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Prince William meets Christchurch massacre survivors

Prince William has met with survivors of the Christchurch mosque shootings ahead of speaking with the city's Muslim community.

The second day of the Duke of Cambridge's trip to New Zealand included a visit to Christchurch Hospital on Friday, where five people remain in care after the attack that killed 50 on 15 March.

He will also travel to the sites of March's terror attacks to speak to other survivors and Christchurch's wider Muslim community and offer his condolences.

He gave a moving speech inside the mosque, saying 'we must unite' to combat extremism. 


YourLifeChoices Community Guidelines


YourLifeChoices Community Guidelines

Author: YourLifeChoices


Direct attacks on racial or religious groups will not be tolerated. Nor will blatant sexism, homophobia or discrimination of any kind.



Won't do any good Banjo. The cretin was banned twice in one week,but like sewage fumes keeps returning.

How was NZ?

Yes, I heard Reagan. Maybe one day YLC will have a system whereby once you're banned that's it. Hopefully they're working on it.

NZ was terrific. Third time there and the first for visiting Milford Sound (sent you an email and included some pics). We managed to get to Christchurch and most impressed with the atmosphere and attitude there. Great PM.


It is only radicalised members of IS who want non Muslims dead. They also kill Muslims. The majority of Muslims in Australia abhor violence and do not support IS. Over the years many people have spoken out against IS on these forums...I have never seen a single soul support terrorism enacted by anyone - Muslim or non Muslim in the world. We have also been at war with IS for years now but we are not at war with non IS Muslim members of our community. By all means hate the extremists but don’t hate all Muslims. They are not the enemy. 

Or better, hate no-one, simply, politely, cool-headedly and with precision organise their extraction and containment as may be required for a safe happy world. 

Bilby, I was speaking of these YLC forums only. I have never seen anything but condemnation for terrorist acts on here. Personally I have no time for any religion and much rot that is preached by them all (except quakers) but I refuse to hate peaceful people who do follow a faith. Many do not follow their religious scriptures to the letter, they pick and choose what to take on board or not. I have no problem though with hating terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism. 

Or better, hate no-one, simply, politely, cool-headedly and with precision organise their extraction and containment as may be required for a safe happy world. 


For the record YLC Admin did not post the extract from the Community Guidelines. I DID.

Hopefully they will enforce that rule and get you off the forum once and for all "bilby."

I have a number of Muslim friends, all university students and their parents or similar ages.  There wouldn't be one who doesn't regard himself as an Aussie and isn't embarrassed by and anti the grubs who preach or act out hatred of other Australians.

It is a bittersweet experience to witness the groups of Muslims enjoying the recreational parks and often out of hours having their barbies and just enjoying the liberty of open space and fresh air, the numbers added to by groups of young Asian students, similarly grouped together.

I make a point of giving a wave and a smile as I go past and where possible stop for a chat, usually with the younger men who similarly enjoy a walk for fitness and joie de vivre.   We must be always taking the initiative to smile and include them.

I have learned something too and that is to thank God for every waking moment and to stop what I am doing to wonder at and measure the fabulous world we have.  Of course, having had those serious challenges that come along as a shock after a very healthy and fit life do help to remind one of what disability and death can deny us of.  But still, the blokes who quietly reminded me to thank God even where I was obviously suffering from the pain an restrictions from another major operation were themselves young, not even thirty and they were always on the lookout to help if and where needed.   

Notwithstanding all of that, I do understand bilby's and others exasperation at the contempt taht politicians have for the public safety by not giving the Immigration Department and its minister (which means the elected federal Parliament!) the final say over who should stay here.  It is the AAT and the allowance of endless appeals to courts that allow grubs to stay here and more of the same SOBs to feel comfortable in coming to these shores.  Don't be blaming any of my Muslim friends for that.  They are just as frustrated by politicians and their populism and political correctness as we are and that includes bilby and others.


They are genuine.  So are my Catholic friends who have been bullied and embarrassed by their priests and fundamentalists over the years.

I have been quite startled to have support pressed upon me on a few occasions where I was not doing that well at all and I am a very independent bloke.  For example, I was as sick as, after a major operation and got caught out in a sustained storm.  No-one else stepped in to offer aid.  A young Muslim student did and insisted on driving me home and seeing me in safely.  Quite a shock to an ex-adventurer who lived life to the full and never gave himself any quarter.

We lose nothing by reaching out to them.  It is all about having a sense of LOCAL community and support.

If what you are thinking is true then we and they have no hope.  However, I do not believe that and I am no Pollyanna either.

Do NOT give the terrorists and other authoritarian stirrers (for example, the lunatic left there is no difference between far left and far right, they are all totalitarians) what they want which is to drive wedges into society for their own secondary agendas.


The Australian Senate has formally censured Fraser Anning for expressing extreme anti-immigration and anti Muslim views…"Senator Anning's comments were ugly and divisive. "They were dangerous and unacceptable from anyone”..was the language used in the Senate.

bilby and other anti - Muslim haters like him or her.. are not speaking for the majority of decent Australians. As a matter of fact..his/her behaviour is abhorred by the majority of Australians.

Hate speech of any kind is abuse and not a human right. Islamophobia on the internet can have direct and indirect devastating repercussions, it can be used to harass and intimidate victims and on the other hand, it can also be used for opportunistic crimes. Much of the language used by bilby compares with terminology used in the manifesto of the New Zealand massacrist.


Quote trood…

“To call Bilby a terrorist is ludicrous and what do you want on a senior forum? yet another boring article on whether your money will last your retirement (yawn)” 

Well..excuse me trood..I for one thought this forum concerned itself with providing interesting information for those approaching retirement, offered travel and technology updates etc…I did not know it also provided a platform for islamophobes. How silly of me!

So comments were removed AGAIN! Why? Even my post asking why has been removed. WHY? There was nothing rude, discriminatory, sexist or homophobic about any the posts I made yet still, they have been deleted. Again, WHY?