Pension card

How soon do Centrelink send out your pension card?



I've just had my new Medicare Card it was sent via Australia Post.

When I went for a CAT Scan ten days ago they could not operate my Medicare Card, but it is not due for renewal till May.  She had to put the number into their site that told her that a new one was on its way and she gave me the new number.  It came on Thursday.  I guess Pension Cards are the same. Now I have two cards that I can use!  


Medicare & PCC cards are usually issued automatically during the month before they expire.

Once you've received the new cards, cut up the old ones, as they have new expiry dates, and in the case of your Medicare card, a new check digit (the one at the end of your card), so you won't be able to use it after you receive your new card, even though the expiry date is still valid.

Yes always cut our cards up when they have expired!

Celia - you are right, not all of them. But there are quite a few on this forum calling  us pensioners welfare recipients. Just because the rules keep changing I do believe we deserve the pension promised us when we started work in the 60s.

Once your payment has been approved, the card will arrive in the mail in around 10 working days.  If you need to use the card prior to receiving it, pop into Centrelink to get an eligibility 'card' which will be given to you on an A4 sheet of paper with a stamp proving your eligibility.  You can use this until you receive the card.  The new card will 'usually' be valid for 2 years from your receiving it to the end of the month of your birth.

Regional seniors travel card

It gives you a card worth $20 for travel and petrol


Apply for this and see if you are eligible for it --Can also ring and find out  1800 569 070







If you are talking about NSW it is $250 for regional trains and petrol as well as taxi fares.

It is not a seniors card but a welfare card.

It is not a seniors card but a welfare card.

Yes it is for taxi /buses/trains and petrol

Retiring Well - got one from the regional rego offiice, you have to bring in your NSW pension card and driver's licence with address shown. 10 days later you get a debit card and the PIN comes later. You have to live outside Newcastle, Sydney and the Gong. Nothing to do with welfare card unless you are a snooty SFR. Then you can afford to pay for your own petrol.

So you think Self Funded Retirees are snooty Mariner?

You seem very narrow minded.

Their are snooty SFR's and there are normal SFR's,  the snooty ones make silly unneccessary coments about welfare.