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Outrage over controversial grand final entertainment act

The AFL and NRL grand finals provided an excellent distraction from what has been a horror 2020, but the entertainment chosen for the AFL half-time entertainment has drawn some criticism.

Brisbane pop band Sheppard played, and while their song ‘Geronimo’ is a massive hit that has achieved international success, the band’s backstory and funding is very controversial.

The band is comprised of siblings George, Amy and Emma Sheppard, but their careers have been entirely funded by their parents.

Father Greg Sheppard manages the band, but his vast fortune has come on the back of Manus Island blood money, being a director of Wilson Protective Services, the company responsible for running the controversial detention centre on the island.

Mr Sheppard’s company was in charge of security and welfare on Manus Island when 24 year-old Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei died from septicimea after cutting his foot at the detention centre. 

Do you think it was appropriate for Sheppard to play at the AFL Grand Final given how the band has been funded?


I have an alternative question:

Do you think it is appropriate for you to ask such a ridiculous question when the band were just providing entertainment and not trying to make a political statement

Ben, your comments are  utter rubbish. The band provided good entertainment. 

I dont suscribe to the belief that the sins of the father should be visited on the children, If a father can help his children he should do so. keep politics out of the arts.

"Do you think it was appropriate for Sheppard to play at the AFL Grand Final given how the band has been funded?"


Absolutely. They are an Australian group, playing at the Grand Final of an iconic Australian sport. If the only thing you can find about this family involves money earned legitimately then you are displaying a very small, closed mind. To put the whole truth into the conversation, the security company was hired by Labor who opened the Manus Island detention centre to house people who tried to enter Australia illegally. Perhaps you should lay the blame on the shoulders of the decision makers, not the servants.

There is no pleasing some people. As an older Aussie I enjoyed their songs and the entertainment they provided. They are very talented siblings and I would think Dad and Mum would be very proud of them. By the way, no one is locked up on Manus. Everyone is free to roam as are the residents.

They entertained. Who cares about their back story.

didnt watch it dont care!


Me To!


This is a perfect example of the cancel culture so prevalent today. I wonder what is in your own background some other pertually outraged idiot might find to punish you with. So the Father worked with dention centres. So what? Oh right, his salary may have paid for education, music lessons and God forbid, musical instruments! Not to mention the mortgage on the roof over their heads and food on thier table!

This is all just confected outrage over nothing.


I was out deadheading the roses and found myself singing Geronimo, it made a hard job a bit of fun. We criticise the young when they sit around moaning, poor me. But, when they are out there bringing fun to many people, someone still has to have a go at them. I salute them for wanting to work in the very difficult times we are going through. Please find something of interest to write about and leave working people alone. Ruddles.

I am outraged over people suggesting what I should be outraged about.


The sins of the father?

What a load of rubbish.  Their set was great and hardly 'controversial'!

Cannot see any sin in the father either. Unfortunately we need Manus places or be swamped by unwelcome people like Lampedusa in Italy or the Island nation Malta. Keep Australia safe!

I watched the half time entertainment and thought 'Wow'. not quite world level entertainment but loved it.  Didn't know the band but what a change from some screeching oldie (male or emale) ddug up for the day.  Enjoyed the singer, especially enjoyed the drumming and the youngsters included in the whole drum segment, they would have been thrilled I'm sure.  Then the orchestra, if we go 'night' finals, this was a great way to put a show on, with arena also used.  Looks like the Finals will now move on to Nights and bigger spectacular as time goes on.  Not quite Olympics style, but obviously 'they' are working on it.  Well done Brisbane, from 76 yr old in Melbourne.


It’s a bad business what happened on Manus, but is it fair to penalise any kids who had no hand in the dastardly deeds of  parents?

Not in my view and have to say I like the song Geronimo.


Yes, I agree with Devuman and the vast majority of commenters on this subject. I had never heard of them, a comment for which I received ridicule from the other half, however they were very entertaining, three very talented young Australians. And as for the ridiculous statement of Manus Island Blood money, I will reiterate on comments I have been making for many years. So-called, refugees and asylum seekers should seek refuge in the closest possible country to their own, that also shares their basic beliefs and lifestyles. It's not let grab a travel folder and say Los Angeles looks good today, let's go there, No !!! Most countries in the world today are under great pressure to support their own people, people and families that have resided in these countries since the year dot. Unfortunately and I mean unfortunately, the great majority of countries today, cannot afford to support people bailing out of their own countries. If you've got a problem stay there and fix it. Fight to the death of it need be. Let's face it, there wouldn't be a United States  of America today, if they hadn't displaced the English rule of tyrants, at that time in 1776. So guads your sovereignty, support your people and to hell with the rest. Cancer will spread and destroy All, if allowed. Food for thought. Now, here come the bleeding hearts. Jacka.