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Random Acts of Kindness - (General)

"We're all in this together" ...right?  :)

Over the past few days - where I live - I have been astonished at what has evolved throughout this crisis!

I have had two girls (mid 30's early 40's?) - and on two seperate days -  knock on my door and hand me their mobile numbers - complete strangers!  Although they live further down the road ....I did not know them!  Sad really as they both were ......

                            LOVELY LOVELY PEOPLE!

..... offering help with anything I might need .....

I thanked them profusely and told them that for now - I was OK - and yes - how nice to know they were "there for me" just in case ..........

One girl "Kaz" her name is - asked "How you doing for Mince for your birds" haha ....  told me her and the kids often see me on back decking in mornings feeding them when they on way in car to school....(who would have thought?) - as I am set amongst tree's etc.

I just said "Oh birds are ok although no mince in s'market for them when I went - they are spoilt anyway" ..blah blah ...

Last night 6 pm - there was a knock at "Decking Door" ...there was Kaz!!  Two trays of $6 ea. - Coles MINCE!!  With a big smile she said "Look what I managed to score for you today"! 

I was blown away by her kindness - offered her the money - she refused! Refused! Refused!  How very kind!

I had tears in my eyes as she left and started thinking - hey about time I "paid it forward" ...which I did - today!! 








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IT'S A SCAM ...................  (In-box this morning)

                          Congratulations!  We have a surprise for WOOLWORTHS customers ....

...goes on to say "hundreds of prizes" blah blah .......

Generated out of Houston - Texas - USA

Couldn't find the "SCAM" Topic so put it here ... (my RA of K for the day!)  lololol

Yes they are going full pelt with scams, I win or inherit money every day lol.

What a lovely story of "kindness" tonight on Chn. 9 ....... "everyday kindness"   :))

The 80 yr. old "Wonder Woman" -  who since 2002 -  has been knitting gorgeous brightly coloured Teddy Bears for children in hospitals - called "Trauma Bears"!  Each has his own little silk "MediBear" label sewn to him and has been bringing happiness and smiles to kiddies for the past 18 years!

This lady has enlisted an "army" of volunteer knitters and between them they manage to turn out approx. 200 Bears per week!  

Really cute fun Bears too!   

I have heard about her some time ago, glad they are giving her some more recognition.

...yeah she has just been made an "Hon. Member" of ("blah blah") Hospital - lol - sorry can't recall the name ...... she is pretty stoked!

                                        Random Acts Of Kindness Clipart

Not random but great to see Orange Sky providing this service:

We wanted to share a bit of information about our newest remote service in Maningrida in Arnhem Land. We started this service earlier this year and thankfully it has been able to continue operating as there are no reported cases of COVID-19 within the community.   

Back in 2019, Orange Sky was invited by members of the local community to visit Maningrida and consider starting a laundry service. Maningrida experiences some of the highest rates of skin disease and rheumatic heart disease in the world, particularly among children. There are a number of ways to reduce the incidence of these conditions, one of which is improving access to health hardware such as laundry services.

Our remote vehicles look a little different to our metropolitan and regional services - the vehicles are chosen to deal with the harsher terrain and are equipped with three high-capacity hot water washing machines and three high-capacity dryers (to deal with bulkier items such as bedding).

This service has been made possible thanks to generous funding from The Snow Foundation, The Shine On Foundation and Mala'la Aboriginal Health Service Corporation. We operate the service in conjunction with Mala'la, reinforcing their health education and health promotion activities, as well as providing employment opportunities for local Community Workers.

The service has been really well received by the local community with over 12,700kgs of washing done to date!



....saw on News today that the Queen has Knighted that 100 year old veteran guy "Tom" who raised 80 mill. by walking around his property in the U.K.  -  nice!   Nice looking property too i might add    :))


Well that would have given him a thrill, big thing that in the UK, nice one Lizzy.

...oh yeah meant to add also - in the same bit of news said - the Queen is not taking on any more "public engagaments" until 2022 .......interesting?  Wonder if she will ever see her son become King?


That seems like a long time to wait, maybe she is using it as an excuse to have a rest, probably getting tired of getting dressed up and smiling all the time, and wants to hang out in her trackie dacks lol.


Devoted Dad Surprises Graduating Daughter With Front Yard Ceremony After Hers Was Canceled   

A devoted Tennessee dad went above and beyond the call of duty in order to host a proper commencement ceremony for his daughter.

After years of working towards her bachelor’s degree in public health science, Gabrielle Pierce was devastated when she learned that she would not be able to walk across a stage to receive her diploma like she had always dreamed of.

Although Pierce graduated from the Xavier University of Louisiana in December, the school only hosts one commencement ceremony every year—so Pierce spent months waiting for her chance to walk.

 When Pierce received an email from the university in mid-March about how their ceremony would be canceled amidst the COVID-19 shutdowns, she told CNN. that she had been crying over the news for one week straight.

Pierce wasn’t the only one heartbroken by the cancellation; her father Torrence Burson could hardly bear to see his daughter so sad.

Rather than accept his daughter’s dream as forfeit, however, Burson became determined to host his own commencement ceremony for Pierce at their home in Memphis.


