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"REALITY TV" - 2018 (and "TV" in general...)

Only 1 month into 2018 and here we go again - the amazing  number of Reality TV shows that are on most nights of the week .......... (some good - some bad) .....

We have:-  (for those who may be interested...)

MKR - (7)

been on for years - still rating very highly ....(Manu and "Paleo Pete") ...the judges .....

Married at First Sight - (9)

ratings were highest ever for a "reality show" in  2017 .(just beat "Ninja Warrior"!)... John Roberts is returning for a "second chance" - (the guy whose "wife" wanted a Polynesian man only!)

Back into the  "Celebrity Jungle" again for Chn. 10 - ugh ..(the stuff they eat and do is sickening!)

Ninja Warrior returning to Chn. 9 .....

Bachelor - Chn. 10 - returning later in year .....

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I'll be watching

Sunday 8th July at 8:30 pm (60 minutes)


Sunday Night speaks with Elaine French, who has been robbed twice by African gangs in Melbourne.

Also, a look at the increased frequency of lethal lightning strikes around the world.


Yes!   :-)    I always watch Sunday Night and 60 Minutes ........... these African gangs are a real problem here in Melbourne .... what gets me is whatever they do - their names and pics. get "suppressed" by the Court!   Joke!! 

Video on 7 NEWS  ...apparenntly there was soe 200 youths there and the police could barely cope.



.......  VicPol are "wusses" ......they didn't even "dare" enter the AirBnB's that were  trashed a month or so ago ..... they can pepper spray a disabled man and kick him (6 of them!) and film it ......... and "bash" people in their police stations (whilst their CCTV is still on ...)

...... about time they took their grievances/agro. out on these gangs instead!  

I know the "majority" of cops try their best - but .........?  People right now have very little faith in them... but  then the Magistrates let offenders out on bail immediately - pathetic!!!  

Be interesting what they "report" in the prog. tonight ........  

Don't know what happened our way but the show started and after about ten minutes stopped ??? so I am none the wiser :(

.... FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT .......... returns tonight (Tues) ABC 8PM ..

....tonights programme features the story of David Goodall - the 104 yr. old activist - his last days in Europe as he continued to campaign for a person's "right to die" .........

Thanks Foxy I have set up to record it ----- I say good for him.

.... media is reporting that there will be a mass demonstration outside the Channel 7 Studios tonight (Sunday 15/6) by Melbourne's African Community ...........

...after last weeks "Sunday Night" programme depicted the ongoing violence - bashings - car jackings - robberies of jewellery stores and small retail outlets etc.  by gangs of African youths....... 

Why are they demonstrating?  Well - they feel that their race is being unfairly targeted by the media - the police -  and -  people of Melbourne!!!  Fancy that eh???  Unbelievable!!!  


..... anyone watch Blind Dates last night?  Could not believe how rude that 49 year old U.K. guy was to that lovely attractive woman! What an "oinker" he was!    Ugh!!!    No wonder he single!!

No haven't watched any since the last lot of Batchelor or what ever it was --


... all or nothing ...........

The Block

Dance Boss

24hours in Hell - Gordon Ramsay

(all the above on tonight) ... if into "Reality" shows ....

The Bachelor - (new series) starts August 15th. - absolute "dorky droob" - called the "Honey Badger"!!??    Did the ghastly "Tradie Underwear" advertisements .........

... recorded "Dance Boss" and flipped thru' it at lunchtime today ......bit of fun and the Paramedic Team with the 3 "girls"  were "cool" .......pity they came last .........

...not sure how the scoring works but hopefully they may still be in it??

FOXY,   kerrir text me last night,  and said she had watched DANCE BOSS,    said it was the pits,      ii have given up on most of those reality shows,    they are mostly second rate,  

.... Dance Boss ....... 

they are not professional dancers in any way or form .... they are ordinary "working" people (who work together) -  that just got together to have some fun......... and a prize for either themselves or a charity!

I believe it got low ratings - but managed to just beat "Survivor" .....I thought the "Macca's Crew" were fun (kids from McDonalds)....and the older peeps from the SES were a "smile" to watch......... 

