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"REALITY TV" - (+ TV in general and hideous ads.!)

Only 1 month into 2019 and here we go again - the amazing  number of Reality TV shows that are on most nights of the week .......... (some good - some bad) .....

We have:-  (for those who may be interested...)

MKR - (7)

been on for years - still rating very highly ....(Manu and "Paleo Pete") ...the judges .....

Married at First Sight - (9)

ratings were highest ever for a "reality show" in  2017/18 .(just beat "Ninja Warrior"!)... 

Back into the  "Celebrity Jungle" again for Chn. 10 - ugh ..(the stuff they eat and do is sickening!)

Ninja Warrior returning to Chn. 9 .....

Bachelor - Chn. 10 - returning later in year .....

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My daughter just gave me the secon series of the Crown. Looking forward to watching the second one.Enjoyed the first. Too nay  Reality shows. Watch mkr  aand House Rules. Dating shows not necessary. Been catching  up on the Outlander series. through the local library, Series quite  good. Love the  theme music and the country side of Scotand is  magnificent. If you want to watch secon series sexually implicitOther than the story line is good.

Boy there have been some awful boring things on the TV last weeks ot so

Agree - but - I have so many progs. I have recorded - I am finally catching up with them - 

TONIGHT (Thurs.) on ABC @ 8.45pm ........ "Story of Prince Harry ....."   a Doco. featuring Harry's life  from birth 'til now .........

Yes same here Foxy thank goodness for the recorders,  this time of the year there is nothing but absolute rubbish -- good also when the sport is running feral on the TV too

..... the "Harry" Doco.  was a "repeat" - sorry - didn't know that!  I had seen it earlier this year.......

Image result for peppa pig



Don't forget Peppa Pig on ABC @ 5.30

Thanks for thereminder Micha, I watch that with my youngest granddaughter.

WELL the ;jungle;  is returning soon,   hear that DERMOT BRERATON,     JACKIE LAMBIE,    DESTARI,  are some of the names,     LAMBIE    i like,   and think she will stir things up,     as for the others,   a pretty motly crew,    i think,  

... interesting "goss." Cats ..... I don't watch that show but do sometimes "flip" thru' it.

Might be worth a look if Lambie and that little turd Destari are in it - lol ...Lambie should do well being an ex. military bod ....... she won't take any BS  ...  lol   :-)

Yes, interesting Cats,   I normally watch it in bits -- but those lot might be interesting -- it really brings out their personalities IMO how they handle things says a lot about them.

i always tape it FOXY,    PLAN B,    gives me a laugh when nothing else to watch,   and i do like JULIE MORRIS,     i watched her career take off,   as one of the hotels i worked in,   some years back.    had a comic night every tuesday,    and up and coming comiediens would get up and try out,     that was where ERIC BANA,   who now plays the HULK in hollywood,  started,  he was a comic,   also JIMOHEEN,     the irish comic,    and julia morris did a few gigs,   they were fun nights,  


Yes Cats, I agree Julia Morris is great and seems to be a down to earth fair dinkum person ---

I would LOVE to see that Chris Brown put into the show,  it seems he really gets off on seeing others suffer.

I will tape it as I normally do that way can watch what you like -- and it is a good indication of personalities -- like that Anthony Mundine -- not so tough -- and that spoilt tennis player.

Mind you I am sure I would not do well eating all that stuff

... shame Julia Morris latest gig as "host" on Blind Date only went for 1 series .....she was quite funny and seemed a good "fit" for the show IMO .......

MAFS is back mid to late January .........always scored high ratings .......



PlanB ...... left some TV goss./info. for you under "Stick it in the Bin" .....ooops ......

Yes thanks Foxy -- just read and replied ; ))


.... finally got to catch up with the 3-part series (Foxtel) ....."Diana - Tragedy or Treason?" ........ whole story of her (from engagement/unhappy marriage with Charles etc. -  boys and subsequent tragic death in the French tunnel .......

OK - so I knew/read etc. that the French police - did eventually track down the driver of the white Fiat Uno (driven by a paparazzi guy...) in the tunnel that night ......and could bring no charges against him.....

..what I DIDN'T KNOW was this:  This same pap. guy had a "connection" to Londons M16 and had "info." from a "person" in M16 who KNEW in advance that the driver of the Merc. -  Henri Paul - was to "take over" and drive thru' the tunnel at the last was pre-planned!!!  Not as reported in the world media ....that Henri was "drinking in the bar" the entire time ......

Henri Paul also "disappeared" from the Ritz Hotel for a 3 hour period (prior to being "nominated" driver....) and when searched after death...had a bankroll of $3000 in his clothing and had $2 mill in the bank and....also had a secret file with M16!  This doco. guy suggests he was paid the $3000 cash that same night - but - had no idea he could possibly be going to die??

