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2020 ........

Lots "on hold" this year due to Covid - however

Ninja Warrior - returning soon to Chn. 9 ..... FINISHED

Bachelor in Paradise - Chn. 10 - JULY 15th. (Wed.)  New - FINISHED

Farmer Wants a Wife - also returning JULY.... Chn. 7 - FINISHED

MasterChef - currently showing...Chn. 10 ....  FINISHED

 Plate of Origin and Bachelor .......Chn. 10 ....FINISHED

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 BACHELORETTE x 2 ... Chn. 10 .....WED.  7th OCT.



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'GRUEN' ..... ABC... 11.10 pm .........

TV "blurb" says return of New series and the panels concept/take on Covid (among other Topics) ??

Interesting they have chosen to schedule it so late?  Always used to be on mid-evening?

Funny thought of watching that the other night to see if it was any good, I think the one tonight would be the repeat, so will check it out. Thanks

Gruen is a great show!  I have watched it since it started - years ago!  I must have missed the inititial one (as you say) earlier in the week .......bummer!   lol - not like me to miss Gruen!  It is up to the minute "news wise" and often controversial and funny!   Try it .......

I don't like Gruen,  maybe because I never watch any adds and have no idea what they are talking about -- same as when some shows talk about movies and celebs -- half the time I wouldn't have a cluce what or who they are talking about as I never watch celeb type shows and have not seen a movie in decades

Well I did watch the covid one and it was quite interesting, I do remember now I have watched Gruen before but it depends on who the other people on the panel are and what they talk about, I like the ad comp to see who is best, the covid work from home or not comp was really good.

I avoid ads too Plan B but sometimes watch them when doing surveys and they ask your opinion.

Watched Gruen - was ok - always like the ad. comp. ....bit over it this week - as totally sickkkkk of hearing about Covid!  Then to have the whole of Gruen "Covid based" ugh........  what I did think was interesting however - was how all the BIG companies that are currently advertising didn't like to mention "anything to do with the actual virus"! lol     Interesting....

Escape from City:  Wow what amazingly cheap house prices there are inbetween Townsville and Cairns?  Mind you the heat/humidity is awful in summer.

Still to catch up on See no Evil ......  getting there .....  

The houses in some areas up north in that area are away from shops you still have to drive to Cairns for something decent. I thought I would love to live in Port Douglas when I stayed there but then thought what about during the humid heat, might get sick of it, you would end up staying home a lot in the air con I guess which is kind of the same in southern areas where you stay home with the heating. My sister is in Townsville and she loves the heat.


... meant to add .... weren't the "Chocolate" making couple interesting.  Who would have thought choc. was made in that heat - and up there!? .... amazing what some people "do" with their lives!



Yes and won awards too, bet it is expensive though, I also was amazed at how much processing it requires. I rarely eat it because of the caffeine.


I loved Port Douglas and many places in Nth Qld --TO VISIT -- I could not stand the heat all year long though -- plus the beaches are lousy -- and the sand is awful and like fine dirt -- also have to walk out so far to get in decent depth -- and can't swim in the summer -- because of the stingers --                          (and the odd Croc)  loved diving on the reef -- when it was alive -- and also love sailing around the Whitsundays

I agree about the beach, when we were there my son was only 10 and he was digging in the sand and he yelled out and a crab was stuck to his fingers, I wish I had a camera ready at the time.

TONIGHT SAT 9.30 - 11.45pm:

L'Odysee on SBS about Jacques Cousteau.


6.00 pm if you missed it repeat of: Australia come fly with me on Vice.

7.00 PM Alantis Found on Vice.

8.30 pm 60 minutes.

10.30 See no evil on 9


Also if you have not seen it yet and like Johnny Cash: 8.35 Johnny Cash Bitter Tears on NITV also repeated Monday


Happy TV viewing everyone.


... there's a 2-hour Doco. special on "Trump" super late Sunday night also ...mid night from memory ...not sure if it's a "repeat" will check .......

Jacques Cousteau turned out to be a movie, with subtitles so did not watch, can always get it on DVD.

While waiting for the news just saw Jacinta Ahern got voted back in NZ and ACT got a gay Labor guy voted in.

Not sure I can sit through 2 hours of Trump.



Jacinda Ardern (got it right this time) doing her victory speech starts with talking in Maori, wow so impressed.




