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Queensland's Olympic Bid

Pauline Hanson is posting 52 posters around regional and outer-urban Queensland to voice her opposition

The One Nation senator, 65, believes it would be a waste of money which could be better spent on water infrastructure to alleviate drought in regional areas

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Not being a sports fan I couldn't give a rat's posterior about the Olympics, so have to agree with Pauline on this one.  I think that might be a first - agreeing with Pauline.

Agree with Pauline too (can't believe I said that!). The money can be better spent elsewhere. Besides, won't Qld be too hot for sport by 2032? Will there be any water left by then? 

That is a good point NY19, it could be very hot and we should be very worried about water, it is all getting bottled and wasted on many different industries and many towns have already suffered without water.

Thing is governments spend huge amounts just putting in a bid even before they get anywhere near a nod for getting the Olympics,  which then triggers even more ridiculous amounts of spending.

Think the last time I had even a narrow interest in the Olympics was about the 1970s. Sort of see the Olympics up there with slow TV.

Share with you a total disinterest Shetso.


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Just as well no one on this thread is being asked for their opinion!

Good luck again Queensland!


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