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Overseas travel

Hi, We are retired and receive an Age Pension.

We are planning a trip overseas and would like some information about Centrelink requirements while we are away.

We are Australian Citizens and have lived and worked in Australia all our lives.

In 2017 we went to Europe for about 11 weeks. This year we are going to Hawaii for 14 days (November and December) and next year (2019) we would like to to go to Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Total time overseas will be about 7 weeks (April to June).

What is the position with Centrelink and how will the trip be likely to affect our pensions whime we are away and when we return.

Any information would be appreciaited.

Crawfurd H





..and they say pensioners can't manage on the OAP. Good going Crawfurd!


If you click on this link below ..... all the regulations and details are there with amounts where applicable.

 Pension rates payable to people outside Australia

Glad to see you enjoying your retirement.