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2020 ........

Lots "on hold" this year due to Covid - however

Ninja Warrior - returning soon to Chn. 9 .....

Bachelor in Paradise - Chn. 10 - returning JULY

Farmer Wants a Wife - also returning JULY.... Chn. 7

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MasterChef - currently showing...Chn. 10



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Follow up on "Epstein Doco."    (posted days ago) 

......  so the FBI have finally arrested Ghislaine Maxwell (Epsteins accomplice)  Found her in a magnificient mansion set in acres of gardens in New Hampshire .... apparently purchased in December 2019.  Bet she got someone else to do the transaction? 

She has applied for bail but given she has 3 Passports she is considered a "High Risk" so guessing that won't happen?   

Apparently the "rich social circles" have gone into a "frenzied meltdown" as there is "gossip" that Maxwell's top lawyers are considering a "plea bargain" where she could be freed of any wrongdoing whatsoever IF she names people/places/times etc. etc. 

IF ....that happens or it's accepted by the Court - wonder how long she will stay "alive" ??  Will "someone" get to her first?  

........ be a lot of "very worried" men throughout the world right now

Interesting    ................




Thanks for the update.

Saw the advert of 60 minutes this week they are doing a story on her. I hope she gets jail for what she did, horrible woman to let it all happen and be a part of it, she is just as guilty IMO. Hope she does not do a "suicide" and disappear. Good on the FBI for finding her.


Is this going to be yet another trial by media ???

Saw the prosecutor andshe looks like another 'me too' woman

yep a lotta worried men, ducking disappearing from sight


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Foxy, just thought I would mention, maybe time to update the start of this topic, some of those TV shows are not on.



.... done!  Didn't think anyone really cared? haha ....


Great to get an update on what is coming soon. And good to get the comments back to reality (TV that is) ha ha.

American Idol starts soon, next week was it? I don't think we have seen it on Australian TV for awhile, I think they are scrambling for shows to put on at the moment.




Yep I get it - I really do!  In fact "over it".. ..  haven't seen anything re Amer. Idol ....

I still have the Alien "Time Travellers" to watch then I am up to date with everything - finally! lol 

Be interesting - to see what "scoop" 60 Mins. has on Maxwell?  Hope they not simply rehashing "old stuff" just 'cause she made the news again....  

U.S. trying to get "Randy Andy" to testify haha ....Palace will have time to make up a load of BS and alibi's no doubt?  Will probably pay the Pizza place he was "meant to be" for his daughters birthday for some kind of fabrication!  




... just flipped thru' 1/2 of "America's Got Talent" - really? haha  Talent??  

Sick of the contestants "sob story's" before they start their act - and the audience cheering and stamping into the 2nd. "note" anyone sings!  Also fancy saying "yes" to that overweight super bad "dancer" girl! (Sob story get them in and all PR for the show no doubt) ....  am up to the 80 year old comedian guy ... argh spare me! !!! 

Was relying on you Incog. to tell me if there were any acts worth watching (you are usually spot on!)  :) 

Sorry Foxy, I think I did not mention because there was not a lot of talent like you said and nothing stuck in my mind, but I did like the 80 year old, but that super bad dance no way, should not have gone through, seems if you have a sob story that gets you through, so wrong, is it a talent show or the best of the sob stories?

Will make notes for you next time so I can remember, the last contestant is always the best though.

Yeah the 80 yr. old got better towards the end - funny but I thought "I bet he's 80" when I first saw him .....wonder why they have to make it so "staged"?  

ok.... tortured myself to see AGT thru' to the end!  lol   Magicians were so pathetic!  Idiots in ripped white shirts - more pathetic ........blues singer woman at end - amazing voice!  Another "super sob story" tho' she would have looked a whole lot better in a long loose fitting black dress or perhaps black pants and a black loose tunic top?   What she had on accentuated how big she was.

I know they are there for their "talent" and not their "looks" but to be super critical you'd think they would at least bother to look good knowing the show is watched by millions.

She would be an amazing "back up" singer and I truly hope she does well.  The Rolling Stones and Boy George currently have a group of female back up singers (on stage) just like her!

Although she needs ongoing work and heavens knows when any "next" tours will be!

The magicians were a comedy routine, I thought it was funny, but Steven Cowell could not work out what was happening and that made it funnier.

