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"We're all in this together" ...right?  :)

Over the past few days - where I live - I have been astonished at what has evolved throughout this crisis!

I have had two girls (mid 30's early 40's?) - and on two seperate days -  knock on my door and hand me their mobile numbers - complete strangers!  Although they live further down the road ....I did not know them!  Sad really as they both were ......

                            LOVELY LOVELY PEOPLE!

..... offering help with anything I might need .....

I thanked them profusely and told them that for now - I was OK - and yes - how nice to know they were "there for me" just in case ..........

One girl "Kaz" her name is - asked "How you doing for Mince for your birds" haha ....  told me her and the kids often see me on back decking in mornings feeding them when they on way in car to school....(who would have thought?) - as I am set amongst tree's etc.

I just said "Oh birds are ok although no mince in s'market for them when I went - they are spoilt anyway" ..blah blah ...

Last night 6 pm - there was a knock at "Decking Door" ...there was Kaz!!  Two trays of $6 ea. - Coles MINCE!!  With a big smile she said "Look what I managed to score for you today"! 

I was blown away by her kindness - offered her the money - she refused! Refused! Refused!  How very kind!

I had tears in my eyes as she left and started thinking - hey about time I "paid it forward" ...which I did - today!! 








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Breaking news. We are opening the borders to all states except Victoria on 10th July.  But all travellers will have to sign a declaration stating that they haven't visited Victoria in the last 14 days.  If they are found to have lied they will face hefty fines, up to $4000.

And she had this to say as well.  :)    You tell 'em Anastacia.  LOL  Go girl!!!


The Premier was asked about the criticism Queensland has copped for keeping its border closed.   She didn’t hold back:   ”These border wars have got to stop.“I think a national leader should have been able to bring all of the states and territories together.“Frankly, I'm a bit sick that Queensland has been singled out as opposed to South Australia, and Tasmania, just to name a few.“And perhaps if Victoria had been almost self-quarantined or quarantined, then the Prime Minister could have set a date for all of the other states and territories once Victoria has under control.“At the moment, what we have is a bit of a confrontation where fights are being picked at different states and, frankly, I don't think it's good enough.
“I've been silent for a long time and I will not be silenced for standing up for what I believe to be right, for the health advice that I'm being provided for by Dr Young.   “And Dr Young, and the advice that she has given us, has put Queensland in a very good position.”

Anastacia is gutsier than Gladys. I wonder if she is making a mistake though, opening to NSW when we won't shut our border with Victoria? I have heard and read that we are being flooded by Victorian visitors right now in NSW during the Victorian school holidays. NOT HAPPY GLADYS!!!

Yes holiday makers will be flooding NSW and from the hot spot areas too, better keep low Ny19.

Hot spot areas now going into lockdown.

The orders will come into force from 11.59pm on Wednesday, with residents only allowed to leave their homes for four reasons: Going to work or school; Care or care giving; Daily exercise; Buying food and other essentials.

The postcodes subject to the new stay-at-home orders include:
• 3012 (Brooklyn, Kingville, Maidstone, Tottenham, West Footscray)
• 3021 (Alban Vale, Kealba, Kings Park, St Albans)
• 3032 (Ascot Vale, High Point City, Maribyrnong, Travancore)
• 3038 (Keilor Downs, Keilor Lodge, Taylors Lakes, Watergardens)
• 3042 (Airport West, Keilor Park, Niddrie)
• 3046 (Glenroy, Hadfield, Oak Park)
• 3047 (Broadmeadows, Dallas, Jacana)
• 3055 (Brunswick South, Brunswick West, Moonee Vale, Moreland West)
• 3060 (Fawkner)
• 3064 (Craigieburn, Donnybrook, Mickleham, Roxburgh Park and Kalkallo)

Many have already left for school holidays especially those that have holiday house elsewhere, so what is the point, if they had the virus they are already spreading it. This is about political control and to put fear into people, IMO.

