The Meeting Place

Putin's Important Speech

"Play-time is over. Children, put away your toys.  Now is the time for the adults to make decisions.  Russia is ready for this;  is the world?"

i'm probably wasting my time putting such important information on this particular forum, but if anyone's interested, here is a key speech made by Putin several days ago.  it won't appear on facebook or the western mainstream media.


That's good. About time we heard a straight talking position statement from Russia. I credit the Trump administration for this. It would appear that the level of trust has increased slightly now that the Clintons are less powerful. 

The latest post is interesting too.

“By far the most popular article I ever published on this blog was titled Putin to Western Elites: Play-time is Over.

It came out almost exactly three years ago.

Essentially, in that speech Putin signalled to Western elites that they were no longer qualified to play the game of international relations of today and had to go back to school for retraining.

And now, three years later, Putin has issued them a final report card, giving them an F in every category: they have learned nothing.”


Putin to Western Elites: You Flunked!

from his latest speech .......

In the modern world, it is impossible to make a strategic gain at the expense of others. Such a policy based on self-assurance, egotism and claims to exceptionalism will not bring any respect or true greatness. It will evoke natural and justified rejection and resistance. As a result, we will see the continued growth of tensions and discord instead of trying to establish together a steady and stable international order and address the technological, environmental, climate and humanitarian challenges confronting the entire human race today.”







Typical communist propaganda. Russia must have a pending election?