Also - the French police - brought in water trucks and hosed down the Tunnel within a 3 1/2hr.  period of Diana's death - erasing any clues that may have been found by forenscic - that turned up later!

Alsooooo - Buck. Palace - requested INSTANT embalment of Diana (reasons given ....Charles was on his way...and could not see the body as was - due to the extreme heat of Paris that night! blah blah)  The embalming fluid apparently "killed" any clues (once in the body) - as to whether Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child!   Hmmmm.........

Also - months after Diana's death - the BODY of the paparazzi guy (Fiat Uno) - was found in the French Alps...... with a bullet thru' his head (like a gangland hit...)... he was locked inside his car - but NO gun or fingerprints found anywhere......... how BIZARRE ???????   Obviously "knew" toooooo much .......his M16 file subsequently went "missing" from M16 after (or just prior) to his death!!  More bizarre .....

ALSO  - there was the initial letter that Diana's butler Paul B. has (and kept to this day!) from her - saying she was certain she was being targeted by the "Establishment" to die in an "accidental car crash"!  

This Doco. is the best I have ever seen (on this partic. topic)  ....and left one with a huge ?mark........and thinking YES............... her death was planned by the "Royals" .............. or was it???

(and if anyone read all of that - thank you lol - didn't mean it to be that long - got carried away....)




......the narrative at the end said ..words to the effect......the last thing the "Establishment" wanted was for Diana to get engaged to an Eygptian Muslim (Dodi) - who in turn would become step-father to the future King of England...  which apparently could never happen ....and if per chance it did -  Wills would have to be denounced (or whatever they do...) and would never be King!.       (same goes for Harry) 

Makes one wonder eh - interesting!!!   

Thanks Foxy. Certainly plenty to think about. 

Some more ... 

Oh wow RnR - thanks so much for that link!  Even threw more "light" into this bizarre event ........ how interesting was some of that extra info.    

Thank you Foxy & RnR -- sure did read it all and NOTHING surprises me at all I have always felt that there were some very suspicious circumstances around that accident I am also SURE that Diana would have spoken out about MANY things down the line too.

I just feel so much for those 2 boys

I read it all too Foxy, very interesting, didn't see the doco though.  I don't watch those things anymore, I'm too gullible.  I watched a couple of conspiracy theory docos and came away 'almost' believing that Elvis could still be alive and the moon landing never happened. lol

It's amazing how they can present the facts in such a way it creates doubt about what we might have previously believed.

Of course, that doesn't mean they aren't right about Diana, that's one that refuses to go away, much like the Kennedy assasination.



Well I always "liked" Diana for what she achieved and always kinda' felt sorry for her given she was up against the "Establishment" starting at such a young age ....

...this Doco. certainly made one "think outside the box"  (so to speak) ...and the fact that the paparazzi guy ended up the way he did?  What would be the motive for killing him in such a bizarre way?  

Elvis and Kennedy ....well Elvis is gone!!  ... and didn't they say Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy?

Moon landing???  .... good theories on that one too .....why has there never ever been one since 1972?  Our technology is wayyyyy more advanced.....?  Also - bizarre how the Astronauts all went a bit "nutty/religious" on their return?  James Irwin even stated he had "an encounter with God" on the moon!

Related image

Neil Armstrongs moon boots photographed in the Smithsonian. Are these his boots? Or did Armstrong have grippers attached to his boots, if so why arent they also on display?   

VERY interesting foxY,    but have read most of it in bits and pieces before,    it was well know the ;establishment'    didnt like DIANA,    and wanted her gone,     will never know the truth i suppose,  

FOXY,   LEONNIE,    i dont believe they went to the moon,   ELVIS,  ?   im not so sure about,  lol,  

I don't know if they went to the moon or not BUT I read that they made a film about it IN CASE they didn't make it I THINK it was by Stanley Kubrick --- who also died very suspiciously after making

  'Eyes wide shut'

Also in every James Bond film, there is also always maybe a few minutes of hidden info -- but have to be quick to spot it -- and one -- Diamonds are forever ---showed the making on the moon landing in the background

I always like to keep an open mind and question all things


Oh wow - I didn't know he died after making that movie?  I will have to "google" him .....thanks for that info. PB 

OK - googled Kubrick ... fascinating interview he did with Nicol Kidman ......after reading all of that - and some info. on other sites .....I am now left wondering........was Kubrick himself a pedophile???????   Hmmmmm   ......................................

Foxy can you give me the site that made you think Kubrick was a pedophile? Thanks

Hmm ok - had to go back as there were sooo many .........

