Only 2 months into 2017 and here we go already - the amazing  number of Reality TV shows that are on most nights of the week .......... (some good - some bad) .....

We have:-

Free to Air TV :-

MKR - (7) been on for years - still rating very highly ....(Manu and "Paleo Pete") ...the judges .....

Married at First Sight - (9) rating "bigtime" again this year ......(the "experts" leave a lot to be desired?)

I'm a Celebrity get me Outta Here -  (10)...... still on for another year....... ?   What "celebrities'?

Bride and Prejudice (7) -  new and "different" ...... quite sad (if believable?) 

Undressed - (SBS) ........  (cringeworthy and embarrassing at it's best/worst!) .....

Age Gap Love -  (SBS) - 82 year olds who marry 25 year olds (both sexes) ....  (gotta laugh at this one!)

Foxtel :-

Celebrity Apprentice - Arnie Schwarzhisname? ...... "I'll be back!"   - taken over Trump's role as "boss" in this new series ....

Hunted - quite gripping actually .........very clever "reality" ....

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I watch the shows flicking back and forth when the ads come on ...sometimes I miss an interesting part but better than having to watch miles of ads.

:) Think I've developed 'ad-deafness/blindness' over the years ... just don't seem to hear/see them any more ... mind automatically drifts off to think about something else.

Good to see you back Abby. Hope you've been OK.

HI ABBY,   where you been,  ?   i was thinking of you last week,    and wondered where you were,    the first mangos are in the shops,    have you tried them yet,   ?

..... if anyone is interested - there is an amazing doco. on tonight at 10pm on SBS - Called "Last days of Vietnam" .......

I saw this late last year and it has incredible footage of the last days as the U.S. were pulling as much as they could - out of Vietnam - helicopters - Military personnel etc. etc. and also how no one knew for years later that the U.S. Military actually saved 135,000 Vietnamese people from the regime............. in those last destructive days...........

...worth a "watch" or a "record"    :-)  

..lots of it were "unseen" footage by the media crews who were there at the time ......

Foxy,  I have recorded it -- thanks

Yes  FOXY the USA ( our allies) transported Viet translators spys and other personel to settle in America by choppers to the waiting ships. It was too dangerous to leave them in Saigon.

They never reached the aircraft carriers either and the sharks got them.

Pushed out of the helicopers. How can you trust a nation that does that?

Source please Somebody

.....watch the Doco.  "Somebody"  please -  before you make your assumptions!

The U.S. Military were actually pushing their helicopters off the Destroyers - because they were too heavy and weighed the aircraft carriers down too much  - they wanted the weight of "people"  on board - not helicopters!  They pushed the 'copters into the sea!!!

Take a look - then maybe form an opinion ....... a lot of my friends hubby's are Vietnam Vets. - they have been treated terribly by the Govt. (and people in general) ...struggling to get a Vet. Gold Card .......struggling for everything .......they have never ever been recognised for what the bloody Govt. did to them  - appalling!

My God - they were even banned from the Anzac Day march's til a few years ago!  Disgusting!!!

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