.... finally watched the 2 part series of "Australian Story" ... that poor woman and what she went thru' (well all of them he associated with  ....)  imagine having to live with that kind of "unknown fear" day/night for 5 years!  I can't! 

Astounding that he only received an 8 month jail term and 2 years Community work!  Pathetic!!!  Interesting the court case was only a few months ago .....this creep will be out in January 2021!!!  What a sicko!  Terrifying!


I too was surprised also at the weak sentencing, destroyed many lives and yet gets to be free to do it again so soon. These sicko's can end up killing if they keep getting away with the other stuff.



I'm recording "The Trump Story" tonight ....just for a "look" later on ..... Election will be all over soon! 

Trump better win!  haha - don't want to upset "lil Kimmy"  North Korea  -  he's very anxious (or so "they" say..)  ever wonder in ya' life who "they" are??  lol



Let me know what it is like, not sure I can sit through the lying that will happen. No doubt it will be one big attack on Trump. And why don't we hear much about Biden?

Trump said he will not hand over the Presidency if he loses, I don't think American's are ready for a change of President IMO. I think he will get another 4 years, whether that is good or bad only time will tell.

After all the guy does not need the money (apparently he donates his wage) and he does not need the power because he had it as a business man, so why does he do it? Maybe, just maybe he does really care about making the USA a better place.

Biden?  Just "Biden" his time asleep in his basement! lololol

Word has it in the U.S. that the reason he is always late for his rallies is that if he turned up on time he won't remember why he's meant to be there or what he's meant to talk about.     :))

I watched Aust Sory -- horrid men -- and so many around it seems --


I also started to watch Trump -- but couldn't stand the BS -- but hell we do not have any choice -- as Biden is a dead loss and to think that's all we have to stand is quite frighting


Must be hard for Americans to decide because of all the confusing information they get from media. I think I am starting to think Biden is more dangerous, sneaky behind the scenes guy at least Trump is upfront, says is as it is, but you only have to ask the Americans if life is better under Trump or not. Otherwise it is all a bit of guess work and you choose to believe what you want in the end.



So who is watching SAS??, quite heavy going, person leaves every night so far. Shane Warnes son is on and he admits to only eating a few foods in rotation, tried tomato soup for the first time lol.

Really don't know why people put themselves through it myself, I would not cope one bit



..saw a tiny bit of that!  Erk - not for me!  Saw Merrick interviewed this morning (he was on it) and got knocked unconscious and said it was "sickening"!  Also that Roxy "Instagram chick" and PR bod. - she couldn't take it after 6 hours ....and left! 


Yeah it is really rough, but they knew what they were getting themselves into. Now I just want to see who makes it through if any. Schappelle Corby went tonight too, I think it is great she gave it a good shot, she was able to handle it mentally but was too unfit and could not do the uphill run so chose to leave.

I also watched SAS darn tough -- and there is NO way I would put myself through  that and risk the injury --  to prove whatever --

Yes it is tough, but they knew that going in, not sure why they put themselves through it, trying to get a bit more attention maybe? Be interesting to see who makes it.

"The Trump Story" .....(last night - Tues.) Part 1`

Fascinating viewing!  So glad I recorded it!  Learnt all kinds of things!  This is actual TV/film footage from Day 1 of his Inauguration....onwards .......with short interviews of all staff past/present and their "take" on Trump!

.... arose from successful Businessman to President of the U.S.A. - in one day!  He is perceived by "experts" as a Master of Communication - speaks from the "gut" and although is known for being "in ya' face" ...has achieved some remarkable feats in his years so far!

Virtually thrown into the White House on Day 2 - he didn't know anyone! He didn't know the protocal - whom he could trust/not trust (some people there hated him) and gave him bad advice and bad mouthed him immediately.  A lot of these he "fired" within weeks as it came to his knowledge.....

Rated as one of his most "remarkable feats" was:-

....  when Kim Jong-un called Trump a "maniacal dotard" (which was broadcast around the World)  - Trump picked up the phone and organised a meeting with lil Kimmy telling him "This maniacal dotard would love to meet with you?"   This turned out to be what is now classified as "the biggest event in the World's Political History"!  They met!    No U.S. President had ever extended the "hand of peace" to North Korea.  No other U.S. President had ever met with North Korea!

Love him or hate him - with Donald J. Trump -  always "expect the unexpected"!

Looking forward to Part 2 ..... etc.



