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Pension payments - couple or two singles?

My wife and I start our pension next week and I was wondering do we get paid as a couple or as two single payments. My wife is on the 06/04 and mine 11/04.



your pension will be paid at the couples rate in two payments one in each name


Quite right, eraser. Could be paid on alternative weeks these days depending on whether one of the partners was on some Govt payment before pension age. A mate was on Newstart when wife was on age pension, so at 65 he went from Newstart to age pension as well but the week stayed the same. So they have an income every week alternatively paid out. It suits them.

Hello all, I am a newcomer,

I am finding researching my Pension status is complicated to say the least.

I am 66 this month and not working.

My partner is 66 last May and is working earning $85,000 after tax.

Our home valued at $3m is in my partners name but we are both on the mortgage contract.

Neither of us has any other assets other than our cars which are freehold.

I need to know if I can claim the Pension and if so at what point will my partners earnings affect my Pension claim?

That is, at what amount will my partners income begin to affect my Pension and at what amount does it affect it to the point I receive no Pension.

I would very much appreciate comments from those that know more than I...:):)


Sell the F...EN house,and move to Tasmania, Safest place on the planet.

If your Partner is earning $85K after tax you won't be entitled to anything while your partner is still earning a high income.


Thank you McDaddy.

Can you tell me at what threshold amount that it equates to nil Pension please?

I assume our house we reside in and our 2 cars do not present a problem, just my partners significant salary?

Sure so they use gross Income for Pension purposes. $82243 is the PA amount or $3163/ftn.If your partner is Pension Age  can earn another $300/ftn if working etc, so $3463/ftn is cut off, if they are. You are correct about Home being exempt, cars contents, bank accounts, shares, Superannuation  (if AP age or above) counts as well.

OK, so my partner is 66 and earns gross $4,423/ftn, which is over cutoff of $3,463.

Home is exhempt but contents, cars, bank a/cs, shares, & super count, correct?

So these value about $140K, how is the value of these used regarding the pension?

BTW, thanks for your assistance...:):)



Ok so the sum total of all of that ($140K) is added to your total assets, but the financial part, bank accts, shares, supwr etc is deemed to earn so income which is added to your Partners wage etc. If your pRtner wasn,t working at all, tou would receive the max $711.80/ftn. If you were both Pension age both would receive $711.80/ftn based on what you posted. 

I personally don't think a person that has a $3m dollar home in their name should be entitled to a pension, I hope it changes very soon.    

I think cash in hand  [cut off] is around $800,000 or there abouts before the pension is cut off.


Just because a person's home is of great value means nothing --as it could have been owned for many decades -- the home may have been passed down from parents and a waterfront home in the 40s worth very little in today's money -- ( just guessing here but you get my drift)   would now be worth millions so why the hell should someone have to move from their loved home -- which they worked dam hard for now having to sell it!?

Do you not expect YOUR own home to increase in value over the years?

Homes bought for very little  IN TODAY's MONEY  are worth a hell of a lot more these days and so should it be --  I bet you would be most upset iikf your home did not increase in value Celia

Most economists agree that the principal home should be asset tested again, it was prt of your assets in the 1980s. Very emotional and political though, in a perfext world you would sell the very expensive home, purchase a mire modezt one, invest the proceeds and move on welfare. You may even have to use some of the capital to fund your retirement. 

Pretty lousy if you have bought a forever home many decades ago and are of older age and have to up and move -- darn near impossible when you reach a good age -- just because the home has gone up in value -- and it would be a VERY sick economy if it did not increase in value,   It is, not the person's fault that their home is of a better value than when they bought it.

Plus you might be near your Hospitals/Doctors and friends -- why should you have to leave and if you had to it would maybe cost as much AND cost another lot of stamp duty -- or more if you choose to pay the LAND TAX these magots are trying to bring in


Thank you McDaddy, over and out mate :):)