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"REALITY TV" - 2018 (and "TV" in general...)

Only 1 month into 2018 and here we go again - the amazing  number of Reality TV shows that are on most nights of the week .......... (some good - some bad) .....

We have:-  (for those who may be interested...)

MKR - (7)

been on for years - still rating very highly ....(Manu and "Paleo Pete") ...the judges .....

Married at First Sight - (9)

ratings were highest ever for a "reality show" in  2017 .(just beat "Ninja Warrior"!)... John Roberts is returning for a "second chance" - (the guy whose "wife" wanted a Polynesian man only!)

Back into the  "Celebrity Jungle" again for Chn. 10 - ugh ..(the stuff they eat and do is sickening!)

Ninja Warrior returning to Chn. 9 .....

Bachelor - Chn. 10 - returning later in year .....

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I don't watch that stupid Footy Show but there was an article on and it had a picture of Tracy/Dean and Sarah/Trav in the front row!!

Adam Looking For Eve (germany)Friday 16th March at 8:30 pm (55 minutes)Adam Looking For Eve (germany) Series 2 Ep 2: Gaetano and his chosen one, Beatrix, 26, cross over to Lovers Island, where they spend 24 hours in luxury and pure romance. They must decide if the chemistry is right. When they see each other fully clothed for the first time, they decide to stay a while longer at the luxury resort. 

Image result for Gaetano and  Beatrix adam looking for eve


 Gaetano, 35, is a computer programmer for milling technology from Stuttgart

........ ok - for the staunch and "fun"  MAFS people - who have bothered to watch (or "flip thru" most of it ......)

.... I read in the paper today that Davina has been getting death threats - stalking threats - hateful bullying etc. etc. on her Social Media pages............ the article virtually said "How stupid were so many people - who actually believed the show to be 100%  "real"    ....   lol

...the Final 4 nights start tomorrow (Sunday) with the biggggg finale' on Wednesday night!!! Makes me wonder what on earth they can "fabricate" next to keep the 1 mill. plus viewers per night - lol ...... be interesting ..........      :-)

I read a few minutes ago that Dean drops a bombshell tomorrow night...he ops to LEAVE.


Could be fake news of course...but it will not surprise me at all.

I think it is only a repeat of a few weeks back where she tells him they were intimate only this morning

Gee she looks 100% better without all that darn whatever in her lips and face -- have no idea what they get done but it looks laughable -- I wonder if it is uncomfortable

Trying to be Davina's Look alike ?

God knows why   -- almost eeveryone has had something done and all look awful

You should have a look at a show "Botched" ... you would not have any of these procedures done even though the repair jobs are very good.







Hey Radish - just a thought?  We all know that MAFS is not "Reality" and is "contrived/planned" etc.  - but any chance you can stop with the "spolier alerts" and just "zip it" - 'til the show is over at least???  Please!!

I have thought this for awhile after seeing some of your "spoiler posts" but have not wanted to upset you - however - when I read PM's from peeps (this week-end) who are sick of it also - brings me to the point of writing this!  Sorry!  

There are only 4 nights left  (including tonight) to go ........ can we just leave it 'til we all watch it to the Final episode please?????    Many thanks!!

Hey Foxy .... gossip is all over the internet and any magazine

                     you care to read Image result for emoji lol

but just for you         Related image      Related image

lol - I don't look for "gossip" on the net -  or read "trashy mags" -  was just a simple request - ok?   

Related image



..... for a really "weird" reality show - look tonight/record  (Sunday)  -  Chn. 9 - 2 am - called "Bad Robots" - it is on every week and is kinda like a "Candid Camera"  type show where it dupes people into doing really stupid stuff ..........  (unbeknown to them of course)   ......

It is done by a robotic company in the UK called "Tesla"  their work is purely futuristic technology/robots .....etc.    - the show is either totally "stupid" or "funny" whichever way you wanna' look at it ..................   :-) 




....well .....   after watching MAFS last night - am soooo glad it is almost over!  Last night proved even more so what a "planned production" it really is!

Dean's "emotional acting" was appalling (the rolling/rubbing of the eyes - the "pretend tears" etc.) ...throwing down his piece of 'written vows" and walking away - what a total "jerk" the show is making of him (like he probably wasn't one already??)  

Worst of all - people actually believed it!!!!  Reports today said Social Media went into "meltdown" when Tracey said "No"      lol lol lol 

Surprised Patrick and ........?  ..decided to "make a go of it"?  (If only for ratings purposes) although IMO they have never really been the "draw-card" of the show?