Honestly Incognito how can you say that; political control I don't believe for one minutes.

One doesn't know which person will have the a very bad case of the Virus, I think we as a country has been very lucky.   The situation appears that some people are more responsible with this virus than others;  yes I would say a lot of folks from overseas and their families have not been responsible and mixing when they should not have;   whether that has to do with their willingness not to understand the situation or they are ignorant I don't know, but why should the rest of the Eastern States population have to suffer for a few irresponsibles.

The Federal Government should have been firmer when they let these people back in, personally I think the Federal Government should have had a cut off date for folks coming back into Australia. 

Look at the news of the Pakistani cases in the UK, they are saying fifty percent of the infections in the UK are from there.

Well it was just an opinion, but I agree with the folks coming back into Australia should have been managed a lot better, strange with UK, why so many Paki's, and they are opening up the whole country now too.

People from Pakistan are called Pakistanis...."Paki" is a considered  racist slur.

Wasn't meant to be a racist slur, just shortening the word, sorry if it offended you.

LOL - better stock up on surgical face masks - gallons of hand sanitizers -  get tested - stay in Iso - prepare for the "second-wave"  >>>  (coming to a town near you!)  

Incog.  Mainstream media is at it already just heard "THOUSANDS"  of Melbourne suburbs in "severe" lock-down!  Never ends!  Show me "thousands" ?????   lololol

What happened yesterday?  The invasion of the "panic-demic" flashmob appeared?  lol  Unbelievable!

Ny19 - "assuming" yet again?? "You fear..... etc. "?? (Page 5) - Seriously?  Obviously you have never read the many many times I have written on here over the YEARS  ....... "I have NO political preferences?"  .......  (Even IF I did it's nothing to do with you!)

Perhaps I should "assume"?? -  you are in some kind of bizarre "fear" (not only of Sky News) lol - as you appear not to like the FACTS and only the FICTION posted on this site? I was "talking" to Incog. about how many people are HOSPITALIZED currently within AUSTRALIA!!!  H O S P I T A L I Z E D  ........ as I was asked to supply current figures (if I came across them!)

Not how many have been tested - positive - negative - blah blah blah ....... I am fully aware of the numbers and what is going on in Vic. thankyou!  I live here - remember?????




Yes Foxy your RAK thread has morphed into a fear mongering thread, the virus is spreading on YLC's seems no topic is free of it these days, every thread is being sabotaged with the virus comments.

I saw this coming about the lock downs they talked about it for days and this gave time for those who had holiday houses or holiday plans to get out early while they could. Again it will attack the poor and vulnerable, the rich can sit in their lovely holiday homes and spread the virus elsewhere (assuming they have it of course, but would have avoided testing anyway).

The spread of fear is about control, control, control, everything seems normal here except more holiday makers have invaded for the school holidays of course, normally winter is quiet and they go north to warmer climates or overseas.

I have stopped watching the news again because of the exaggerations and going over and over it, meanwhile we live in threat of a nuclear winter everyday and people are dying of starvation every day, I wish people would really understand what the real threats in this world are. (Sorry been reading that book I mentioned in another thread, the stats of destructive warheads, biological arms and other arms in storage is mindboggling).

All this virus is doing is dividing people, killing the economy and distracting eveyone from the real threats and dealings going on in back rooms IMO.

Well I was out all day/evening (yesterday) and came to post 2 x R.A. of K (both by me lol) and "unforseen" at the time .....but after reading some of the appalling posts decided dammit - not doing it!  What for Incog. to be constantly ridiculed?

I am actually starting to get a "new respect" for ScoMo! haha - yep I know ......saw him being interviewed just prior and he was saying "border lockdowns and lockdown of Melb." is not warranted as the Health Officials say "not necessary"!  As for these other States sending in their freakin' CMO's haha - maybe they might need to keep them there with all us "Virus Vics." heading their way?  :))

Trouble with some is if anyone "dares" to "think outside the box" you get howled down and ridiculed ...should be used to it after all these years ...but .......if it wasn't for a very small # of people (yourself included) I wouldn't bother coming here anymore ....we all have shit to cope with in our lives be it in some form or another and to get abused/ridiculed/attacked constantly just adds to the "unnecessary" IMO ......

