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"REALITY TV" - (and "TV" in general...)

Only 1 month into 2019 and here we go again - the amazing  number of Reality TV shows that are on most nights of the week .......... (some good - some bad) .....

We have:-  (for those who may be interested...)

MKR - (7)

been on for years - still rating very highly ....(Manu and "Paleo Pete") ...the judges .....

Married at First Sight - (9)

ratings were highest ever for a "reality show" in  2017/18 .(just beat "Ninja Warrior"!)... 

Back into the  "Celebrity Jungle" again for Chn. 10 - ugh ..(the stuff they eat and do is sickening!)

Ninja Warrior returning to Chn. 9 .....

Bachelor - Chn. 10 - returning later in year .....

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....  new "Reality" show on Chn. 10 tonight (Wed.) ..... called.....    Five Bedrooms

Along the lines of 5 srangers supposedly "buy" a house together and have to renovate/live in it together?  Think that's what it's about?  

                                                       *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

I also caught up with "Sunday Night" (last night)  - where they delved into MAFS and the harm it has done mentally to contestants along the way?  Nasty!!  

One poor girl (2nd. Season) attempted to take her life twice since the show!  Trolls and people made her life a living hell!   Also "Billy's" Mum came out in his defence also saying how it just about destroyed him!  Mind you IMO I did think that he was a bit "fragile" anyway?

Apparently there is a Clause in their contracts that says they cannot speak about the show until after 2 years ....however - it does not stop family members speaking out!  

Quite insightful as to the fact none of them really knew what was about to happen once they were on the show - also how the producers plied them with grog to "set" the scenes in the Dinner Party scenarios.....also how it was "edited" to make them look "bad"!?

...said at end of show there have been 2 suicides in the U.K. over Reality shows and only a matter of time until one happens here in Oz.  Not nice!

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