I typed in the search bar:  Stanley Kubrick and Nicol Kidman

I initially read the 2nd. one on the list:  "Stanley Kubrick says peodophiles run the world...."

.. then I read more and more (down the list on the first page.....)

..... it is Nicol Kidman that perhaps casts the "doubt" as she says "the dark secret/secret" is with her which she feels she can never divulge.......after forming her "friendship" with Kubrick ......... lots of this online -  is interesting .....happy reading lol - there is heaps there! 

I just came on to let you know I had found it Foxy VERY interesting AND also takes you to other interesting places as well

Hey is anyone else getting these annoying video ads/clips that appear on the RHS lower screen when you go  into any Topic?  Sick of keep having to get rid of 'em .......  arghhh!!

Foxy are they Adds?  I use firefox and also use the add block which is up in the r/h top corner (3 lines) click on and find  -- add block --from there

.... thanks - will do!

yes,  foxy,  i have been getting them, bloody pests,  

I watched 1984 yesterday afternoon -- very difficult to understand fully and a horrid film as such -- but really what is taking place -- when you look into it.  Certainly not an easy film to get your head around.




.... saw advertised on TV the new Netflix movie "Bird Box" ..... first movie in history to gross 45 million viewings in 7 days!!  That's just "Netflix" account holders - not "movie-go'ers" .......

.... however - not "all good" as Netflix (for the first time also...) has had to put out "Warnings" against the morons that are now on YouTube etc. doing what has been named ...... the "Bird Box Challenge" !!!  

...these idiots are blindfolding themselves ( in Bird Box) and attempting to do ridiculous crazy things as depicted in the movie!!  

You have to ask -  "Seriously???  Wtf is wrong with people these days?" ....... can't see a movie - enjoy it (or not) but then to go home and try to emulate scenes etc.  Bizarre! 



... have missed out on seeing 1984.........might have to get Netflix haha ....... there is also a shocker of a movie called "Threads" which the media state apparently all the audience (worldwide) walk out numbed and in total silence at the end ........ interesting ..




.... new Doco.  series starting tonight (Sat. 5/1) ...  

5.30pm - Chn. 9    Ep. 1    "The Garda Down Under" ......

...about a contingent of Irish Police brought into to combat crime in WA and the difference between "their way" and "our way" in approaching various situations.  Could perhaps interesting ?

I bought a copy of 1984 Foxy --- I have not heard of the Bird Box -- THINK I have heard of threads --??


Wow have just looked them up all sound horrid -- are we being told something???!!!

Yes PB  - you have to wonder about those  two movies in particular ........

Well I watched the "Garda Down Under" with brekky - lol - (couldn't stand the hosts of any brekky shows this morn. (Sunday) .....

..  weird IMO that the Aust. Govt. would bring in all these Irish cops to work towns in W.A.?  They still had to do a 3 month intensive training course at some police academy in W.A. .........

.... yet they had already been brought out here with a guaranteed "permanent citizenship/residency" - massive salary increases (compared to Ireland) ...I have to raise the question as to why there are not enough Aussies to take on training or who are not willing to do the job?

We probably pay too much welfare benefits - lol - why would Aussies bother?  Any ideas?

 Also... I wonder if these Irish cops have to sign any type of contract to say they will stay in the police force for  "x" number of years?  Else would be an easy way to gain permanent citizenship in Oz and then move on to something different or to another State .......... just another Govt. "deal" that I had never heard of?

I recorded that Foxy but haven't looked at it as yet and haven't had the TV on today  -- I think I will be recording the Celeb get me out to see Lambie etc -- will be interesting to see how they go

lol - yeah bet Lambie shakes 'em up ..might have a look myself this time -  also Dastari (or whatever the little "dweebs" name is ...?)  both should be interesting ...

Yes, Lambie is one that does not back down -- or has not as yet -- will be interesting to see what that little creep Dast does -- I think there is supposed to be another Pollie in there too ???

.... TONIGHT:    (Tues. )    8 pm. ABC     "Foreign Correspondent"

"India's Wild Elephants" .............. Doco. explores how these majestic creatures are being squeezed out of their own habitat by India's fast growing population.

Yes Foxy have it set to record -- I am sure it will be heartbreaking

... be NO beautiful wild animals/birds left soon - whole world is disgusting!

Don't think I mentioned it prior ....but last year (and just up the road from me here on the coast) there is a massive "treed" (or was "treed") - South East Water catchement.

Heavens knows what this "catchement" is meant to achieve - as - even during winter and at any given time - all it has in it is like 2 or 3 feet. of stagnant looking yukky  water....bizarre.

Anyway - the whole catchement was surrounded by magnificient 60ft - to 80 ft. Pine Trees..... one morning - an army of "morons" with chainsaws/trucks/chippers etc. rocked up and started cutting down each of these trees!!!  People were horrified!!!  There was approx. 30-40 trees!!!