Over the course of just six weeks, Burson managed to reserve a photographer, stage, and podium without his daughter’s knowledge.

When the big day finally came, Pierce was shocked to find a full-sized stage waiting for her in her front yard. There were 40 people in attendance, all sitting six feet apart with masks on—and her father even played “Pomp and Circumstance” as she walked up to get her diploma.

“Gabrielle never saw anything until she came out to walk,” Burson told CNN. “At that moment, I didn’t have any worries. I was speechless. To see my baby walk across the stage and all her friends, family, neighbors and people that we don’t even know stopped in the street to witness this. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Why can't our Government do something like this:

The British Columbian government has managed to provide housing for more than 200 homeless Canadians while simultaneously bringing economic support to struggling hotels during the COVID-19 crisis.

This week, provincial legislators purchased the Comfort Inn Hotel in Victoria for $18.5 million as a means of sheltering homeless people living in street encampments amidst the pandemic.

In addition to the hotel being equipped with 65 rooms for temporary accommodations, the province is also rehiring laid-off hotel workers to help manage the facility


“Often people experiencing homelessness are not able to access the support and services they need,” said Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. “The purchase of the Comfort Inn, combined with medical and social supports, will help people make the transition from the street to permanent housing.”

This is not the first facility that the province has purchased to accommodate homeless people. In the city of Prince Rupert, the province purchased the former Raffles Inn motel in order to convert it it into a permanent supportive housing building with up to 48 units, each with private washrooms, showers and mini kitchens. Once complete, the building will have the capacity for a 35-space temporary shelter or an extreme weather response shelter by 2021.

Both of these purchases are part of a province-wide mission to build roughly 3,300 new affordable housing units for seniors, Indigenous people, low-income families, women and children escaping abuse, students, and people experiencing—or at risk of—homelessness.

According to the BC Housing Twitter page, 289 rough sleepers have already been moved into temporary housing for the duration of the pandemic.

MORECrafty Denver Nonprofit Snags Old Hotel and Turns it into ‘Instant Housing’ for Low-Income and Homeless

“This is a substantial investment in our community and will provide housing for those who need it most,” says Lisa Helps, mayor of the city of Victoria. “This site has significant redevelopment potential to provide a range of affordable housing in the long term. I look forward to working with the community and with BC Housing to determine the long-term use of this site.”

People will have access to services such as meals, health-care services, addictions treatment and harm reduction, storage for personal belongings and other supports, including 24/7 staffing to provide security to residents of the building and the surrounding neighborhood.



 "Why can't our Government do something like this? The British Columbian government has managed to provide housing for more than 200 homeless Canadians while simultaneously bringing economic support to struggling hotels during the COVID-19 crisis."


Is your head buried deep into the sand of the Gibson Desert???

Our Government has done not only massively more than any other country, BUT, THEY DO IT ALL YEAR ROUND....COVID-19 OR NOT!!!!








Awwww ......  a definite R.A. of K  ......     :)

Cops in Oaklahoma U.S.  (on patrol) received a despatch call (from a concerned "jogger" who had called 911) go to a bushy part of a park where a Husky puppy had been tied with a short rope.  When they arrived the dog was terrified - backing off - growling - undernourished but surprisingly in pretty good nick coat wise! 

Younger cop of the 2 - talked softly - took steps nearer with hand out etc. etc. finally got the dog's confidence to where once he actually patted the dog -  the dog wagged - jumped up on him crying licking his face and became so excited!

Cops called Animal Control - waited - Animal Control arrived - ran the "chip" thing over dog - no identification chip .....cop asked how long dog would be kept and what would happen if owner didn't claim dog - 4 days! Then 7 days in pound - then if no home - euthanised!

Animal Control had great difficulty getting dog in wagon as would not leave cops side!

Cop went home - told his wife about the dog and how they had "bonded" etc.  after the 4 days were up owner found - cop and his wife went and picked up the dog who was totally ecstatic at seeing cop again ...and they all walked off to car with dog wagging jumping licking etc. 

Great outcome!  :))

(This story was courtesy of the show "Cops" -  where a camera crew ride with them on patrol and film "everything" they have to deal with on their shift - nothing is off limits!)





to see cop again




Just goes to show that sometimes dogs pick their owners and not the other way around, nice story.


Crayola Unveils New Crayon Pack of Skin Tone Colors From Around the World to Promote InclusivityBy Good News Network -   Photo by Crayola

One of the world’s most beloved suppliers of children’s art supplies has just unveiled a new initiative for promoting an “inclusive world for children of all ages, races, cultures and ethnicities.”

Earlier this week, Crayola launched a new pack of specially formulated “Colors of the World” crayons designed to mirror and represent over 40 global skin tones across the world.

Crayola released the crayon pack on May 21st—the United Nation’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development—in hopes that the project would allow children to “creatively and accurately color themselves into the world they see around them.”


LOOKAdorable Preschool “Twins” Take a Stand Against Discrimination

“With the world growing more diverse than ever before, Crayola hopes our new Colors of the World crayons will increase representation and foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance,” said Crayola CEO Rich Wuerthele in a press release. “We want the new Colors of the World crayons to advance inclusion within creativity and impact how kids express themselves.”

