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Random Acts of Kindness - 'Pay it Forward' - Please.... :)

"We're all in this together" ...right?  :)

Over the past few days - where I live - I have been astonished at what has evolved throughout this crisis!

I have had two girls (mid 30's early 40's?) - and on two seperate days -  knock on my door and hand me their mobile numbers - complete strangers!  Although they live further down the road ....I did not know them!  Sad really as they both were ......

                            LOVELY LOVELY PEOPLE!

..... offering help with anything I might need .....

I thanked them profusely and told them that for now - I was OK - and yes - how nice to know they were "there for me" just in case ..........

One girl "Kaz" her name is - asked "How you doing for Mince for your birds" haha ....  told me her and the kids often see me on back decking in mornings feeding them when they on way in car to school....(who would have thought?) - as I am set amongst tree's etc.

I just said "Oh birds are ok although no mince in s'market for them when I went - they are spoilt anyway" ..blah blah ...

Last night 6 pm - there was a knock at "Decking Door" ...there was Kaz!!  Two trays of $6 ea. - Coles MINCE!!  With a big smile she said "Look what I managed to score for you today"! 

I was blown away by her kindness - offered her the money - she refused! Refused! Refused!  How very kind!

I had tears in my eyes as she left and started thinking - hey about time I "paid it forward" ...which I did - today!! 











Foxy -   What a lovely  story. I love to go out every day to meet up with friends to have a chat and a hot coffee.

All this has stopped now but I make sure I still go out to keep an eye on those young people who are struggling to keep 

their jobs. I always buy a coffee on the go and leave a large tip to help as they split up the tips every day. I must admit also people are so much more friendly as they tell you about how they are coping with what is happening. They always say "Keep safe and keep well". This means a lot. 


.... so nice of you Hola.  So much angst out there right now - it's a weird feeling in the air and strangely "quiet" out n about today - it's just mind blowing what is happening and how people's lives are rapidly changing by the hour .. I just feel so so sorry for those losing their jobs!   Frightening!  Sickening!


Foxy, I always thank the shop assistants, medical staff and every other person that serves the public and remind them of the valuable service they are providing to all is much appreciated. They are all Australia's heroes.

Yes I agree       avatar

"They are all Australia's heroes "


"The Thinker" -  Fantastic avatar!  Thinking? ..... still o/s?  :)


.... so today (Wed.) I had offered to pick up a repeat 'script for a friend (unable to go) at the local clinic!

I had a couple of large boxes of chocolates given to me for my birthday a fortnight ago ...more than enough!  So - decided to take one of them with me to give to the girls behind the Reception desk as ..... who on earth would want their job right now!???

Clinic was full of people and people waiting outside!!!  Never ever seen anything like it!  Never!  Not that I go myself - but I help my friend occasionally.

I wished I really didn't have to go in there - but ............went in - asked for 'script and handed the box of Lindt Chocs. to the girl and she looked shocked.....

I said   "I'd like you to share these with the girls today in appreciation of the fantastic job you are doing here - it can't be easy for you" ...I noticed she was holding back tears as she thanked me!  Job done!

..... ..I'd paid it forward and made someone else happy .....was so glad Kaz started the ball rolling ....

I am now going to try to do something whenever I can's a good feeling!    :)))))

Wonderful stories Foxy, thank you.

Heartwarming stories Foxy, lovely to hear.

I am now imagining plump little birds sitting on your back decking! 

Image result for little birds sitting in a row photo


lol ....lovely pic!  Well most on here know I have a Magpie family (12 years now) and the Butcher Bird family ....right now I have flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets - 4 Kookaburra's and yep - just arrived a few days ago (and never had before?) 2 big black Crows (amazing blue eyes!) ..... 

I do have 2 Tawny Frogmouth Owls - rarely seen them of course but hear them "hooting: on their way back to "wherever" approx. 5 am. daily ...

The way things are going I'll be eating the mince soon and then .....the birds!!!  lololol .....

Although have to confess I do like an home made burger now and then - easy and quick to make!  :)


What a great collection of bird visitors you have Foxy.

Saw a beautiful dove wandering around my backyard this morning.

A photo I took of three tawny frogmouths at the end of the verandah at a holiday house we rented in 1770 Queensland a few years ago.

They are such cute birds!

Lovely stories Foxy and good thread about passing on kindness :)


What a gorgeous picture RnR - I've always loved their "squished in faces" lol ..... only see Doves "up town" and the other side of the CBD (where my son lives)  Wonder why there are none on the coast?

There seem to be "coastal birds" and "city birds"  ....  haven't seen a Blackbird in years?  Rarely sparrows either - wonder what happened to them all?




Thanks Ny19 ... to think 2 x trays of "Mince from a Stranger" had such an effect on me?

Haha - when typing that thought - great name for a silly book!   :)  

Hope we hear of some more "happy random's" ....








...  (Thurs.)  Guy that comes once a month to mow lawns etc. - fantastic guy ...was bemoaning the fact that everytime he goes to his "small" supermarket (lot further down the coast from me) that no matter what time he goes - can never get milk or loo paper!

When it came for me to pay him - I also gave him 1 x ltr. milk and 1 x dunny roll - all I could spare for now ....he was "gobsmacked" said "How can I ever repay you?"  

I said  "Don't worry about it - I'm on a Random Act of Kindness Crusade"  .. .lol .....he then said "Well when I see you in a months time - if you need anything just text me before I come and I will see if I can help" .....nice!  :)

.... also one of my friends had a neighbour (whom she doesn't know that well) call in and ask if she needed any shopping .....kindness is rife right now ......

 All the kindness going on in the World right now - reminds me of the John Lennon song:   "Imagine" ..........  :)






Lovely gesture Foxy, good on you.


Thanks. ...  it's weird tho' 'cause I never ever buy a 1 ltr. Milk - I always buy the 3 ltr. ones? .....but the 1 ltr. bottles were alllll that was left on Wed. morn.  so I grabbed one thinking I would freeze it - just in case!



Woke up this morning to a lovely text from one of my neighbours enquiring how we were going in our lockdown and offering to shop for us. Made us feel teary in a lovely way :). We don't need help yet but it is nice to know we can call on her if we do. 

I mentioned on another thread that my younger daughter who lives interstate managed to score 20 rolls of toilet paper after she had run out (thanks to the kindness of a supermarket worker who put it aside for her when the delivery came in) and then gave most of it away to fellow tenants where she lives. I felt really proud of her for doing that because she lives on a pittance and thought of others before herself. 

My kindest act so far was to offer to keep paying my monthly fee for gym even though it is shut down. I have since heard that quite a few of the gym members did the same to try to help the woman who owns the franchise and runs it. 

I read that in Spain with all their worries there, that people are getting out on their balconies and clapping for 5 minutes every morning to thank their doctors and health workers. That made me cry because my son is a doctor and I am feeling worried sick about him but am also feeling in awe of how brave and devoted he is.

Keep spreading the kindness everyone :) we WILL get through this. The one constant in life is that nothing is constant.

Good on you and your daughter Ny19.

.... Ny19 - your son is a Dr.  - wow - good on him but yes what a incredible worry for you and his partner and everyone!   .............awful!  

Love the gorgeous photo's that makes me smile. Glad your bird friends got looked after Foxy.

Lovely Foxy and good on you for repaying -- so great and it always comes back to bless you, sound like me with all my spoilt birds --

I think the Owls hang around the CBD because there are lots of rats in the evening -- although I often have the Tawny frogmouths here, never see sparrows any more but they were imported birds along with the Indian miners