Will be watching SKY (Paul) 9pm .....will post either later or tomor the meantime will send you some fresh Garlic to hopefully fend off the bloodsucking "Dracula Trolls" hahahahahaaaa .....



Sorry I cannot agree with any respect for Scomo, he can say that because he is not making the call for the States decisions. 

And he just announced a $270 billion dollar spending on defense over the next 10 years, that scares me more than a virus, if we have a nuclear war we are all dead either immediately or slowly from a nuclear winter.

I am wondering Foxy are these areas low income areas with heaps of crime? Gang areas? Is that why the military is there to try and get control of the gangs? Why are they blitz testing these areas only? And Dan says he will fine anyone who has no reasonable excuse for being out of their home, is he trying to fill the coffer's?

I think it is healthy to ask questions and not always take things on what you are being told by the media, too bad more people don't do it. As much as they try the trolls don't get to me, it is more like a mozzie flying around annoying you trying to bite you.

I am always interested in your Sky news report because I can't watch it so it gives me yet another perspective on things.

Have you seen my new thread I posted?, two of my threads got on the newsletter today, "what things you regret in your life" and "environmental threats to Australia" yes the T's have been there too.




Yes I have seen your new Topic "Regrets" - I declined to comment on it because the more some of these people on here "know" about you the more they throw it up in your face either then or at a later date! Plenty of "nice" people have left this site because of same!

......  there are now 11 people hospitalized in the whole of Oz (according to the graph put up last night)

So crazy "Dan" is at it again!  Now saying that he will think about bringing in a new law that people CANNOT refuse to get tested?  What they gonna' do hold people down and violate their human rights their privacy?  Of course - just fine them $1,650 each - but people will not pay!  This Govt. is getting more controlling by the day!  

These "lockdowns" are predominantly "migrant" suburbs and yes some of them are "lower income" however even in poorer suburbs there are still the "rich" areas

....ridiculous as they were showing this morning that one side of the street is in "lock-down" with all shops closed - footpaths empty and directly across the road all the "strip" shops are flourishing and lots of people!  This is all so very WRONG!

Have no idea why the military are being brought into Victoria in "peacetime"?  The whole thing smacks of "control" as a lot of migrants fear military and the police in a big way - they have come from countries where they have experienced this type of scenario first hand!  Appalling way to treat citizens of Australia IMO..... surely people will eventually "revolt" against the Andrews Govt. because everyone I speak to and hear their opinions -  most have had a gutful. 

The SKY news last night stated  "a lockdown of Melbourne suburbs was totally unwarranted as the suburbs that got "tested first" (18 days ago) ....were now "over" the (14 day)  two week period of supposed contamination and many of these "tests" are unreliable anyway!  Hysteria at it's worst!

As I said on here days ago - can you only "imagine" if Australia had even a 1% of the "figures" that other countries had at their peak - what would be happening here?  Frightening!!!!  





The only thing I can think of is Dan has some vested interests in Big Pharma or something, is he getting donations from them? Otherwise it is about control, and a "testing" ground to see how far they can go with Australian people and they are using this area as scapegoats IMO.

I feel sorry for these people who are stuck in lockdown and many of the migrants would be very scared and not understanding what is going on, the stress will make them sick. And 4 weeks seems a bit much too.

Yes he will fine people, and fill up the kitty if they refuse to be tested. Will we see the military chase and hold down these people? And what about if they refuse to give their details so they can be followed up? Really it is getting out of hand I think. What gets me is they will have the DNA and keep it stored for future use along with the names, phone numbers and addresses. I find it hard that he would be able to get this law passed anyway.