In addition to conducting rigorous consumer testing on developing the crayon colors to reflect an accurate and inclusive skin tone palette, Crayola also partnered with Victor Casale for the project.

Casale, formerly Chief Chemist and Managing Director, R&D of MAC cosmetics and co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Cover FX and currently CEO of MOB Beauty, possesses over 30 years of experience in creating foundation colors for global skin tones.

Photo by Crayola

“I have spent my life trying to create truly global shade palettes because I know what it’s like to be with a person who has finally found their exact match. They feel included and recognized, and I am hoping every child who uses these crayons and finds their shade will have that feeling,” says Casale. “Growing up, I remember mixing the pink and dark brown crayons to try and make my shade, so I was thrilled when Crayola asked for my help to create the Colors of the World crayons.”

For more than eight months, Crayola’s research, development and marketing teams collaborated with Casale to bring the Colors of the World crayons to life, modeling his scientific process for developing inclusive foundation shades.

RELATEDStrangers Offer Flood of Support for White Mom Who’s ‘Clueless’ About Styling Black Daughter’s Hair

Together, Casale and Crayola systematically created crayon colors that step down from light to deep shades across rose, almond and golden undertones, resulting in a 24 global shade palette that authentically reflects the full spectrum of human complexions.

“What intrigued Crayola about Victor was not only his extensive experience in creating shades that capture the natural beauty of every skin tone, but his abiding passion and commitment nurturing inclusion and representation,” says Mimi Dixon, Manager Brand Equity and Activation at Crayola. “His expertise, candor and guidance throughout the development process was invaluable and brings an enhanced level of credibility and authenticity to the Colors of the World product.”

Photo by Crayola

The crayon packs feature side panels that serve as color references while each crayon is wrapped in a gradient skin tone label with the color name in English, Spanish, and French. Additionally, each crayon has been assigned a realistic color name—such as Light Golden, Deep Almond and Medium Deep Rose—all to help kids easily find the shade they identify as their own.

Crayola Colors of the World crayons come in a 24- and 32-count pack and will begin to hit shelves in July for the back to school season.

Wasn't sure where to post this, but thought it was kind of an act of kindness by Crayola.

 View image on Twitter An IKEA outlet in Germany is being praised for opening up its parking lot to local Islamic communities so they could celebrate the end of Ramadan while still respecting social distancing guidelines.

Although the nation suspended religious services back in March as a means of curbing the COVID-19 outbreaks, they recently started allowing worshippers to gather in groups of up to 50 people at a time.

 These restrictions have prevented many Muslim communities from attending prayer services during the holy month of Ramadan. This weekend in particular was Eid al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of the month of fasting.

LOOKIKEA Released Instructions on How to Build the 6 Best Blanket Forts For Your Home Quarantine

So as a means of bringing his community together for the traditional Eid prayers and celebration, Kadir Terzi—who is the chairman of the Ditib Wetzlar mosque near Frankfurt—approached the management of a local IKEA and asked if they could host their service in the parking lot.

Although Terzi told BBC that he had not been anticipating much success with the proposition, “the store manager didn’t hesitate for a second and said ‘yes, you can pray’.”

“I was surprised and happy at the same time,” Terzi concluded.

MOREChurch Opens Up Its Doors to Muslim Worshippers So They Can Have a Place to Pray During Quarantine

Terzi then posted an open invitation to the service on social media and reminded attendees to wear face masks, leave their children at home, and maintain at least six feet of social distance.

More than 800 Muslims ended up attending the prayers—and the photos of the event are breathtaking.

“It was a completely different Ramadan month, without contacts, without visits and without breaking the fast together,” Terzi told the news outlet. “[So] the closing prayer with all Muslims in Wetzlar was like a reward for us.”


For some reason I can't post on  "Lets stick Togeth. - Gen. Chat"  - appears frozen?

So will put here .....

Breaking News - haha ..... (just mine!)

I am going to a restaurant tonight! (6/6) with my son and his partner -  yay!  First time since my b'day in March!

Will be interesting to see how it is handled as there are 2 x rooms (one of which has a med. sized cocktail bar in it) ...apparently there are 2 "sittings" tonight - so fortunately we are going to the latter one so will not be "rushed out".

...... sooo looking forward to it ..... cheers!  :))




Enjoy Foxy.

:) Cheers.


LOL - love the pic!  Ta ...   will have a "cheers" for u :)


Enjoy your meal out, I heard they will take your name, address and phone number in case someone who may have eaten there gets tested positive for coronavirus then you will have to be tested and go into iso. 

I can't post on "Let's Stick Together" either.

This sometimes seems to happen when YLC admin removes a post or poster.

Notice YLC removed the last poster, a spammer, there.

Try emailing YLC asking to get it back up again.


Yes have to agree  the topic is Frozen 2 |

Like the Disney show

And as RnR suggests you will have to ask YLC Admin for aRandom Acts Of Kindness ClipartLOL


Oh ok thanks - wondered what had happened ....... will do

lol - like the Disney show - good one .......  :)


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