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PM accused of gloating over SSM

Yesterday's passing of the same sex marriage bill was a watershed moment for Australia and the PM was very quick to take credit for the new law.

“What a day. What a day. What a day in history. What a day for love,” said Mr Turnbull on The Project.

“What a day to put our arms around same-sex couples and say we love you, we respect you, you have all the rights that everyone else has had for so long — now we’re all at one.

“I am so proud this has occurred while I’m Prime Minister, while the Liberal and National parties are in government,” he said.

When 7.30 host Leigh Sales asked him that Labor also had a role in the passing, he quickly made it even more political.

"I mean, Labor certainly supported it, and that’s good. They had six years in office and did nothing about it. That’s not so good. And of course they did everything they could to stop every Australian from having their say,” said the PM.

“It will be forever to the credit of the Coalition that this momentous social change occurred with the overwhelming mandate of the Australian people, under a Coalition government,” said Mr Turnbull.

However, Magda Szubanski – widely seen as the face of same-sex marriage – accused the PM of gloating and taking credit for the passing of the bill, even though the way there was fraught with discrimination and pain for many of it's intended benficiaries.

Ms Szubanski said the survey may have saved his political skin, but it was “not a moment to stand in the parliament and gloat”.

“Having had so much feedback from people in terrible pain, to see the Prime Minister gloating and taking credit was a little bit hard to swallow,” she said.

“Every obstacle has been put in the way of this happening, and he has caved in to all of it … So I think he should check in a little bit with his demeanour with that stuff.”

Do you think the PM has a right to gloat?

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Magda is not a happy lady

perhaps if she lost a little weight 

What Magda looks like is irrelevant to this debate.  Stick to discussing the issue, not the person.

It is relevant . Why else would she be such a hater .

Malcolm was instrumental in getting SSM through

labor did nothing and in fact voted it down in parliament during their time in power

a lot of obese people get that way because they are not happy 

Another "genius" comment from the low IQ brigade.

You have just denigrated all the overweight people on this site.

Small skinny people in yellow jumpers are also "haters".


I guess you have been asleep.

They held a by election and the guy you refer to won.

This was actually a vote against the High Court who failed to see the "allegiance" clause in the Constitution - or maybe they were paying political allegiance, not sure? 

Raphael, it's not nice to personally attack Magda for being overweight. So much hatred? Some people could have a problem with toxins on the liver. 

Malcomb is an ass that takes credit for everything possible when in reality he caused a great public expense with a useless referendum that he could gave avoided and have the same results in Parliament.

Taking credit for a resolution that cost taxpayers a lot of money and resulted in the Australian people telling what everybody knew they would say was a real stupid and irresponsible mistake, politically and personally, like a shrugging of the houlders or washing his hands on it, and now he takes credit for it? Please !

He is spineless and should be retired a long time ago, after all he is a multimillionaire bussinessman that likes political glorification to feel important, like many of his followers and in real life does nothing but smile stupidly, make stupid speeches, kiss rich people bottoms and expend taxpayer money that is not his.

And by the way, why is his friend Barnaby, the tomato-face farmer back in Parliament? I thought he had a dual nationality that prevented him to be a parlamentarian and suddenly everything changed....weird place this political arena.

Tomato-face ?

thats not nice 

Barnaby has renounced his NZ citizenship and has since been voted back in parliament 

he also confirmed he has split from his wife , the man is going through a tough period -so have a heart Alexia 

I am with Magda, Turnbull needs to get over it -- it has gone on for so darn long now I am well over the whole darn thing --

Yes Tomato face -- he is a nasty rotten SOB skewing around with a staffer -- made her pregnant and is one of the most dishonest SOBs and his attitude is extremely bad -- he cares NOTHING about his country or his supporters and I can not for the life of me understand WHY the hell ANYONE would vote for him -- unless it is his drunken drinking mates that get him in as others that didn't drink with him said he should never have got back in, he is an account NOT a bloody farmer!

Alexia, PlanB, your hatred is matched only by your ignorance. How can you harbour so much hate? It will destroy your life if you cannot think independently.

Barnaby has had a red face because of cancer.

It has been made even more red by treatment to burn the cancer. He has been in tremendous pain as a result, but has continued his comunity work. He is a great Australian as proved by his overwhelming endorsement in the recent by-election.

Just pray you dont need to suffer Barnaby's facial cancers.

If Turnbull is gloating then his gloating is well placed. Let's look at the facts here? His progress was slowed by a hostile opposition and other party members. He managed to appease his party by keeping the pre election promise of a plebiscite and getting the bill voted on before Christmas while dodging all the nonsense thrown his way by Shorten and his gang of union bosses.

