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wow - fabulous!!!

Found these in my garden today. they look like chocolate covered crickets, but I think they actually went for a dip in the doggy doo 


I just love the  friendliness, the complete willingness in understanding of others choices, not a nasty word or put down just acceptance. it's so peaceful.

Does anyone know of the Birds in Backyards project? The public are invited to keep a survey of the birds visiting their gardens so scientists can assess the state of our birdlife.  As we have wonderful gardeners here, perhaps they might be interested.

Birds in backyards


Also ... Create a butterfly haven in your backyard

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Welcome to the forum jinumm but quietly wondering why a brand new member in the wee small hours of the morn would choose such an old thread - which from a quick read through seems to be a mish mash of geeez I don't know what - on which to make their first posting....

O well to each their own I guess, just seems sort of strange for a brand new member to resurrect such an old thread that's all....Besides waaaay past trying to fathom the actions of some that drift in and out of the Meeting Place Forum highway.....Off to enjoy the bliss of early morning Wednesday and hopefully spend much time outdoors today enjoying the glorious but far too brief winter we have in these parts...

Shetso, you replied to spam

Did I?  Well there ya go - hilarious...

But as I said waaay past trying to fathom the actions of some that drift in and out of the Meeting Place Forum highway...

Enjoy Wednesday all.

Hey Shetso, I enjoyed your reply anyway. You have a knack of putting thoughts into words so I mostly enjoy reading your posts.

This is an old thread BUT a goodie, I wonder why it stalled and no one has continued with it.... for anyone interested, the best wreath flowers  (one of the first posts) can also be found around Mullewa, in fact all through between Mullewa and Perenjori.... so lovely they are too...  Enjoyed your reply as well Shetso1

Possibly because some do not know how to post a picture on this Forum ?

Maybe once we get rid of this extended cold winter break and actually get spring some more gardens may appear :)

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