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Queensland election landslide

Queensland has made history yesterday.  This result will most likely cause big new trouble for Gillard.  The Labor Party is going to be looking afresh for a new challenger, but I can't see anybody there that is near as able as Julia.  It was very pleasing to me to see my prediction come true regarding the Greens.  I wrote on here on more than one occasion that the Greens had topped out at the 2010 Federal Election where they achieved 11.5% of the vote.  Yesterday effort of 7.5% means a loss of over 30% of their support

With Labor left with an embarassing 7 or 8 Seats, I hope that Newman is as good a Premier as he was a Mayor or Queensland, with no Upper House is in big trouble.  He will have a big problem with 75 or 76 newly elected members especially as he is a lot like Rudd & Turnbull in style.

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Mussitate, you continue to make unsupported accusations that are totally incorrect.  Do you believe in what you state as fact about the mass media?  If they repeat a lie often enough, the bulk of the people will believe it.  Is that the principle that you use when you continually state that I am an expat American & so is Nautilus.  I have taken the time to look back through almost every criticism of Gillard on here & virtually every time you have answered any of them written by a male, you have accused the writer of being a misogynist.  You state non ending generalisations & accusations at the people & Governments of other Countries & never give an instance or a related fact.  You state very clearly that 90% of American wealth is in the hands of 1% of the population.  So what?  That statement is more or less correct of every country on earth, regardless of the Political system from Democracy through Socialism & Communism to Dictatorship, including Australia.  That is the nature of the human tribe & has never nor will ever change.  You continually intimate that it is a sin or illegal for the mass media to be run by major Corporations.  Who would you have run the media?  BTW, what is wrong with flag waving?  I always thought it was a trait of people proud of their Country everywhere on Earth.  I note that you have changed your tactic & you actually love Americans & it is actually America that you loathe.  It is interesting that, given a choice, most immigrants much prefer to go to America than Australia, or any other Country on Earth.

Congratulations Innes.  Such a well thought out, clear, articulate and concise comment.   One of the best I've seen on this forum.


koko, your comment was probably the best written of any of your previous comments, so ditto - slow hand clap for you....well done!


Your comment about changing my tactic about Americans - ABSOLUTELY NOT CORRECT which you damn well know - you are just doing your thing - smoke and mirrors, then full on personal attack.  

In relation to americans, just because your chosen group of people (the 1% wealthy elite) do disgusting and murderous things for money, does not mean that the average American would.  They may be intimidated and indoctrinated by the 1% but they are still mostly good people.  

To the rest of your comments - essentially what you are saying is that you support the 1% wealthy elite and you support fascism and that, my fellow commentor, is your prerogative.

My prerogative is that I am allowed to express my disgust in what the 1% wealthy elite do within and outside the US and fight as hard as I can against fascism, especially when it threatens to come into and muck up this wonderful country.  

So try and refrain from personalising every time some one has a different outlook to yourself.

Thank you koko.

I know I shouldn't but that is sooooooooo funny, humble but would make a wonderful 1% innes.

okay...I apologise...I couldn't resist.  No really, I apologise.

This one is a serious comment re flag waving.  

This form of nationalism, is a form of indoctrination that makes people vulnerable to falsehoods and makes the people impotent.  

As is what is happening in the US for instance.  All the 1% have to say (through the highly controlled media) to anyone that opposes them, is that it is unAmerican and the person or persons are immediately discredited and the rest of the population are frightened to be demonized in the same way.  

Hence, the 1% can do exactly as they want and take no responsibility for their own country or their own people.

I could write a whole book on this issue, as it is a rather profound topic, so I apologise for the clipped and inadequate response but it hopefully gives some indication of why I have problems with flag waving.  

Off now but will return.

But if the unsuccessful in society don't have ogres to blame they may be reduced to looking at themselves as their own worst enemies and contributors to their own 'misfortune'.  Take some responsibility?  Be accountable for your own choices in life?  Accept that life is unequal and the best we can do is make the best of ourselves and take the opportunities that present?  Quelle horreur, that would never do.

Far better to do SFA, sit on your dixie (for sit down money), be dependent on 'gummint' and rail against the successful as having had and taken unfair advantage.

It is hard for people to break their learned habit of dependence.  There are families where children are caught in a poverty and anger trap from birth because of the cycle of dependence they are born into and will inherit unless they fight tooth and claw every day against it.  Such is the misfortune of many indigenous children who are educated at home into dependence, oppositional behaviour and conflict.

On the other hand there are many people who do their best throughout life, are of service to themselves, their family and the community and should expect the fair treatment and support they themselves have given others in the past.





