Re Vista

I listen to the techs from PC magazine on ABC radio as they test everything and a few weeks ago they said vista is being phased out as it has proved to troublesome. They advised staying with XP until the next and probably last versionof windows is released - it is supposed to be problem free.



Vista is here for quite some time.

The next version of Windows is planned for 2010, but we will have to wait wait and see if it arrives on time.

There is no reason for Microsoft to kill off Vista as it works well.

I personally run it on three different computers without problems. In fact I would say that overall I'm much happier with Vista than with XP.

However if you have an older computer with peripherals (scanners, printers etc..) then you might be better off staying with XP. If your computer works well with XP then there is probably no reason to upgrade to Vista and I would advise you against it as Vista is much more demanding on the hardware - you need a good fast machine to run it (new computers don't have much problem).



Hi Greg,

The original message was from someone relatively new to computers and is about to purchase one and asked for advice on XP versus Vista. My daughter who has worked in administration with computers for many years and very familiar with them recently purchased a new laptop with vista installed. It took several expensive visits from a technician to get it running smoothly. My advice in this instance tended towards the more user friendly and least troublesome program for her. Each to their own experience I suppose and possibly depends on what you are most familiar with.


There are a lot of new computers (especially notebooks) being sold with Vista that are totally underpowered.

Notebooks are still being sold with Vista and only 512Mb ram, and then the sales people up sell to the latest version of Norton/McAfee/TrenMicro and some of these programs explicitly specify more memory than the computer comes with. I have spent some time fixing new laptops that have come with too much software and too little ram.

I would not be happy selling a new computer (with Vista) if it doesn't have 2Gb of Ram.

Having said that my old laptop (nearly three years old) can run Vista fairly well with 1Gb of Ram.

There is also a little learning curve with Vista, as some things are different - however most of it can be learn't very quickly or you can set Vista to look and feel like XP. Having said that, one should get with the "program" and work with Vista as it wont be long before most of the info on the web will be Vista centric instead of XP centric. Also new programs and peripherals will be designed for Vista and not XP - just like now where if you go and get a new ADSL internet connection from most of the major ISPs it doesn't support Windows 98.

I work with computers everyday, building them, repairing them and fixing them; and if I was buying a new computer today (not needing to support old peripherals or software) then I would definitely go Vista. In my experience it is much more stable than XP and is more secure.

Vista needs the right hardware to work well and is not suited to most older computers.