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Public hospital situation "unacceptable": AMA

Australians waiting up to 18 months to see a public hospital specialist, or 12 months for consultations for health issues such as cataracts, bowel and prostate issues, chronic joint problems and neurological symptoms waiting for a year for consultations are just some of the problems raised by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) in a report on the public hospital system. 

The AMA says the system in crisis because of a funding shortage.

"Sometimes as much as 18 months, and on a few occasions I have even had the 'house full' sign sent to me," said AMA vice president Dr Tony Bartone.

Some patients will have to wait up to two-and-a-half years before surgery, he added, saying this situation is "unacceptable".

The report also revealed that waiting times for emergency departments are worse, with 66 per cent of urgent presentations in 2016-17 seen within the recommended time frame.

The AMA is calling on the governments to work out a better funding agreement for the public hospital system or people will die.

"The current funding formula will doom our public hospitals to fail, and patients will suffer as a result," said AMA president Michael Gannon.



This is what socialized medicine gets you

stop whingjng and expecting more and more money to be flushed down public medical services and demand that we allow greater private participation in the medical system

Public funds should be used for emergency medical services only 

The AMA is one of our worst Unions, restricting entry into the profession in order Into the profession to keep their salaries sky high 

Utter rubbish

“stop whingjng [sic] and expecting more and more money to be flushed down public medical services and demand that we allow greater private participation in the medical system”

What a joke … and leave our health system to the likes of Bupa and HCF.

• Bupa budget cover will soon exclude hip replacements, cataracts, pregnancy and other pricey hospital treatments
• Bupa drops gap cover with non-agreement hospitals and for emergency department admissions to public hospital
• Minister for Health has asked ombudsman to investigate changes to gap cover
• HBF will cut cover for psychiatric, obesity surgery and dialysis on some policies
• Record number of complaints to the ombudsman.

Raphael, a couple of points. Entry to the profession is effectively restricted by the number of public hospital intern places available. The AMA has no control at all over this: it is, like other public hospital matters, dependent on funding. You can't put students through a gruelling med course and then have no clinical apprenticeship/probation job available. Secondly, it is important to have public hospital outpatient services: many people simply cannot afford the gap fees charged by private specialists. The waiting lists for these outpatient services are absolutely unacceptable: I know from working as a VMO and staff specialist for decades. Public hospitals are desperately underfunded: far too few beds to give proper care to average patients (though they do well if you are desperately sick in ICUs), and understaffed in almost every department. We live in a wealthy country that has squandered the proceeds of the mining boom on enriching the big end of town, and on stupid foreign military ventures. Look at Afghanistan - still a basket case after billions of dollars down the drain. It's time to have a public hospital system that can really compete with private care. A bigger contribution by the very wealthy would be a good start to the funding. 

My sister has been in Bupa for many years. Her husband had his last operation 10 years ago.  I'm afraid these medical funds make you afraid to drop out. They pay over $300.00 per month, for what, in case they get sick? 

Two weeks ago I was in a public hospital for ten days including 3 in intensive care and the treatment was A1. I have no comlaints at all and no private insurance.

If anything I was a bit fed up with the dedication for my well being by some of the staff.

The food was ok too.LOL



Yeah! That is OK if you live in an area where where they have a Public Hospital and as you have indicated that you've spent 3 days in intensive care.

Under other circumstances you may find yourself on a waiting list.

The waiting list is getting longer as a lot of people are dropping out of Private Health Insurance as they can no longer afford it.


Health is funded via income taxes and the Medicare Levy.

With 24 million population approx We have only 11 million Aussies at most actually paying this levy.

So until they work out a way to fund health which IMHO means even if on social incomes via Centrelink - they must all pay a levy or part thereof - and no excuses.

We as human beings dont value anything we dont have to strive for.

Kids bikes are a prime example. Most of us on this forum had to do some sort of jobs to earn and then save thepennies to get their first bike. Often parents would say you save half etc. So that bike was treasured. Today its left out on the front lawn to be pinched or get rusty in the rain because it cost the kid nothing more than to whine and ask for the bike.

Far too many folk simply think money grows on trees - no idea how we fund our way of life being on taxes alone. And income tax being the greatest portion of the revenue we get or once was.

Today it is too little for too many not paying any but using what they didnt pay a red cent for and then moaning even!  And pensioners blamed often when they are the one generation today who did work most of their lives as no dole back in the day,  work or starve.

Today we have to borrow because we have too many mouths to feed who now sit on the bums here in Australia instead of overseas - where at least they didnt take up housing and using all the services we pay for via taxes and we are still paying far too much foreign aid and to countries who no longer need it as beating us on the billions they spend on armaments and up to date air force like Indonesia recently upgraded 8 billion on aircraft.

Today the left cry racist if you say anything like this.

Well it isnt race that is the problem its the attitude.

