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People do actually fall for those lotto scams

A 44 year-old single mum from Birmingham in the UK is the latest victim of a lotto scam after handing over $9200 AUD to a man she first met at McDonalds.

The scammer initially took the single mum for $444 after entering the business where she worked saying he needed help in claiming the prize due to his poor English.

He then followed up claiming he needed $9200 immeditealy to pay for his mother's open-heart surgery in Pakistan and would reward the single mum with $920,000 once the payment came through from the lottery organiser.



......hope she is at day 90

It really works out that they are BOTH greedy -- or it would not happen

totally agree...greed by both sympathy for the idiot at all!!!!

It seems to be the same in all these rip-offs -- someone tries to get money out of someone and then they promise a huge amount of money in return -- = greed on both parties.


If you look for something for nothing you will get NOTHING for something

There is a lotto scammer working facebook messenger at the moment. 

You get a message from a facebook friend, seems legit, and then the 'friend' mentions having picked up a win in lotto and having seen your name there as well - just click the link.  Around about there I twigged it wasn't really who it appeared to be and left the conversation.   

And yeah, my friend had been hacked, the message was going out to all his friends.  He was overseas at the time so I guess this is just another version of those "I've been robbed while overseas and need help" sort of scams.  

heard a talk by a computer expert yesterday at a meeting I went to...told us one of the scams that people are falling for all the time is a woman ringing up with Aussie accent, saying that you have a small amount of $10.89 owing on your telstra bill...she does not ask for anything but just wants you to go in to Aussie post or somewhere to pay the small amount owing.  She then gets chatting to you and asking you about which footy team you follow and other such questions and agrees with everything you say...then at the end of the chatty conversation she say somethiing along the lines of "oh, dear I will be in trouble for talking to you for so long on the phone...look as it is only a small amount how about just paying it now.  By this stage the gullible person is thinking what a lovely lady I dont want her to get into trouble and it is only a small amount so they pay it over the phone   The bill from Telstra comes in and yes, there is the amount and every month after you will find another small amount just a bit more than the last one and so it goes on.   the only way you can stop it is to go to the bank and stop them making this payment every month.  This woman has about three different names apparently and she has been taken to court numerous times but because the amount is so small she nevr gets more than a slap on the wrist.    she made heaps out of this and could still be doing so.

Yes I am sure some will fall for that -- if you don't mind Ard I would like to copy that and send it via email to a friend of mine that is not really up on scams -- can I dod that please

Is there a scam which NO ONE falls for?? People are just so gullible/or greedy(pick one).I guess if no one falls for it its not a scam.

We now have a whole tv station dedicated to scamming people for donations so they can be "blessed " by some bible bashing nutter who proclaims to be directly connected to god.And people all round the world seem to being donating goodly sums to these nutters!(maybe fake though).

Some people actually believe their pronouncements about the end of the world(the rapture). Had dates pronounced a number of times in the last few years and always had a excuse for it not happening.

I dont know what the answer is to stop people being scammed. I guess I'm just too sceptical and a realist to believe most things without proof.




You should see the "pastors" in Brazil with their flocks in different "churches" avoiding taxes and feeding their Ferraris with donations (tax free), living the good life in mansions while the "flocks" starve and continue giving the 10% of their money all the time, to hear some very convincing speeches (read "sermons") about "God"...

I must admit Pedro, I have not seen that TV station --- I too am very skeptical and cynical -- and tend to question everything.

I also question those that believe everything they are told from a religion -- and question NOTHING -- even though they themselves have been knowledgable people in their own lives -- but just accept everything they are told from a dar religion and tell you that you just need to have  -- FAITH --  nup I like answers. 

I can imagine that Aussie,  seems those that run these religions always have a heap of money -- pay NO taxes-- why wouldn't they when the sheeple hand it out left right and center.

A fool with money are easily parted. One born every minute,

That doesn't make sense. The saying you are looking for is, "A fool and his money are easily parted". :-)

Makes sense to me, just adjusted it so it isn't sex specific

Watched Insight on SBS last night which was on this topic. Some of the scams are very sophisticated an you could see how people were conned. It’s not just greed but fear which makes people pay up eg Scams purporting to be from the ATO

Sundays -- I have that recorded will look forward to watching it

Greedy morons and their money are easily parted. Serves her right.

Serves the idiot right. Wonder if she had any change left for a Makkers and fries?

It's pathetic that there are so many desperate needy women around that have to pay for a man's affection. I hope her poor child/children didn't have to go without because of their stupid mother.