The T'shirt record breaking attempt, not sure that is a talent.

Last one was a good singer, hope it is better next week, will let you know, I just have it on in the background while doing other things, with the remote next to me to fast forward the ads and other things.

Faces of the twits in big brother house when they told them they were in lockdown and hae to stay in lockdown LOL


Shock as Big Brother cameras turned off and show suspended as ...

Who is watching this crap show? I cannot even stand the promo's of it.

They sure are short on stuff when they keep putting this and the other crap like some more of the paradise show on and maybe another MAFS -- what utter rubbish I watched one of those MAFS and never again

will be very interesting to see the doco on MAXWELL,     she is worse than him,    for a woman to be procuring yong girls is unfathomable.       as for BIG BROTHER,     i mistakenely taped it one night,  meant to be ch 9,   and watched about 30 mnts,   where do they get these people,  // though it is for $25,000,   which is a lot of money,    that would appeal to a lot of young, [and not so young]   people,     the girl that won the first season,   REGGIE BIRD,     she is often in the news,    has done well out of it,   but i wouldnt like to see my kids on there,   


I think a lot of the Big Brother contestants are wanna bee's and some actually do get noticed and move onto other things, but they have no shame. With the way social media is these days and the "look at me" instagram/facebook phenomemon it is not surprising they can find constentants easily. Geez in my young days you were accused of being full of yourself if you took a selfie, the world has changed so much and so many narcissitc personalities are emerging. Everyone wants to be someone but not just be.

Yes Incognito,  you are right there it seems to be all about getting their faces on the darn TV to be  "famous"   what the hell would anyone want to be -- I could not think of being famous it would be dreadful  -- I always want to be like you  'Incognito'


Watched Trumps pre-election speech in South Dakota - Mount Rushmore (live) today -  plus the flyovers/fireworks etc. all mildly "interesting"!  He can do a good long speech lol - trust me!  Good talker ......crowds love him!

Noticed how gorgeous Melania looked (white sundress/black pattern) however she barely gave him a glance - last place she wanted to be! haha  - nothing new!  


The crowds that go and see him already love him that is why they are there. I am sure Melania could think of better places to be and most likely bored with it all, probably doesn't even want him to be President anymore.

lol - well - possibly she doesn't mind him being President - if only for the fact he is out of her way 24/7 and the $$$$'s (although he was already super rich anyway) ...don't see much of her as First Lady compared to all the others -  (Michelle Obama seemed to make it her job to be "everywhere") - interesting how the Trumps have kept their son Barron (now 14?  I think?) out of the spotlight. 

Don't think Melania and Barron live at the Whitehouse permanently but still reside at Trump Tower?  Not 100% sure .......

You wonder if they even have a real relationship, she might just be his eye candy. I have no idea of the kids, never took much notice. I wonder what she does with her time, Michelle was very busy doing all sorts of work and achieved quite a lot.


Ancient Aliens on tonight, I have also been watching Alaskan Bush People on 9Rush, interesting family.


Yes - Time Travellers was really good!  Dinosaurs tonight lol ..... haven't heard of the Alaskan show.....

The Alaskan Bush people needs to be watched from the first episode and also you need to turn away when they go hunting. Just looked it up and just watched Episode 8 of Season 2, there are 11 seasons.


SUNDAY 5/7 (tonight)


Delves into the mystery of the largest Pyramid - the 6 Mill. Tonne - "GIZA".  How did the Eygptians manage to build this without any of today's surveying equip. and power tools?? 

(I have seen similar Doco's. before on the Pyramids in general but maybe this might be worth watching/recording?  Can always learn "something new" in life! :)



An interesting mystery Foxy.

The ancient engineering feats at Giza were so impressive that even today scientists can't be sure how the pyramids were built.

:) So many have posed in front of the great pyramid over the years.

ANZAC Troops in front of the sphinx and the pyramid of Giza 1915.


Hubby and I are always watching these programmes about building of them, about three weeks ago there was a very detailed engineering type show that was pointing out the evidence they had found in one of the lesser known Pyramids, they said it was their 'trial' pyramid LOL.  Very interesting though.


Sneferu Pyramid.

Egypt opens 'bent' Pharaoh Sneferu pyramid, people can go inside ... 4,600 years old!


Species: Homo sapiens idiosis extremis ??

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