nothing like the market for fresh food,   i am very lucky to have the south melb, market about an 8 minuet walk from me,   it is great in the summer when the good fruits are about,    peaches,  nectarins,   lovely,   the ones in the supermarket are inedible,     great fresh fish also,       wonder how the QUEEN VIC market will fare if/when the injecting room is opened there,  ?     whoever thought that one up needs their head examined,  

Strange place for an injecting room but better than next to a school or residental area.

Hi Cats.   We used to drive to South Melbourne markets quite often to shop around when we lived over there.  Nice place to find all sorts of odd items!

Thought Queen vic market was too big, plus the parking was hard to find.

I wish we had markets here -- but I bet Coles and woolies have seen to that --- as there was talk of a market coming here every 2 weeks but it never happened --we no longer have a Deli or a fruit shop either -- we have a couple of butchers but they will see to that if people don't support them,  they can't rely on me to buy meat -- I only buy it if I have someone coming that eats it

Hi Plan B.

Have you spoken to your Council about these promises?  Or better still snail mail them!

Yes, Celia, I did quite some time ago -- I might give it another go --

Just chatting to friends today about the Pension or Part Pension;  there appears to be a few couples that do not know that the benefits have changed recently in our area.  

I think the cut off point was having $850,000 in the bank for a couple!    The value of the family home is not included in this, but of course investments do.

This affects the people that are self funded too.   Some of our friends have been able to get the part pension with a healthy bank account if it is below a certain number now and with a part pension they can obtain all the reductions.  Its well worth going into the bank and asking for the financial planners in there for help by all accounts.   One never knows I guess till one asks.  

Neigbours said they received $350 towards their electricity some weeks ago that they were not expecting. 

Then there is the costing of going into a nursing home, I know I went through all this with my late mother and mother in law, also my girlfriend has just gone through it with her father who was widowed.

Certainly if anyone is on that borderline it is worth speaking to an adviser.

More than 800 overseas arrivals from coronavirus-ridden hotspots India, Indonesia and South America to land in Adelaide this weekend 


The flights will arrive in Adelaide by June 28 with one coming from South America, potentially two from India, and a defence force contingent flying in from Indonesia.


This is what I don't understand, I thought the borders were closed, well obviously not, how are they quarantining these people?

This is a bloody disgrace and should never have been allowed -- those places they are coming from are full of this virus --

Also, there are many that have flown up from Victoria to I think Qld -- it makes NO sense at all -- I thought the Qld borders were closed


Everything should be locked down and people to have special needs and allowances ii-- till this virus is beat

What is it with people that they can't stand their own company for very long at all!


Families have been blamed for spreading the coronavirus in hot spots such as Hume, where shoppers gathered to get supplies 

A company hired by the Victorian government to speak to families about the dangers of the coronavirus only spoke English, despite outbreaks in Melbourne's migrant communities. 

Insiders said a failure to tell households about social distancing and quarantine rules in any language other than English had been a 'blind spot'.

Melbourne has been plunged into crisis as residents began stockpiling toilet roll and queuing for hours to get COVID-19 tests in fear of a second wave of the virus.

Tuesday marked Victoria's 17th consecutive day of double-digit infections, after the rest of Australia brought the virus under control. 

Another 17 cases were confirmed, prompting premier Daniel Andrews to tell people to stay home, blaming large families for the outbreak.

But officials in charge of managing the crisis may have been unable to communicate with some families, particularly those in six coronavirus hot spots - which could now be forced into mandatory lockdown.

Part of health minister Jenny Mikakos' $37 million contact tracing programme, announced on April 4, was paying company Whispir to communicate with confirmed cases.

But sources have confirmed that Whispir only spoke to people in English before Monday.  

Critics told the Financial Review the government has failed to communicate with multicultural communities, and were unable to engage with non-English speaking households.   



A company hired by the Victorian government to speak to families about the dangers of the coronavirus only spoke English, despite outbreaks in Melbourne's migrant communities. Insiders said a failure to tell households about social distancing and quarantine rules in any language other than English had been a 'blind spot'.

If so, many are paying for it now.

So what was the $37 million for? And who is behind this company? One of Scomo's mates? Obviously not doing a very good job are they.

Morrison has quite a few  'çhurch mates' in his party who seem to get away with a hell of a lot -- and tell a lot of outright lies --

Yes Plan B it is a real worry when they keep it in the club so to speak, they say religion and politics to not mix but these religious fanatics stick together all the time. Bunch of two faced criminals IMO.

