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Post pictures of your garden here

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Abby, well done, keep trying maybe it will sink in, love the dog and chickens.

Quote' {And a child shall lead them'}   from that terrible book.


That is Sweet Thing, Bella, Goldie and Rosebud

How delightful Abby, ( pm awaits )

 photo HippestrliaSeed033.jpg

How do you upload photos please?

No answers eh?

Will work it out myself then..........Boooooooooom

I upload my pix with photobucket but you can use various internet sites that accept photos even facebook and then copy and paste

Billy have you tried cutting out the pictures with scissors and pasting them on the screen over your post? it seemed easy but I'm having a bit of trouble.


Puss-Puss,my backyard the "Gasgoyne"

Thanks for all the help?

Well done billy, did my idea help? if so, there is a small fee.

Got a bag of carrots here too,but i have forgotten how i did it?

Believe it or not i used Microsoft office 2010??

That is beautiful Billy

Is it a Grevillea Petrophiloides - I hav enever seen one in person but I do bekive they are native to your neck of the woods,


Not sure about this?sorry about quality!

I'm still trying, but the flame on my magic lantern keeps going out.

Thanks Abby,they grow out of dirt,that bush was about halfway between Cue and Meeka,pity about quality though,the bushs grow about 4-5 foot tall!

I only like natives!

Will try find a better picture of Puss Puss and zoom and crop,they look like bird plumage close up.



I like natives in my garden also.


What lovely visitors that come to your garden



Thank you for the additional information on Lechenaultia macrantha

or as commonly known as the Wreath Flower and the lovely comment about the thread.

Would love to see one in life but so far have to be happy with pictures.

Hope we get to see a little part of your garden soon :)

What about getting your hubby to post some ???


Wish these Natives above would grow in Perth! Billy may know the name.

My little part of the world

Dont know the Botanical name vivity,but they are called the Wreath Flowers,you find them at Perenjori,I took my brother and his wife there when they visited from UK,spent only 2 days,took em up to New Norcia Monastery,then stopped o/night in Wubin,then Perenjori for the wildflowers,you go out of Perenjori to the Camel Soak and I showed em the Rabbit Proof Fence,the Camel Soak was used to water camels there around 1900,and then i took em to the old Rothsay Gold Mine,I think Perenjori is the only place you get Wreath Flowers,I have never seen them anywhere else.

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