Did you watch Foreign Corresspondence about how Sweden handled things? much more civil and their people have the utmost repect for their leaders even though they had a lot of deaths initially they believe it was because of a mistake they made with aged care. The people who got the virus are actually glad they now have anti-bodies but they are unsure how long that lasts.

Thanks for looking at my other threads, I know what you mean, but it was meant to be a light hearted conversation that has turned into a bit of something else. 


Hope you all down in old Melbourne town are getting your tests done.

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They are using a different system now, a mouth swab.

The new system is not reliable.

So why are they using it, to boost numbers up?

Don't ask me...find out for yourself...not hard!

I asked you because you were the one saying it was unreliable so I thought you might know.

It has been interesting the last 30 hours, I have been in hospital and I have only seen two people walk into the hospital with face maks on here in WA.

Sorry to hear Celia, are you okay?, I actually was thinking you did not post yesterday and was wondering.

Hi Incognito!         Could be a bit better, I am being tried with new medication!  Then have to wear the heart monitor again, I had a terrible reaction to some medication the GP put me on.  The Chemist at the hospital said the drug was very very strong, the doctor said it plays with the brain!  Thats all people need, back to the GP this afternoon.   Thank you for asking.

Sorry to hear that Celia, it is often good to talk to a pharmicist/chemist about the drugs they seem to know more about the side effects etc., all the best.

All the best Celia.

hope you are feeling better CELIA,    some meds can play havox,   i ALWAYS check with my chemist before taking a new med,   and he does a printout for me,   i have had to many bad experiences with meds to take a chance,     you take care,      

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews looks slightly concerned as he talks to media outside State Parliament.


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has warned going back into a state-wide lockdown remains an option if current outbreaks are not contained, as 73 new coronavirus infections were identified in the state.

From 11:59pm on Wednesday, about 311,000 residents in the following postcodes will be restricted from leaving the house except for essential purposes: 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064.






I will always speak up even if I am going against public opinion, but I feel sorry for this guy Andrews;   he had done a good job until the Federal Government kept bringing back people from the Indian sub continent.

Mark McGowan [WA] had the same problem, but WA put these folks newly returned back into Oz onto the heat onto Rotto for the duration!  

Had Andrews done that to some isolated camp site too, these folk would not have met up and partied with their relations. Obviously these people cannot be trusted.

Now they all seem to be wanting to socialize and do not care two hoots about anyone else.

I think the people of Victoria, especially Melbourne have been too understanding with regards these new arrivals & their families. 

If these self centred people do refuse to be tested that is fine, they can stay in an outback town with a wall around it for for the duration till the pandemic is over and dusted.






Wow, they're even dividing the streets in Victoria. Residents in the restricted areas will not be allowed to leave their homes unless it is for the four reasons permitted under the Chief Health Officer's directives being: shopping/supplies, compassionate reasons, exercise, and work and study if it can't be done from home.

Meanwhile, over the border – which in some cases is just next door - different rules apply (haha)

Remy Pham and Sonia Lear's family live on the West Footscray 'restricted' side of Warleigh Road so when it came to yesterday's postcode lottery for the new COVID-19 lockdown, they won the prize of staying home for the next four weeks.



Guess they had to draw the line somewhere, but I still don't understand why they are just not containing those who tested postive only and not everyone else, so many businesses will suffer again and many have just reopened. Heard tonight of one take away has to close and throw out all the food they have, what a waste.

The problem is,  that it takes weeks to show its self -- and those that have been in contact are just spreaders and so many don't care a dam

To Foxy and others in Melbourne and the other areas going in lockdown. Take care and hope all is well.




As an act of kindness to the rest of Oz, Victorians please do the right thing

Behave GIFs | Tenor

get tested,

use sanitiser, wash hands for two minutes,

social distance

do not panic buy.

Do not try to sneak into NSW

Do as Dan says!!!

Learn to make sourdough bread 

Until we meet again……….  




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