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"REALITY TV" - (+ TV in general ....)

Only 1 month into 2019 and here we go again - the amazing  number of Reality TV shows that are on most nights of the week .......... (some good - some bad) .....

We have:-  (for those who may be interested...)

MKR - (7)

been on for years - still rating very highly ....(Manu and "Paleo Pete") ...the judges .....

Married at First Sight - (9)

ratings were highest ever for a "reality show" in  2017/18 .(just beat "Ninja Warrior"!)... 

Back into the  "Celebrity Jungle" again for Chn. 10 - ugh ..(the stuff they eat and do is sickening!)

Ninja Warrior returning to Chn. 9 .....

Bachelor - Chn. 10 - returning later in year .....

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The Alien has been unveiled as Aussie darling and Strawberry Kisses singer, Nikki Webster

Image result for nikki webster masked singer alien

The Rhino has been unveiled as Aussie rugby legend Wendell Sailor

Image result for Wendell Sailor masked singer

The Prawn has been unveiled as TV host and actor Darren McMullen

Image result for Darren McMullen masked singer

Another 3 I've never heard of ? But to all their credit I must say the singing is very good and well presented.

The audience also is very appreciative and seem to be enjoying the show 




Well I had heard of Nikki and Wendell ....but they really not BIG celebrities like the show spruiked ......

.... a harmless happy and silly crazy fun show!  Wonder who is the Silver Wolf?

I will say that the Unicorn is Deni Hines. I'd know that voice anywhere. 

I took a peek to watch Bride and Prejudice the other evening and was appalled by some of the things the participants were disgussing . The shrink, for want of a better word, asked them to put a Post-it note on the places their partner likes during sex. This woman should be struck off the books, this is personal and now the whole of Australia knows about it. They also had to say to their partner the most intimate things about themselves that they have never told before. T.V. has gone down the gurgler, in my estimation.



Deni?  Hmmmm.....let's see if you right  :)  I have no idea .........

B&P - yes - I also thought that was a bit "over the top" to include that - I'm not a fan of the "shrink" woman anyway - the people they include in these Reality shows seem to talk a load of rubbish!   lol  

.. back to the Bachelorette (again) ......

says in the paper today (Sat.)  -  that the "creepy counsellor" from Noosa Shire Council - Jeff (dunno his surname?) is to get the boot from the Noosa Council after his lewd antics during the Farmyard scene last Thurs. night!

The Mayor of Noosa received thousands of emails from disgusted viewers and his Twitter A/c. went into overdrive!!  He has asked this creep to resign - however creep is refusing so far?  Can't he just be sacked?   haha - serve him right!  Another moron ..................

m?uch to my own disgust,   i watched a bit of he BATCHELOR,    what a bunch to choose from,    their first apperance was enough,    one came in riding what looked like a kiddies bike.   another bought her a PIE?     ANOTHER in a bright red suit,   one [that she liked,  and he did seem like a nice bloke,   BUT he looked liked TINY TIMS love child,     remember him?   tiptoed through the tupils,  had the most straggliest hair,    none of them had a decent suit,     YES,  FOXIE,    she gave the one from NOOSA the flick,    he was a real slime ball,        then there is the one who is convinced she will pick him,  but breaks down ans cries every time something happens that he doesnt like,    i have one piece of advice for ANGIE,    RUN,     and keep running,     where do they get these blokes from,    one was still married,lol,      hes keen,   didnt think i would like the MASKED SINGERS,   but not as bad as i thought it would be,    although the panel leave a lot to be desired,     i used to think DAVE HUGHES wasnt to bad,   but he is an idiot on that show,   can only remember DEAD PEOPLE,   did pick who the LION and WOLF are,   but no one else,    hadnt heard of most of them,     

I think some of the people like the crying fireman must be scripted cats. Hard to believe he’s for real. Some of the guys seem ok. I reckon she’ll end up with Matt.


Hmmmm. interesting you should say that about the Fireman? I thought "that Fireman is coming across as a real nutter and seems to have mega relationship issues...." - 39yrs. old and carrying on like that? 

I'm not convinced yet (at this early stage) because how many REAL actors can get that emotional/cry at the drop of a hat like he does?  Just sayin'     :)

I actually thought the "Noosa creep" was scripted but he didn't last long enough to be the "villian" haha ....

Yep a few red flags with the fireman bloke...

Kinda thought the show’s producers might have picked up on Noosa guy’s sleazoid type personality traits during auditioning and prior to the show actually starting. Given how early in proceedings his inappropriate behavior reared its head.  And quietly wondering if they did know but let it go!

I mean it’s only a couple of shows in and this geezer is making ridiculous sexualised gestures to the woman in full view of everyone!  Almost as though it’s his normal and no one has ever told him otherwise!