No matter the colour of your skin - if you dont pull your weight and dig in and be one of us then your arent welcome because you are on the take and are just not worth being supported. That is basically what majority actually feel but are often scared to say so as know the Lefties will start their ranting of racism. When its not race at all. Its attitude.

We spport those who cant work due to illness or circmstance, but why should we support the wankers who simply dont want to work if they can get away with it and rort the system? 

The Left encourage this by use of Human Rights which actually take away the rights of white people. That is all of us from Western nations in real terms. No such thing as wogs from Greece as is allowed to go on TV without an outcry of racist, when the Greeks like all of Europe are in real terms White.

Its not skin colour which maketh the man or woman,  its attitude. We admire those who strive and win. And why we like sport.

Plus look at what is heppening in health right now today.

Got a headache? Need a Codeine tab 8mg ?  Sorry now have to go the doc for a script.

Thanks to Left wing bureacrats. And AMA of course silent on the cost of this to the health system.

Have a sick kiddie who would benefit from medical cannibis or maybe cancer whose pain is proved to be relieved with cannabis?

After 18months, only 500 actually approved and Doctors AMA etc say not necessary and costly to run.

DUH -  Both of the above cost the system money but earn the GP more Fees!

Money really is the root of all evil and today Greed is king.

Only hope for the majority is to stop being silent.

And start to speak up and demand back to comon sense.

Before it all hits the fan - bcause we simply cannot go on borrowing like the rest also borrowing as all of our western nations are suffering the same thing.

Which is where we are today.

IMMIGRATION is the elephant in the room.

Not racism or even Leftism which is the curse of the West.

Race isnt the problem.

It Attitude.

Change the attitude to working and assimilating and look around and see how many whom you feel are one of us a  ' true blue'  Aussie,  have various skin colours or cultures.

Immigration is the biggest problem but no government is tackling it due to Leftism. Scared wont be re-elected.

But we have to halt it until such time as we have vacant jobs vacant houses and not able to give the services due to this not as today borrowing more than we can afford to repay and meantime taking in more and more we cant afford. Or we can accomodate in infrastructure our cities are clogged and arable land for food is being used for housing whilst the world is short of water and food too.

Australia is a dry continent. Water is limited. Arable land is limited. Cant have both. We have to make the Left back down on their idiotic ideas of big Australia . Big indeed but with smaller population paying it own way, and meanwhile helping out the rest of this overpopulated world, overpopulated for same reason,  we have been feeding idle folk who simply dont want to work if they can go somewhere they dont have too with a generous welfare system.

Australia and UK have the best in the world and are No 1 targets.

BTW remember the 70's and Bangladash??

They were starving so in went men and machines as well as seed stock,  to start them off on growing their own food etc.

For 3 years they stayed and it was going well and the men left. Instead of carrying on,  these people ate the seed stock, let the tractors etc rust in the field and then started off the old Feed Us routine.




I have to agree with everything you've said BigVal.  Something needs to happen.  The government is hopeless.  

Some of what you say rings true Big Val..and although I don't agree with it all..I certainly think this is a "truth" and I quote you..

"We as human beings dont value anything we dont have to strive for."


It couldn't possibly be because the specialists consultation fees are so high few can afford them, now could it?

Gosh Bigval I hope you feel better after that illogical and long winded rant. I’d like to suggest you refrain from posting in red ‘bold’ ink. People with visual impairment including colour blindness  find red  impossible to read. Correcting your spelling and syntax would also help readers understand what you are trying to say.   You hold the ‘left’ responsible for the ills of world. I doubt there is a right and left as we knew it anymore.  The ‘left’ of the 1940s and 50’s is the new ‘right’ and the ‘right’ of the Menzies era is no longer recognisable.  By all means harangue the ‘left’ but you should check your facts.  The codeine ‘policy’ was designed and implemented by the current government not the opposition. The AMA one of the most conservative groups in the country lobbied for it. The same goes for ‘medical marijuana’.  Similarly, the  LNP government is rapidly increasing  the immigration rate because unless we do the economy will suffer and the big companies’ profits will decrease.  

Gosh Puglet There you go - that bit re left and right is just what the Left have put out to dazzle those who dont bother too much and just like to nit pick others. 

Ok I somtimes misspell and dont correct myself - so what! We cant all be perfect maybe  it would be a better world if we were. But boring I suspect ha ha.

Yes Liberal government has been the one who brought in the idea of having to go to a GP for a script to get a packet of tablets with 8mg of codeine in them.

At a huge cost to the health budget. And of course the AMA agee. More money in GP's pockets. DUH the GPS who form the AMA love more fees so wont say no and some will vote conservative now we do have for the very first time a real conservative party. Liberals are just that and usually classed as neing left leaning but not as far to the left as socialist like Labor these days or Greens who are far far left.

BTW Your summing up simply quoting the garbage put out by the left to fool people into folliowing it - sorry for you who fell for it. Clutters up reality. Left are soft on anything which makes chaos because they want it so we cry for law & order to be restored and in step the UN. Its the plan. Step 1 was ban Death Penalty - worked.

