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Petition to raise the age pension above poverty rates

And the reply by the Treasurer - pensions may not continue on

do sign as this applies to many of our generation who paid for their pension via income taxes.  this is a PDF need a reader like Adobe 

 If above link not working try this and click on 5th llink for PDF

Or google - old age pension levy still there 


We are going to reach 25 million in the next few days!!!

Many of these do not pay income tax as draw down on welfare - ok no jobs but some make it a career - and of course also miss out on pension and medicare levies so drawing down on both has made the system bankrupt in real terms and why we are a nation are having to borrow millions daily just to pay our way. Cant go on as most of the western nations in same boat and same reason.

IMMIGRATION - of wrong kind when not got the jobs nor the vacant homes waiting to be filled. 

And why we - older folk - are being blamed by the Left for being greedy and owning houses in inner cities which have exploded outwoards to accommodate the incoming millions so now worth heaps and we get the blame for first home buyers etc.

When also foreign investors were buying up leaving them vacant for their own reasons, making also rental market in strife and rising rents outstripping incomes for workers let alone those actively seeking work.

And public housing already had waiting lists for many years due to immigration outstripping building revenues. 

Pauline Hansen whatever they left say - and they demonize her - hits the spot every time. Pity she has trouble with men who join her party using it to get into poiitics on our votes. She was also targeted as she was making waves for the Liberals, remember?  Jailed even. 

But soldiers on...........and so must we

Sign on and make your voice heard!

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Is it our fault that we oldies are living longer?  Obviously this costs the government more but what about all those on the dole who make a career of it.  Surely our retirement should have some sense of security.  We don't need a fortune just a comfortable living with no fear of living hand to mouth.  I am not in the position as yet and do know of many unfortunates who are.  With the cost of living increasing the miniscule increases in the pension are a joke - not even enough for a cup of coffee so why bother.  What with young girls becoming single mother deliberately and families having generations on the dole with no intention of dong otherwise why do us pensioners have to suffer.  There must be a fairer way of dealing with this situation.

I signed two weeks ago at

The petition had 68,232 signatures two weeks ago and today it says “69,316 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!”

So at perhaps 500 signatures a week, there’s a little time to go yet.

This may offend some, but, in my opinion the Australian pension is already "above poverty rates." It is a surprise to me that someone who owns their home, who gets a travel card and other entitlements cannot live on the pension. My wife and I have been on two cruises recently and half the cruise population was made up of "pensioners". 

The situation may be very different for those who don't own their home and have to pay a rent.

When you conducted that survey did you also ask if they wanted an increase?

Ýes I did, and of course they all said YES. Nearly everyone wants more money.

The survey was done by my university in NSW with the help of 2000 pensioners. Does that answer your question?

So it was a working holiday at taxpayers expense?

You're back Adrianus, hope life's treating you well!

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