Just one of many creepy moments from Jess.

This sleezy creep is Jess Glasgow a councillor from Noosa 

Yes you got it right, a POLITICIAN getting paid whilst on the show

Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington even asked Cr Glasgow to resign.

Erk! What a creep!  

i think they probably put him in for a bit of juicy gossip,   the one with the straggly hair seems nice,  maybe ANGIE will talk hin into a haircut,  lol,  as for the crybaby,     fancy having him around all the time,   talk about depressing,   dont know if i will watch anymore,   i dont normaly watch it,    but the tv was on there,   and i was to lazy to get the remote,lol,   she does have a date coming up with dogs,  [the 4 legged ones,  ]  might watch that,   

I liked the way Matt confronted Jess for his creepy, sleazy behaviour. Carlon just told Angie but Matt took the culprit on face to face. Said a lot about his character. Notice how most of the other men expressed disgust but said nothing directly to Jess. Men confronting men for inappropriate sexual behaviour is what needs to happen most when guys behave or talk badly. 

Yes exactly Ny19 - I thought that also at the time ....guys need to call other guys out on their behaviour more often!

Oh No!   Just read that Channel 10 has decided to re-sign Lindsay Lohan for the next Masked Singer . She hasn't a clue who the Aussie singers are and keeps referring to American singers., please send her home Channel 10.

Yes what a pain!  Laughed when she thought Keith Urban was "behind the mask" like really?  His fee's for appearing would probably send Chn. 10 into receiverhip  haha .....

HA HA FOXY.   a little bit of KEITH U would be worth a mint,  he is gorgeous,    but no taste obviosly being married to NICOLE KIDMAN,    i cant bear her,     AGREE  HOLA  about lindsay lohan,   she doesnt add much to the panel, i did guess KATE CEBRANO,   who was lion,  but she is the only one i have got right,    that was only because she mentioned being a GYPSY,    and i know she has a daughter named GYPSY,      SHE is rather nice,  i met her when i worked at the STAR HOTEL,     she came a couple of times to the comedy nights,      i wouldnt have guessed the others,    THE WOLF maybe,    as only a few who would be him,   



B. & P. tonight (Monday)  Nathan's Mum throw's yet another tantrum! 

FOUR CORNERS - interesting tonight about China!!  

Final week of "Masked Singer"!!  

You'd think they woulda' maybe stuck Johnny Farnham in there somewhere lol  (not that I'm a fan of him)  but he is well known....better than some of the others!

Was thinking Daryl Braithwaite could be the Silver Wolf???   Wolf is difficult to pick 'cause sounds male to start with and then female later into the song??  Weird

Cats knows who wolf is....” did pick who the LION and WOLF are,”....but will she tell?

I haven’t watched it so can’t help. 


Lion was only revealed last night - and Silver Wolf well social media are betting "Millsy" (Rob Mills) .... ridiculous show anyway but am seeing this series out now I started it - lol 

I did get one right in picking Deni Hines. I remember her being interviewed many years ago and she said she worked in a morgue on leaving school, hence the coffin as being one of the clues. 

‘The Sommerton Man’ On Australia Story tonight should be interesting. Fascinating mystery...

Yes - will have to do "catch up" with that - too many other things on last night to record etc.  All or nothing lately ......

... what a nasty pathetic bunch of "Mothers" this lot are on B & P!  Ugh! .... and for those old twits that keep spouting the Bible and saying they will pick "God" over their own daughter?

Wonder if the parents had busybodies telling/advising them what to do when they got married ......not worth alienating your own children just because "you" don't like the partner they choose .....

Wait 'til Milly's mother finds out she is going to the U.S. to live (that's if it genuinely does happen after the show) I was wondering if they were going to live in Oz or o/seas.....

.... tuned into "Bach'rette last night!  Fireman didn't disappoint haha - what a weirdo!

Am thinking the "Dog Whisperer" is possibly a "plant"?  Just a "throw in" to liven things up more .....?  Not sure ......

I love watching Gogglebox and the two Lebanese guys, so funny. One said about the two gay girls, "I bet the parents would agree with the gay marriage if she had picked a Lebanese girl".

FOUR CORNERS  - China .....

...caught up with the story on China and the infiltration of "hackers/spies" etc. in the form of "students" strategically placed into our Australian Universities (their fee's paid for by the Chinese Govt.) ...

Not just here in Australia but apparently going on "world wide" ..... no wonder the guy wrote the book "Silent Invasion" (a book I would like to read after seeing Four Corners....)

Just as well our Govt. didn't allow their telecommunications giant Huawei into Australia...although it is allowing lots of property buying by the Chinese i.e. farms - manufacturing - residential..... interesting that the Chinese don't allow that to happen in their country.

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