The people now able to marry a novelty now. The people already married cheering because this new lot can now enjoy the many miseries of being married lol.

Too true. Couples coming under the title of "married" have a whole lot of new conditions to live up to, in order to be like the other "married".

Lets hope they don't start changing the world around them, to fit into a role they don't belong in the first place

He may gloat but wait for the devil in the detail once the self imposed euphoria has dissipated .

A medoicre achievment is played out like it saved the country. It will never cover up the failures and what they have done to the Country and they are complicit in it. 

People have no idea what door's this opens up .

It is a shame on Australian politics how this was conducted and the played  those involved are an absolute disgrace. 

Oh Kato, I'm so worried too, just like you. You wrote "People have no idea what door's this opens up" ...... yes it's disgraceful.

I've heard that wicked Malcolm Fullabull is already drafting a law that if you fall in love with your favourite elephant at the zoo then you'll be able to marry that elephant. And our hero Tony Grabbit is fighting against that other law the horrid gays are trying to impose on us ..... the one banning heterosexual marriage (how DARE they stop us heteros from getting married, they don't care about our human rights). And our other hero Sorry Bernardi will be trying to oppose another law they'll be tring to pass.....the law that makes it mandatory to be homosexual.

See Kato, the evil "consequences" are starting already. I tell you, Jesus, and all those young good looking men apostles that He hung around with day and night, would be in shock if they could see our degenerate modern free society.

Anyone up for a good laugh?

Daystiari does a 360 and backs China's build up in the SCS against not only our Government's Foriegn Policy, but also the policy of his own party. Shorten demotes him as a result.

Todays leftist rags have Malcolm Turnbull destroying China Australia relations. Ha Ha Ha!!!

By the way, if you're cooking sausages on the BBQ, dont prick them and keep rolling them.

Yes I agree, it's a barrel of laughs. Good tip about the sausages!

Is not the fact of politicians being dual citizens when they were voted in surely is way of thinking is they either lied when filling in their application for the job ,or they are are too bloody uneducated to fill in the forms properly,either way they should be sacked .just like anybody else who makes fraudulent claims to get a job,but these people once again just treat the system with arrogance .rules for them rules for us . Come on Australias wake the hell up.

Frank the Sausage,

I have a very clear grasp of reality and am not full of hatred as you suggest, also my life is working very well and the ignorance is only yours,  after all we all know what is inside most sausages these days, but thanks for your concerns.

I see that my "farmer" word referring to Barnaby is taken literally and not as it meant to be, as a type of personality and appearing open and friendly but in his case false and contrived.

I do not hate anyone, I just think that some people gets influenced by what they want to see and not the reality of what is there, specially when it refers to politicians false attitudes.

The maladies and misfortunes of people are not the concern of this conversation and perhaps they only reflect the life that people has chosen to live; whatever the case I am free to refer to what I see and what I think of anyone.

 it meant to be, as a type of personality and appearing open and friendly but in his case false and contrived.

Now you’re insulting our salt of the earth farmers 

you sound like a man hating feminist 


Alexia, what about the sausage?? For your information we live in a democratic society. Even the Labor Party is trying to be more democratic as evidenced by Shorten's election to the leadership. The unions gave their members a vote at great cost and Shorten was elected. You see the difference with a conservative democratic vote is that the majority have a victory. Therefor it is not a waste of money. So if the majority voted for poor bloody Albo and Shorten still wins but also tells you idiots that it is a sign of democracy you get all warm and fuzzy. Alexia when everyone thinks the same then no-one is thinking. I'm pleased to hear you are not full of hatred. :)

Are you disapointed that your beloved Labor party couldnt or wouldnt get the SSM Bill passed through both houses??

Hairy, you are right! Well said.

Raphael` are you looking for a comment?

Well, here it is: I really do not care what you think and farmers are not insulted by my comments not was that my intention, on the contrary, learn to read and interpret what is written.

A man hating feminist? Are you trying to psychoamalize me? Of course that is your way to try and offend me but you are not intelligent enough to do that.

You must be a funny little man.

Yup, " a funny little man"  is right - a lot like Tom Thumb and likes wearing yellow !!!

Divorce lawyers will increase their income because the same sexer's mob's are much more frequent to change partners than the hetro's.

Those ssm's on pensions will probably think twice because they will have to claim as a couple instead of two singles.

How do I know this ......because I keep my etes and ears open.

Try keeping your mind open instead of your etes 

Ok Somebody made a typo so the three triplets pete /raffy and bocky have to point it out.

Strange that they all make the same speeling mistooks over and over.

Don't you 3 outcasts of society have anything better to do.....go puff on a joint.

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