Thanks for that Foxy, so interesting, will have to catch the repeat now, never realized about the Nth Korea thing, knew he met him but did not realize he was the only president who has. Maybe he truly is a peace keeper bringing all sides together including the ones the Western world loves to hate. No wonder his favourite saying is "fake news" in regards to so much that has been said about him.

What network was Trump on Foxy?

Google or search ......    30 Good Things Trump has done for America   

... remember also this is the first U.S. President that has never taken a salary - he donates it!  He didn't need the White House  ....he lived in his own Trump Tower since 1984 in the ultimate luxury and Privacy!  Privacy he hates not having in the White House!  

He struck a huge peace deal in the Middle East too  ...he has done a lot of good stuff and people hate him for it!  Yes he says and does "cringey crap" but hey take the good with the bad in most people.



What channle was The Trump show, shown on so I can look out for the repeat?

Looked it up but don't agree with this one:

Energy production and energy independence: President Trump gave approval to the Keystone pipeline, the Dakota access pipeline, and oil production from the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, a vast uninhabited region that could produce up to 20 percent of our petroleum needs. His administration has also granted more permits for mining of oil, gas, and coal from federal lands.

I don't either but I think at the time he was concerned re lack of Imports for the U.S. from problems arising within the Middle East. 

Least he looking after his own country if the "shit hits the fan" so to speak?  We could do well here in Oz to start thinking of 'us" and not relying on other countries imports to prop us up!  We in an even worse position being an island nation.

What you have stated  Foxy is what my Son says, about Trump, he admits he is a loose cannon but has done more for America than anyone else and said if that Biden gets in we might be all stuffed.

I think in the next month the shit will hit the fan and things will  get VERY interesting

Incog. "The Trump Show" was on Chn. 9 at 8.30 pm (Tuesday) Part 2 is this coming Tuesday!

PB ....yep lot of people would prefer Trump than Biden!  As Trump is saying in his rallies ....He (Trump) has done more in 4 years than Biden has done in his 47 years of being a "pollie" in the U.S.!!

I watched Trumps rally at lunchtime today in North. Carolina ....he had thousands there!  Heavily black population there and South Carolina....they loved him today!  

I was amazed at the hype and the crowds there ....he had hundreds behind him whilst he was on the podium ...the thought crossed my mind as in "Geez only take some "gun nutter" to shoot him in the back"!   

Probably wouldn't tho' because whoever did they would be dead in minutes (from the crowd). 

Biden has not hit the campaign trail in the last 4 days!  FBI has some "heavy stuff" on Bidens son and his dealings with Russia  (and Biden) right now - not helping him much re his run for presidency! lol 

Crazy times .........

Thanks Foxy, I realized I can see first Trump episode on 9Now (catch up online), looks like there is no repeat on TV, will have a look first and record next Tuesday.

Interesting about Biden, yes Trump has got heaps of supporters, surely if he was as bad as the Demos say then he would not have any or very few. Wonder what the statistics are but I guess that is what the election will find out.

Four Corners (Monday night)

..had already seen a Doco. on sexual abuse in the Sports Industry when the Dr. of a huge Gymnastics group was jailed in the U.S. ....disgusting!  

Still got last night's "Bachy" to watch!  

Isn't it despicable the way these pedos go where ever there are kids and what they do is unforgivable


PB ...did you hear how the Vatican sent money through to Australia (Melbourne) to fund the trial and subsequent support for Pell to reside here til he went back to Rome?  It was sent "secretly" in Euro's from Rome?   Approx. $1.7 mill.     Ha ...someone found out! 

Funny how Pell was able to get on a flight out of Melb. - just another "rich" person who can get "Exemptions" from the Govt.  Hope he bloody stays in Rome!  Ugh.



I was shocked about how the Vatican paid out money for Pell, another crook religion, putting the real meaning of what the Catholics are supposed to be about to shame, disgusting. And that money comes mostly from donations! Tax free of course.

I am sickened the way the Vatican and the catholic church and our so-called Pms have supported that pedophile Pell -- so many have been intervened by him and I have spoken to 2 of them -- it is appalling that these outright criminals can get away with whatever they wish -- but like you said money speaks --

Watched Bachy ready for commenting. 

OK - I have just watched last nights (Wed.) Bachy ......have not watched tonights ...I have a mega cringe one from last night (the whole show!) .. just kidding....there was one or maybe two?  