Right now our land is under threat of being destroyed by the world’s largest thermal coal miner, China Shenhua Energy. The planned mega mine threatens to cut the state’s water supply, put threatened animals at risk and destroy Indigenous artefacts. This is why I’m calling on the NSW government to NOT grant them a mining license on 30 June, when the exploration license expires.

The Upper House recently passed a motion moved by Greens MP Cate Faehrman, against destruction of Aboriginal heritage. This is a small but significant win as it has implications for whether the company would receive a mining license. We must ensure the mining license is not granted.

The mine is directly linked to aquifers underneath the fertile black soil plains and could cause significant hardship for farmers, who are already struggling to afford water. More than 60 threatened species, including koalas, are at risk if this mine goes ahead. This mine is a cultural and environmental disaster waiting to happen.


I went to that site Incognito,  but it was just asking for money -- there was no petition that came up?? --


Try this one PlanB

Unless you have signed it elsewhere, if you have it can often come up with the donation page instead. Otherwise got to the main page and search for it.

I did sign one the other day that you put up Incognito -- for something else will have to search it out

For anyone interested, try this link, as directed from Incognito's original ...

Thanks RnR I was saddened that it includes koala habitat too, and fertile farming land.

The Human Rights Measurement Initiative has found Indigenous people, refugees and asylum seekers in Australia suffer some of the highest levels of rights abuses in the world.

 Australia's ranking on the world stage is said to be “poor” when it comes to quality of life, safety from the state and empowerment of its people.

The findings come from the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI), a tracker comparing the human rights performance of 33 countries worldwide.

Researchers analysed data from international databases and surveyed hundreds of human rights experts, including activists, lawyers, researchers, journalists and NGO workers.

Australia is fourth from the bottom out of 25 high-income countries in the "quality of life" category, which includes the right to education, food, health, housing and work.

HRMI co-founder and economic and social rights lead Susan Randolph said the nation is failing to fulfil its responsibilities.

"It certainly could do considerably better, I mean a score of 80.5, we would rate as…it's basically poor,” Dr Randolph told SBS News.

“It has the capacity to do much, much better and to ensure many more people are enjoying their rights.”

More to read here:

Up to 11,000 jobs in Australia’s renewable energy sector could be lost over the next two years if no additional policies are introduced by the Morrison government, a new report has found.

Modelling from the University of Technology Sydney looked at several scenarios that predicted a reduction of jobs in the industry.

The modelling also examined scenarios that increased employment and reduced electricity costs across Australia.

According to its worst-case scenario - what would happen if there was no change in government policy - the number of people employed in renewable energy would fall from roughly 26,000 people to 15,000 by 2022.

Read more here:

Family who broke public health restrictions by celebrating the end of Ramadan caused one of Victoria's biggest COVID-19 clusters

One of Victoria's biggest coronavirus clusters came from a Muslim family who broke public health orders to celebrate the end of the holy month. 


Not surprised, these people have their own laws, they do want they want when it comes to their religion. So I wonder if they will get fined? because so many individuals have been fined for not obeying restriction rules.

Tuberculosis outbreak at major Sydney hospital after patient zero infected a doctor - and now hundreds of vulnerable patients are at risk from the deadly disease 


Tuberculosis outbreak at top Sydney hospital after patient zero infected a doctor

Hundreds of vulnerable patients and staff members could have been exposed to a deadly bacterial infection at one of Australia's top public hospitals. St Vincent's Hospital (pictured) in Sydney's eastern suburbs has confirmed an outbreak of tuberculosis. While only five people have so far tested positive, the number of people who came into contact with the original source is believed to be in the hundreds. Tuberculosis can be deadly to vulnerable residents, resulting in shortness of breath, fever, weight loss and coughing up blood in advanced stages.

Geez just all we need, I have read that it is very bad in China. I wonder if when they test for coronavirus they test also for tuberculosis too? Symptoms can be similar.

Deadly creature is found hidden in sand at a popular Sydney beach with enough poison to kill multiple people 

Underwater photographer Duncan Heuer and his girlfriend were on an evening scuba dive 50 metres from shore at Camp Cove Beach in Watsons Bay when they spotted the deadly danger.

Normally found in warmer tropics but are slowly creeping more south as the oceans heat up.

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