Oh who cares anyway ........      :-)

The gossip is a lot better than the real ? thing   Related image

The show repeats itself over and over again 

Have never watched MAFS or any of the other "reality ... but not really" TV shows.

But ... love this thread ... the YLC version of Gogglebox apparently.

Who needs TV when this thread comes up with gems day after day.

:) Keep it coming all.




lol lol - thats funny RnR - YLC Gogglebox!   lol lol .......

   You should at least take a quick peek at MAFS - quick quick - lol - there's only 3 nights left!!   (counting tonight)  

... "they- the experts"  say -   "the best is yet to come" ??   

The best of the "rubbish"  possibly?   Ahhhh gotta' love it - just a bit of fun!!   :-)

Image result for only 3 nights left     Related image - cool Suze - cool!   :-)

I watched last nights one in fast forward

Did you learn anything ?

I was watching "Michael Mosley: Trust Me, I'm A Doctor"

which is SBS on Monday nights.

I recorded that Dr one Suze-- always do it is a good show



Yes!  I record and watch later also - amazing show - so much of it's true!

 I loved the one I just caught up on "Do you really need those Medical Tests'?  What a classic!  I have said for years - years - that Medical  Practitioners are in it for one mega Medical scam - the mighty $$$$$$  !!!!!

A person can go to the Drs. for a simple simple "thing"!  Walk out with screeds of paperwork - do this test -  have this test - go here - see Dr. "Blonk" in case you are "pre-this" - "pre-that"!  Disgusting!!!

But this - is a wholeeeee other "Topic" .......... don't get me started!  Drs. will put a person on what I call the "Medical Merry-go-round" and once you on it - you never ever get off it!!  This has happened to my friends - not me -  thank God!!!

I got sent out from a Drs. surgery (years and years ago) -  with heaps of paper work after simply taking my only son for a sprained wrist that happened to him during sports......Dr. asked me a few questions (after tending to my son) ... "Cancer in the family" ?? Diabetes in the family ??   Blah blah .....etc. etc.  ........ what a wank!! 

I got into the car and immediately ripped all the paperwork in half - never went back and never looked back!

"Jobs for the boys" syndrome - pathetic!!

Tend to agree with you foxy -- you really have to be on the ball with these Drs or they will have you on a tread mill-- all for the almighty $$$$$$$$$$

Was surprised Tracey ditched Dean (MAFS). Was she acting throughout just to stay in the show? No other surprises yet.

Sweet Patrick has ended up with a mother substitute in Charlene, poor guy, but possibly won’t last. I hope it doesn’t because she sees his strength as weakness and her own weakness as strength. His ability to connect with and express emotion and vulnerability is a strength in my view whereas Charlene runs away from her emotions and internal world. There is something wrong and ugly about women defining to men what it is to “be a man”.

Hard to understand why Ashley’s family like Troy so much and put her down for not gelling with him. He would irritate me as much, if not more, than Ashley.  Apparently she hated doing the show because she felt like a mean, bad person for not being attracted to him and felt very stressed throughout. It was good to see her remain true to herself rather than give in to the family scripting so well exhibited by her sister last night. I think it likely she has been hit with that scripting all her life from her (jealous?) sister and it played internal havoc during the show. Did anyone else, like me, find Troy a bit repulsive and artificial? Obviously Carly didn’t since we have seen the post show photos of them together. The complexity of attraction/non attraction is fascinating to observe in this show and in life in general.


I watched it last night -- some once again in fast forward -- I agree Troy is repulsive as was his 1st  "wife" and can not understand how anyone could be attracted to him at all -- out of all -- Ryan seems the most fair dinkum -- although the whole show is just a promiscuous romp.   How about that gold coat -- that says a LOT about him -- I didn't like him from the start he was so up himself.

Boy that red-headed woman sure wears -- almost wears some very revealing dresses and with her build really needs to be a bit more modest.



Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - so over this ...... truly!  The guy who turned up in the "white pants - white shirt - gold nasty disgusting jacket" ............... now supposedly "on" with Tracey?   I give up!  Who would ever wanna' be seen with a guy who dressed like that?   lol lol  Hideous.........

I know it is "contrived" - but - basically IMO they all deserve each other!  All wankers - all morons - all "in it" for whatever "fame" it may bring them in the future (if any?)!   Done!  Done with it!!!

Oh yeah - that revolting "giggling dipstick Troy" - with Carly?  My friend called in today - gave me her "trashy mag"  (she had finished with)  says in mag.  - in their garbage bin (Troy/Carly) -  the "room cleaner"  found 2 pregnancy tests!  !   Nice!!! lol lol   nothing "private" eh ...................what rubbish!

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