You really could be talking about the 1% wealthy elite.

They do not take responsibility for what they do and are certainly not made accountable for their choices.

Look at the fraudulent and criminal activities of the 1% which has brought the mightiest nation to its knees.  They change laws or don't enforce laws involving these people. 

So yes I can see your point....they need to break their learned habit of conducting fraudulent and criminal activities in order to make .... even more money.

We, the people, can no longer afford to keep these parasites of society.  They are way too expensive.


I must take issue with your unnecessary sniggering and grotesque insult of innes.  Innes had done nothing more than thank koko for kind words.  There is nothing wrong with politeness and respect.

Like most people I am happy for others to have different opinions to me.  Where they are passionate about their beliefs I am happy too.

But your reply to innes goes well beyond that.  Your unprovoked nasty insult betrays you as someone who enjoys being rude and offending others for the sake of it.  A person with a meaness of spirit that surfaces regardless.

Others can make their own decisions, but as far as I am concerned I try not to waste my time on dead beats and serial nuisances.

Take it easy Naut.

It waSssss light hearted fun, given koko's puerile enthusiasm to insult.

But I guess you need some word or comment to turn into something dark and evil....go for it, don't have a problem, even if it is rather tedious and boring.

What would have been nice would have been a response to my 4:04pm comment, given that it drew a nice parallel to your comment which decidedly blamed disadvantaged people for being disadvantaged.

Mussitate, let me try a slightly different tack.  Do you think it is possible to answer a few questions without a wide ranging unsubstantiated accusation against the "evil" America?

1:-  Where did you derive your expert statement that I am an expat American?             2:-  The same for Nautilus?                                                                                                 3:-  Name 10 of the wealthy elite you refer to?                                                                      4:-  Name 2 laws that they have changed & who specifically changed them?                   5:-  What fraudulent & criminal activities are you specifically referring to?                             6:-  Why do you make ridiculous statements like "okay... I apologise... I couldn't resist... no really, I apologise" then having written that you press the "Post reply" button?                                                                                                                             7:-  Where is your information that I support the 1% wealthy elite & in what way do I support fascism?                                                                                                               8:-  Who should own & operate the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal & The Washington Post?                                                   9:-  Who would you suggest should own & operate the PBS & it's 349 member TV stations?                                                                                                                       10:- Can you please tell me how I can make any criticism of our PM without being told I am a misogynist?

Is it possible for you to answer each & all of these questions in point form?

Oh...very nice....bark out those orders....... I am Australian, innes, we tend to be a tad amused and rather rebellious when someone instructs us on what we are to do and not do.

Your questions are not difficult to answer which surprises me - they lack depth, so I am wondering why they are being asked at all, other than to promote mischief and discredit comments that are valid but not what you want to hear.

As I am on my way out again, I will, I think, answer one of your questions now, dear boy, and as the other questions have answers throughout my commments especially the topic I introduced "Fascism and the New USA"...I will start with your last question.

Firstly, your question is a statement that is purposely misconstued and totally inaccurate, as per normal and as you are well aware!  

You know as well as I do that many, many comments have been made in criticism of the PM (some of them my own) and the term misogyny has not been applied!

Now, misogyny.... insulting diatribes against women specifically, reflect a dislike and disregard for women.  So, if that is what you do, that is what it is called????????

WHY would I use a whole sentence to describe something that has a word which does the same thing.  For example, why would I say 'lacking sense and meaning' when I can simply use 'inane'.



Mussitate, I did not bark out any orders.  I asked 11 simple questions of which you are obviously incapable of answering any.

Just finished getting dressed! 

Yes you did bark orders! and again you are not being truthful, !!!!!!!!

One question was generously answered and more to follow.  In the mean time one of your questions can be answered by looking at my topic "Fascism and the New USA", the fascist laws are detailed there AND in Naomi Wolf's article.

Off now.

Oh!....did you know that the US is losing its world currency status and will not be able to simply print more dollars to get them out of the mire.  

Even though they have exported a lot of their dirty linen to the rest of the world, they will still be hit the hardest - possibly by the latter half of 2012.  

Unfortunately, it will be the average American that will suffer.....badly, which makes me angry.  Sadly, those that have caused this situation and meltdown will sit back in their ivory towers and simply blame those who are unemployed or on benefits, for not taking responsibility for their situation or not breaking their dependencies on state assistance.

I will try to make it simpler for you Mussitate. Lets just try for 1 answer.  How did you manage to find out that the official records were wrong & that my great, great, great grandfather did not come to Australia from Ireland in 1803 as a free mason & my G, G, G grandmother did not arrive from England in 1808?

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