So over to you Incog. for your up-to-date scintillating comments from Wed ... lol 


Too much snogging lol, and seems weird to me how they can kiss them all, and feel "close" to them so soon, is it all for show? One thing is I am thinking why is Joey so calm and not jealous at all, seems not to be worried about missing out on the rose giving. Thought the body painting was a bit weird too, how can you get to know someone by having them sit there while you paint on them?

I have to wait until you have watched tonights episode to say anymore.

Let me know what you think.



... the body painting was cringy ......they don't really seem to match although she seems to think they might? He might become a bit boring after awhile.... however she thinks most are ok lol ...I am still punting for Fraser ....

I love how they say when they get to the picnic or dinner set up:  "ohhh how lovely of you to do/organise this for me" ...yeah producers lacky's had a hard gig   haha ....  not

Loathe the Rose Ceremony music!  Always have ...they have never changed it since the first show years ago!  

Last nights (Thurs.)

Gone off her sis Becky a bit .....there have been some really bad ugy type of shots of her of late - not that it's her fault  lol  sorry for being so critical but ........

Can't dtand that Jamie (he's a real creep!) and also Adrian ....just there for the show IMO .....

The guiy that didn't get the rose?  Who was he? haha ...Hardly saw him throughout any of the episodes?  A "filler" person ...must be? 

The ridiculous mud/bridal thing was hideous! Who in their right mind would wanna' do that? 



I didn't get the idea of the mud bridal race thing either ruining clothes and how do they get to know each other when they are fighting to get through it, very bizare. I agree the rose ceremony music is awful, and they must be told to count to a certain number before moving to the next, like it is in slow motion.

I had to laugh at Joey's dinner thing too, as though he set it up, of course they have "workers".

Becky seems to be in it for fun, really lapping up the kissing, must have not had a fella for awhile.

I think we are in for a surprise because I think something will come out and show that the boys are not who they are, and yes it is a bit of show pony stuff going on, building up their insta accounts no doubt.

I just wish they would do something that they can really get to know each other and what is it with not giving some guys some one on one time and others more than once?



7.00 PM - CHN. 7  "Billion Dollar Cruises" - Doco. on the plight of the Cruise ship industry since Covid.

7.40 PM - ABC -   "Restoration Australia" - Follows Aussies that take up the challenge to restore property.



Yes no "60 minutes" because of footy! Footy ruining our Sunday nights.

Hope that "Cruise" one is interesting, not much else on for a Sunday night, of course the usual "See No evil" on at 10.30.

There is an interesting doco on that I have seen before on NITV at 8.35 pm "Inside Human Zoo", it is also repeated on Monday at 12 noon.

Also 7.30 pm SBS "Rise of Empires - The Incas", but I think it might be a repeat.



...watched a Doco. on "Diana & Charles" SBS yesterday...."The Week before the Wedding - the last 7 Days" ... being a bit of a "Diana" tragic I thought I had seen most or all of what ever had been documented about their story.....not so!!!

Half of this Doco. I had seen -  interspersed with half I hadn't seen or "facts" I was unaware of .....

I knew 3 or 4 days prior to the wedding Diana opened up/knew of the gold cufflinks that Camila sent to Charles for his 'personal' wedding gift from her...but...did not know that Charles had also got Camila a thick gold rope bracelet with the initials G & F ...on a disc hanging from it (the same initials that Camila had engraved on the cufflinks) ..."Gladys and Fred" ...their nicknames for each other to elude anyone finding out who they really were!  

Upon finding out - the rest of the week Diana suffered extreme bulimia and broke down twice on "public" engagements and had to be rushed to the royal limo. to escape!

Diana told those closest to her "I don't want to go thru' with this Wedding!" 

Charles told those closest to him "I don't love her - can I grow to love her? I don't want this wedding"!

Too late "everyone" told them -  besides your faces are printed on tea towels and anything and everything!

2000 "World" guests in Westminster Abbey ...Diana was allowed to invite 100 people only ....Charles 500 ....

I also didn't realise that Charles had proposed to two women prior to Diana - both had turned him down!

Diana was doomed from the start and doomed to the very end ............sad.




Yes very sad, don't forget Charles always wanted to be with Camilla but the Queen would not allow it, and he was practically forced into the marriage with Diana, sadly she did not know all the truth and was led down a horrible path of unequited love, she suffered so much and was treated terribly. 

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