Likewise AMA hate to lose out on fees so dont like medical cannibis being approved may make less sick people causing them to worry if we all never got sick again - can't have that now can they!

But you have ovrlooked the public service today. Maybe a dose of "Yes MInister " British send up of how corrupt the public service can be and is in the search of happiness and a fat bank account, would put you in the picture. 

Australia's has got the biggest union in the country for one and like the media vote left Labor or Greens.  Fact. And also like anything that makes more work for themselves. Hence have over 100 sitting giving your GP authority to dispense certain drugs when GP themselve should do this and be held accountable for waste or corruption. Cheaper for us and less public servants and we have the technology but shivers down their spines if suggested........

Did you know that the public service today has been reported as having by passed the privae sector on saleries and conditions ? We were all shocked when first heard of the boss at AusPost being paid basic 4.8 million salary pa. And on top of that a bonus for sacking more ordinary workers usually known as cost cuts. Happens on private sector too and blame shareholders for not stopping it !

And if you have to deal with them - well they dont fall over themselves to be helpful. 

Codein study was undertaken in Tasmania on the overuse in comparison with other states of Codeine based tablets when it is a matter of record that Tassie has the oldest population of people. Older people are well known to suffer from Arthritis which is painful and so are on pain meds. DUH as I said.

Look lively mate you're one of those who let them get away with it.

Suze you say "Yeah! That's OK if you live in an area where where they have a Public Hospital '' I do live in a place and we do have a great hospita but if your bit overweight as I am they don't want to know you!

You have been discriminated Mr Bent so you now go to a lawyer and make lots of money.

Mr Bent

You must be referred to the Hospital by a Specialist

.... a GP refers you to a Specialist

Alternatively you may get taken in by an ambulance as an emergency.

If you just drop in as an outpatient, you will go through a triage proccess and unless you are grievously ill you will probably get discharged with a prescription.


Where is the money going? The federal funding is increasing each year by 5% and yet Australia's population increases by only 1.5%. When I look at hospitals I see plenty of bodies in motion. They certainly dont look understaffed.  

because its filled with bureaucrats - administrative and non frony line staff have been increasing at a gigher rate and waiting times grow even longer

Socialized medicine is a failure

Its unjust, results in lower quality healthcare , inefficient and costs the taxpayer more than it would under a free market system

Hospitals were better when run by "The Matron" and the nurses were trained on site.

Now they are under the director of nursing and nurses are trained educated in university.

It is job that women are great at it but a male running the show is useless

Nurses after uni come into the hospital and know a lot in theory but soon find that injecting an orange in different from a backside.

Darn so right Tom and they come out of Uni  -- knowing it all -- or think that do till they have to come face to face with REAL emotions.

Far better the old way work their way up from the veru bottom


The public hospital is 60kms away from home and I was transported there by two very good ambulance ladies at about midnight.

I had a lung infection and a very high temperature along with low oxygen intake.  Pneumonia.

As I've said before

"You must be referred to the Hospital by a Specialist

.... a GP refers you to a Specialist

Alternatively you may get taken in by an ambulance as an emergency.

If you just drop in as an outpatient, you will go through a triage proccess and unless you are grievously ill you will probably get discharged with a prescription."

You went in as an emergency via ambulance Tom

.... I hope that you've had a Pneumonia vaccination, if not think about it.

I did not know that there was a vaccination for that ailment.

Thankyou for the info. I have had it 3 times in 3 years also when I was very young when it left me with low lung function for life.

Yes there is a vaccine for pneumonia the infections type and you only have to have 2 one each following yyear

It is a bloody disgrace the way money is wasted on unimportant things such as sports ovals etc -- and also the amount the Government waste on their   'lunches'  and outings at OUR expense -- and the way the private healthcare system is these days is a downright rip off.

Healthcare/Aged care/Dental care and child care should be on the top of the list

I called the clinic and apparently I had the vaccine 4 years ago. At the time they told me it was a 'Flu shot. I will go to see the doctor because I don't want to catch it again.


Gee Tom thats pretty irresponsible of them -- to tell you the wrong thing you were given -- I would be making darn sure what you had 1st as you don't want to do damage to yourself,  PLUS with the Pneumonia shot you have to have TWO  --- so please make sure


We pay almost $4K a year for our HBF cover.  We also pay the medicare levy as well as income tax ...both of us.

If we go into hospital in an emergency situation we will be going in as a public patient which we are quite entitled to do.  We pay enough darn taxes and as I said the medicare levy as well.

However, if I wish to have elective surgery I will go private and hope the gap is not too big.

When I was in Private health cover after I left school everything was covered and there were NO gaps -- then when my Husband got ill and was dying in 1988-- there were so many gaps I had to drop out as I also had to leave work to care for him and have not been able to afford it since a friend has private cover and he had to pay a heap in gaps for getting his knees done


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