Out fell - possums!!  Out flew hundreds of birds - in particular Tawny Frogmouth Owls!! Owls that had lived here on the coast for many years in the plantation (where the catchement is) !

The poor Owls were in such shock that a about 9 of them - flew onto my block (one of the few left with huge tree's on it) and hunched together in tree's they would normally never live in..... for almost a week!!!  

I called South East Water - to ask - why these tree's were being removed etc. etc. - got the mega "run-around" until finally some curt "male blonk" informed me - it was their property and they did not owe anyone an explanation as to what they did with it!!!   Nice!!!

The area has never been the same since - Native birds and creatures that were living there - all but gone!  Pathetic!  

World is a sad place....and getting worse!

Very sad story about SEW removing the trees Foxy. To what end I wonder.

We are a state owned corporation responsible to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. We are regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services for drinking water quality, the Environment Protection Authority for recycled water quality, and the Essential Services Commission is the water industry’s economic regulator.

We collect waterways and drainage charges on behalf of Melbourne Water, and the annual parks charge on behalf of Parks Victoria.


Interesting that it's state owned.

... thanks RnR and also for your interesting info.  -

... like Councils if you ask them anything  "they have standard answers" .....SEW stated at the time ....  they only used "Qualified Arborists" - yeah yeah ...really?  Looked like a pack of chainsaw welding "bogans" to me!  Total AH's ......... took days too and people's properties and cars were covered in fine sawdust ....these pine's were huge!!  Were!!   Not anymore!!    :(


I rang my local council to ask if I could trim a Paperbark tree which was overhanging my fence. They said they would have to send out an inspector and then I would need a permit. It was only two branches. Anyway my neighbour got up on the fence with a small chain-saw and trimmed it for me. End of story.

Foxy that is so sad and it is happening all the time everywhere -- happens here -- which is a very bushy area and slowly homes are taking over and so many people just do not care if they live in a sterile environment -- still heaps of bush around here BUT slowly but quicker as time goes -- and we have SO much wildlife here Koalas as well -- I tell you every time someone builds  a house I plant yet another tree -- as I have a double block and I plant natives FOR the Natives -- but I wish those rotten owners of CATS that allow them to roam day and night would do the right thing --- people that have cats should be by law made to keep them inside or in a restricted area -- as they are natural killing machines and have killed so many native Animals on my block alone God knows where else.

The council does not care a hoot and says as long as they are chipped all OK -- well chipping and desexing does NOT stop them killing --and just for kicks!

There is a mini series about gender dysmorphia starting on SBS tonight at 9.45pm. Called BUTTERFLY.

Thank you Tisany I will tape it

... me too!  Thanks.........

Did anyone watch Stop Laughing on ABC last night? It is part 1 of 3 and examines the creative genius of some of Australia's comic icons. It was a brilliant show and can't wait to see the next 2 shows. 

HOLA I didn't watch or tape that maybe I should have -- I THINK?  it is a series will look out for it

I watched that   Butterfly show today -- I thought it was wonderful but so very sad -- and to think that this happens SO often -- it must be so very hard for those that go through it --- I am guessing I might have missed a show but have it taped for next week 

Thanks for tells us about it Tisany

....not sure PB - I thought that "Butterfly" was the first episode last night?  Could be wrong?  :-) 

Saw the "list" so far of the "Celebrity" Jungle people - didn't see that whimp Daystari on the list?  Media are calling it the "D-List of Celebs." this year .....I only know maybe half a dozen names - if that??  Some "Gogglebox" people are there also (I don 't watch that) so don't know who "they" are?

Dermot Brereton?  Know the name? Who is he?  Footy?  Can't be bothered googling him haha - sorry .......

I had heard the name but did not know I googled him Foxy

They will keep most of the Celebs secret to get people to watch --

FOXY.LOL,   where have you been,    dermot brereton was a big name in football,   even bigger name to hinself,     very very vain,     and so proud of his blonde locks,    i see that two girls from that show GOGGLEBOX are going on,     i have never watched it,    but if the ads are anything to go by,     there stupid giggling is going to be very annoying,  very quickly,    but have to wait and see,    wonder who the politician is,    maybe BARNABY,     trying to get away from it all,  lol,  

lol - yeah yeah - I know!  Actually I do remember who he is etc. (I'm not a footy fan) .......Barnaby's too busy "making babies" (perish the thought) ....isn't his partner preggers again with another boy???  Thats if you believe in "media gosspi" I guess ..........?

OMG does this creep ever stop breeding we don't need more of him -- OR HER --- rotten creep that he is -- you would think they would know what causes it --   Oh thats right he is RC

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