Agree tis' not ground breaking in any way or form - but hey - it's light entertainment  ......   :-)

I started to watch Russell Coight what a childish idiot -- gave up

I saw THE HONEY BADGER in an interview last week,   they really are starting to scrape the barrel,    he really does seem like a dork,    saw an interwiew with OSHER,  [or whatever his name is,    that is on the show]    apparently he used to have a history with alcohol,    and got into some real trouble,    doesnt drink now,     good on him [or anyone]    who can overcome an addiction,    must be very hard,  

All these blokes like OSHER and that bloke that I saw on a Bachelor show the one that does magic tricks -- I see he is on some adds now, he had a Greek sounding name seem to have a big ego problem.

Also what is it with these stupid haircuts the blokes have now -- shaved at the sides and all full on top

..... the guy from Bachelor (who did the magic...) currently spruiking for Arnotts Tim Tams .........

I watched the new show Dance Boss. I loved it, watching all these lovely young people getting up and having a go. They came from all walks of life and practised their hearts out to give some entertainment. As the show progresses I'm sure we will see some great routines. The only one I don't like is Danni Minogue, shouts through the whole show. 

I saw the shorts of that show and it seemed to be a lot of noise and shouting -- -- can't stand Danni or her sister either -- the only thing I like about Danni are SOME of her fashions

I saw the ads for that show, and while I think they are very talented it seems more like gymnastics than dancing to me.  The ads were running in the same time slot as ads for the ballet - now that's dancing.

Thank God for Netflix and Stan

lol lol and Foxtel (although some of their progs. are repeat - repeat!)


.... 60 Minutes tonight - there is an amazing Magpie story!!  If the promo's are anything to go by this dear bird is incredible - well worth a "watch"!    :-)  

Thanks Foxy


Hey PB - did you get to watch it yet?  Awwww what a sad (for the family) but wonderful story of how that gorgeus Magpie brought them "back from the brink" .......

I also wondered later - do you think the family would have got any financial compensation from the hotel in Thailand?  If so it would certainly help them!

How anyone could reclaim their life back after an accident like that is beyond belief!!  Great family .............





.... tonight (Tuesday) is the second series return of the Reality show ...............................

"Filthy Rich and Homeless" !!  SBS

The first series was an eye-opener and one "millionaire" only lasted 2 days!

Not sure how this one will start but -  last year -  "they" (the millionaires)  all met the production crew in a disused warehouse not knowing that - on arrival - they had to hand over everything they had with them!

Watches - iphones - jewellery - cases packed with items they "thought" they may need ...etc. etc.

They were not allowed to contact anyone they knew for help...and were taken in a van and deposited in various areas of the city (alone) ..............

... ....  an amazing "look" into the plight of the thousands of homeless people this so called "lucky country" has!! 

Very interesting viewing (IMO) ........ (and often sad)  as you "meet" on camera some of the homeless they befriend ......or whom befriend them!

I watched the last one and will also watch this one

....did you see Four Corners last night by any chance?  On shonky cosmetic surgeons and how they ruined women's lives?  Appalling!

I did tape it Foxy will try and watch tonight

I remember that a few months ago some posters said that they liked Michael Portillo's program "Great British Railway Journeys" on SBS . Well I just noticed that he has done a couple of Indian Journeys and one is on tonight, scheduled for 7.30pm in Perth, W.A time. To be followed up on 21/8 by the second one. Could be of interest to some train journey lovers if  it is not a repeat ,and shown in the East as well?

You can watch amazing train journeys on youtube


Here's one

Thanks for that information sageman, i'll keep a look out for it tonight. Wish my parents were alive to see it as we were all born in India and in the programme it is showing Amritsar to Shimla, they knew it well. .Love Michael Portillo's shows, all very interesting. I saw the one where he was in Spain and was surprised to hear him speaking fluent Spanish.

Thanks olbaid, some great scenery on that route. HOLA,  Michael's Indian rail journey was very interesting and his insights into your country were ,as usual, very informative. looking forward to next week's show which includes the Taj Mahal.

My Dad was born in Agra - in the shadow of the Taj Mahal, he always boasted about that. Mum was born in Lehore which was India but after partition and the terrible things that happened, it was known as Pakistan. They said they were always glad to leave India (we were British citizens), no future for them after Britian left. 

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